Take Care of Your Hamster

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Congratulations! You have decided to buy your first hamster! There are many different kinds of hamsters, like the Syrian, which is commonly called The "Teddy Bear" Hamster. Also, there is the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster. I myself, had a "Black Russian Bear" hamster. She was so cute! She looked like a chubby little black bear cub! So where do these little critters come from? Well, we know they are from the rodent family and they live in the wild, in the Middle East. Because we want to make your hamsters as comfortable as possible in their new home, lets take a look at what we need to do to take care of your furry little friend as comfortable as possible in their new home!

Hamster Care

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    The first thing you will want to get for your hamster is a good cage
    1. Don't buy a small cage, as hamsters need room to run and exercise. Make sure you buy a cage where the wire bars are close together so your hamster can't squeeze through and harm himself, or get out.
    2. It is important to keep a clean cage. Get a cage that is easy to clean, and take apart. Some cages are built where there are parts-you can't take apart to clean. This makes it very unsanitary for your hamster, and it could get sick and die.
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    Purchase an exercise wheel for your furry friend
    Hamsters love these!
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    You will want to buy bedding for the cage
    Do not buy cedar or pine chips, because they contain toxic chemicals! Aspen bedding is the best, and inexpensive. You can check with the Pet Store Attendant for the safer bedding, or buy Aspen online. Hamsters like about 4 inches of bedding in their cage, because they love to bury and hide in it!
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    Don't forget the water bottle
    In most cases, the water bottle comes with the cage. #Also, you will need a food dish for your hamster.
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    Food - glorious food
    1. Hamsters like veggies, such as:  
      1. Corn on the cob(remove cob when done).
      2. Broccoli.
      3. Carrots.
      4. Cucumbers.
    2. They also love fruits. Just be careful to feed in little bites, and just occasionally as a treat, because if you feed them too many fruits, they can get diarrhea. Include fruits such as:  
      1. Bananas.
      2. Apples.
      3. Grapes.
      4. Strawberries.
      5. Cranberries.
    3. Grains and seeds are also food for hamsters. Just make sure there is NO salt added. You can buy hamster food at the pet store too, along with these foods in moderation. Grains and seeds they like are:  
      1. Brown rice.
      2. Popcorn.
      3. Oatmeal.
    4. NO SWEETS PLEASE! Sweets are very bad for hamsters.
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More Information on Caring For Your Hamster

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    The home for your hamster must accommodate unique species
    1. For most species of hamsters, a one-centimeter space between the cage bars will contain your pet.
    2. This is not true for the Campbell's dwarf Russian hamster. This tiny hamster must have a glass aquarium for its home, as they can wriggle they way through nearly any wire cage.
    3. Hamsters are clever mammals and can learn quickly how to open a wire cage door. Not that your pet hamster can figure out a lock combination, you must still find a way to clasp its cage door so it is secure.
    4. The Syrian hamster must be isolated from other hamsters. In the wild, this species prefers to sleep in its own burrow from the time it is five weeks old.
    5. To prevent an unhappy pet Syrian hamster and deadly fights, let him have his own residence.
    6. The Russian dwarfs can tolerate the company of another, but there still may be fights.
    7. A female can become pregnant when it is only 56 days old, and can have a litter once every month or so. So, unless you prefer a house full of these adorable creatures, you will want your male and female to have separate quarters.
    8. The Roborovsky hamster is the smallest species (two-inches to three-inches as adults), and is extremely active. The three dwarf species can play together if with the same gender.
    9. Both the Syrian and Chinese are solitary in their play.
    10. The Syrian hamster is the easiest to tame and handle. If you've never had a hamster, it is the one recommended for a beginning hamster owner.
      The Syrian hamster is the most popular of the five pet species.
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    Toys should vary among the five pet hamster species
    white Russian dwarf, Campbell Russian dwarf, Roborovsky dwarf, Chinese, and Syrian (largest at four to seven inches in length).  
    1. All hamsters are highly active, and enjoy running. You want a minimum exercise wheel for the four small species of hamsters to be eight inches (20cm.), and for the Syrian species to be eleven inches (28cm).
      Hamsters enjoy running.
    2. All hamsters enjoy running through tunnels and hiding in small spaces. Have a small ball, and any kind of tube large enough for your hamster to run through.
    3. Your hamster would relish a small cardboard box, such as a Kleenex box to hide in.
    4. As a rodent that loves chewing, have special hamster chew toys for the little fellow, also.
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  • NO SWEETS PLEASE! Sweets are very bad for hamsters
  • If you have pets, make sure you set your hamster somewhere where it will be safe, and you can keep an eye on it.
  • Don't set your hamster near a drafty window, as they can catch a cold and get sick and die.

Well, that about covers it, I hope you enjoy having a pet hamster, they are a lot of fun to watch, and I know you will enjoy having one in your home!

Questions and Answers

I have a Russian bear hamster.

Are there any special instructions I need to care for it?

Taking care of a Russian bear hamster is the same as with other kinds of hamsters. Just make sure that you have the following:

  • A good big cage with an exercise wheel or toys.
  • Feed your hamster decent hamster food that you can purchase from any pet store.
  • Place your hamster's cage in a dimly lit room.
  • Make sure your hamster is not too hot or too cold because they can get sick.

I would like to know, do Hamsters bite? Cause I was researching this as my 10-year old daughter wants one.

She is going to get the winter whits, so are they safe.

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