Sync Contacts to an Android Phone Using Gmail

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Android is an open source program that allows users to configure their device according to their needs and requirements. One of the most powerful features of Google Android is the ability to synchronize your phone contacts with your Gmail account. Learning how to sync can be useful, especially when rooting the firmware of your device. Installing updates puts your data files, SMS messages and contacts in danger of getting corrupted or damaged. However, when it is synchronized with your Gmail account, you can easily retrieve your data files after upgrading or rooting the phone.

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You can also synchronize your Gmail account with all other profiles such as Google+ and other services. So read on to learn the basic steps in synchronizing your contacts using your G-mail account.

Syncing your phone contacts using Gmail can be easy. The steps are quite simple. All you need is your Android phone, a Gmail account, and your phone contacts. Likewise, you would need a GPRS connection or WiFi support.

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    For starters, you need to ensure that all your contacts are linked to your Gmail account
    1. Open your Contacts.From the Contacts menu, click on the + icon. Here you will be asked to add new contacts. Press the + icon for every contact you want to sync to your G-Mail account. When done adding, click Save.
    2. Now log-in to your G-mail account.
    3. From the Menu folder, click on Settings.
    4. Choose "Merge with Google", then confirm your action. For multiple Gmail accounts, select which one you will use as the default host for your contacts.
    5. When merging has been done, you will receive a popup notification that your contacts have already been merged.
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    Now that you are done linking, you can proceed with synchronizing your contacts to your Gmail account
    1. Ensure that Gmail is installed on your device
    2. Proceed to the App Drawer, choose Settings and then "Accounts and Sync".
    3. Activate the Accounts and syncing service.
    4. Choose the Gmail account you will use to sync your contacts.
    5. Ensure that the "Sync Contacts" option is enabled.
    6. Press the "Sync Now" option and wait until synchronization with your Gmail account has been completed.

    7. Using your computer, open your Gmail account. Click on the text link indicated on the upper left portion of your profile.
    8. Select Contacts and then you will see a section displaying all your phone contacts.
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    That's it; the synchronization process is complete
    Your contacts are now synchronized with your Gmail account. Synchronizing your contacts with your G-Mail account can help a lot in case your phone gets lost or crashes. You can easily retrieve your contacts even if your replacement phone is not an Android.

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    Just follow these steps and you will not have any problem synchronizing your contacts with your Gmail account.
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  • After backing up your synced contacts, update your ROM, root the phone or Factory Reset it. You will have to go through the process of syncing your phone contacts with Gmail all over again. You will notice that all your contacts have been restored once again. Not doing so will cause your contacts to be deleted from the phone.

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