Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

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Laptop batteries are one of the most somewhat overpriced. It is really a steal on our own wallets if ever there is a need for us to replace our Laptop batteries. Most Laptop batteries nowadays are lithium-ion ones. These are the types that do not explode due to overcharging. These are also, to date, the most low maintenance type of battery. However, you must not over-emphasize on the "low maintenance" part as these batteries need to be taken care too to get the most useful years from them. Below are some reminders on how to take care and preserve you Laptop batteries.

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  1. 1
    Lithium-ion batteries are to be kept in a warm and dry place
    The less moisture, the better.
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    Do not put anything soft behind your Laptop
    Do not put some folded clothes, or some cushions, or some woollen mats. These are thermal insulating items and they will only keep your battery, and your Laptop, hotter. Batteries' life will get shorter the more they get hotter. Some items on your Laptop may be damaged in extreme temperature.
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    Always check if there are no obstructing objects on your Laptop's ventilation
    You want to make use of the vent to its maximum purpose and any obstructing objects may block hot air from going out.
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    Do not leave your Laptop on an extremely hot area
    If your car is not on a shaded part, you might consider bringing your Laptop with you than leaving it in the hot car.
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    Some people use laptops as desktop replacement
    If you are planning of using your Laptop for a long time, consider plugging it to an AC source and remove the battery. This can definitely prolong your Laptop battery's life.
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    If you want to temporarily not use your Laptop battery for a long time, make sure that your battery is little below half charge and store it into a warm and moist-free location.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Do not put your Laptop directly on your lap. Always make sure that there is a Laptop stand between your lap and your Laptop.
  • Make sure that your Laptop stand is made of hard plastic or solid wood. Do not use woolly and leathery ones as these types tend to heat up your Laptop faster.

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