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There are different types of survival methods depending on the area which you find yourself in at the time. This article will pertain to surviving while in an Urban area such as around your home during anytime of chaos whether it is tornado, hurricane or etc. This article will tell of all the ways to ensure safety and surviving during a situation like explained above.

The scenario is that you are completely trapped where you are and there is complete chaos around you with people running scared, screaming and everything is falling apart around you and people are going nuts around you will you know what to do? If you around a bunch of people who are going completely crazy it will tend to make you go a bit crazy with fear also not making the situation any better than it is already. When a situation of this type is going on people will hurt anything that is in their path not making them necessarily bad people but people who are cared to death. Now with all this going on can you go somewhere and hide from it all? What is there to do in order to keep you protected as well as your family? below we will start to cover all ground on what to do to stay safe.

In the midst of all this going on understand that the people around you are just the same as you "scared". Even though it is all chaos remember that these people are just as scared as you and to do the right thing regardless of how you feel, so if you have to harm somebody for the sake of your family do not be surprised when the same thing happens to you in the end. While there are things going on try to talk to people who you are close to as they can be of help to each other. With the numbers on your side you are safer than being alone with your family to defend also, so try to get as many people you trust together in the vicinity to gain strength in numbers. When something chaotic is going to occur you will more than likely have a warning so once you get this warning getting the numbers up is completely important but more effective before the event happens but if its a clutch gather then so be it take the same route.

If you have a place where all of you can hold up for the event go there immediately, if you all have a place to hold up it will make things easier for when the danger passes by your environment. The best tactic for survival is to have people around you for humans get things done better with people around and the help of others, also while being together with others will make the survival time more enjoyable by having others around.

After you have your situation with your family and friends set up you will need to have a route to travel during the disaster and after the disaster has passed. If you have an alternate route already set up or in mind then use this route to get around your city or area if it is needed to get around safely.

During any type of event of such stay away from all main roads as they will be blocked and clogged, also all main roads will be dark being that any natural disaster includes the lights being cut of because of floods. hurricanes and tornadoes. Also be aware of the gas stations for they will be filled beyond imagination so your best choice is to not even try making it there for it may get you stuck in an area where you do not want to be. If you have to cross a bridge to get where you have to then it is not a good idea for any disaster can easily take the whole bridge out so be careful if you have to go over a bridge to not get stuck, but if you can avoid it then do so by finding another route.

If you notice that there is a large group of people avoid going anywhere near them, but if you want to observe you can but do so from a safe distance away from them in case something happens quickly or stirs them up. Oceans or any bodies of water are to be avoided if on a path to safety or to get supplies natural disasters regardless of what it is can turn water into a huge weapon against you easily.

As the situation has presented itself be sure to have all personal items that are important stored away somewhere for safe keeping. If choosing to go out and about with your family ensure that each person has their personal bag for survival just in case they get separated so that they can survive on their own until you can find them or someone else. If you put everything into one bag then it will limit the chance for survival for anyone separated from the group. Whenever you need to pick up quickly everyone should have everything they need within arms reach so that they can prepare to mobilize and move out whenever danger presents itself anywhere that the group is located.

When you mobilize to leave it is important that you already have your plan mapped out before embarking on your journey or moving to another location. When you are in the position to move out and about ensure that you have a radio or any device that can pick up warnings around you, also cellphones are not something that will always be available for use so try and bring a radio that winds up for power so that you will always have a device that works without having to charge or replace the batteries.

If you are on the move and encounter an area where there is a fallen tree or natural road block try your best to get through this the best you can but do not endanger yourself for if you cannot get through the obstacle then just find a new route to travel by going back and retracing your steps if made available

Another issue that comes up when going through an urban event of disaster is mobs of other people who are mainly aggressive and want to only destroy and satisfy their needs above everyone else's if you are in a vehicle then drive your vehicle fast towards the mob while flashing your lights and honking your horn for this may make the people move out the way based on instincts to avoid being hit but do your best to not harm anyone in the process unless you have no choice. A lot of mobs look to take things that they need such as your vehicle, food and water so when approaching a mob keep this is mind for they will be trying to gain things from you that they do not have.

If you need more fuel for your vehicle then you will need to find a large city if you are on the road to somewhere else, but it is a good idea to always have at least double the amount of fuel need to fill the tank handy in case of emergencies.

While going through a situation where you have to survive to live remember to always be calm and to not panic for you will not be the only one who will panic but your followers and other in your group as well so stay calm during your situation. If someone sees you panicking then they will also engage in panicking as well so try to keep a cool head and also the others around you. If you happen to leave your city in search of a better living arrangement during the crisis ensure to have enough food and water present to keep you and your group alive, major cities will have a more abundant supply of food and water than little cities so do your best to gather food along your route to safety.

When preparing for an event prior to it happening the best thing to do is to have all non perishable items such as canned goods, MREs, rice, jerky and grains. These types of items will last forever during the event, if you have food in your freezers and expect it to last then you are completely wrong for during a disaster you can be without power for a long period of time.

In a disaster there is a way that you can bake goods to eat as long as you have the necessary ingredients: Flour, baking powder, baking soda, honey, dehydrated eggs and sugar. With these ingredients you can bake food for you and your family easily as this is a strategy used by the military to have other meals except MREs all the time.

There are other options you can explore to eat while going through your disaster such as the biggest option of having MREs for your family in case of emergencies. MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) are a good source of food and also have the complete tale of nutrients for you to survive also. MREs can last forever just like vacuum food that is also made available in stores for purchasing. There is a difference between can food and dried can foods the canned items that are not dried are the ones that do not contain liquid which keeps the food inside of them filled with juices but certain situation can cause these foods to not be eatable so always have a couple of dried canned foods for eating. You can easily purchase these canned items at any convenience store storage against your natural disaster.

These steps will help you survive in an urban disaster, follow the pre-steps as well to protect you against being surprised when a disaster presents itself. This guide is not to frighten anyone but alert them on the types of tactics used to help survive an urban disaster.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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