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Single parent is a parent whom neither leaves with spouse nor partner. They were also called as solo parent. Single parent are alone in raising their child or children. Single parent may be a single mother or a single father who raise day by day their child or children. There were many reasons why parents become single. Some of these reasons were divorce, annulment, death or premarital sex. We also consider early pregnancy like teenage pregnancy. Single parent has the right to raise their children. They also have the right to take care of their children and to love their children. Even though single parenting is hard and stressful, it is not the reason for the single parents to give up. They fight and move on and leave the past. They now focus in raising their children and turning them to be a good person. Single parent can survive and support their family even if they don't have a partner as long as they have family to lean on. As long as the family continues to care for that single parent then they will bear in mind that being a single parent is not a reason to give up and end life's journey. Being a single parent is only one challenge which can be overcome.


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    Take being a single parent as a challenge
    Take it as a challenge and tell yourself that you will be able to overcome it. Being a single parent should not let you fall because there are many ways in order to survive being a single parent. All challenges in life are not negative in a manner that sometimes they are the best reason to grow up. Experiences itself is a very good teacher which teaches us lessons. You can survive as single parent only when you have a positive attitude towards it.
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    Focus on your work
    Focus on your work in order to give your children a good life even if you are a single parent. If you focus on your work, you can give them happy life and you will be able to feed your family. Having a good work gives a good result. You can buy the things needed by your family. You can also buy the things needed by your kids. If you don't have works then find a stable job. Having a stable job will most likely have a good family. You can support your children and send them to school. You will also give good future to your children when you have stable job.
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    Focus on your kids
    Leave the past and focus loving and caring your children. Forget your bad memories on why did you become a single parent. Let them feel that you love them. Do not let them feel that they are one of your problems because it may affect them psychologically. Consider them as a blessing. Give them your attention and let them feel that they are worthy. Express to them your feelings as a single father or mother as they may realize their real value to you and your real value to them.
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Story where a mother was twice become a single parent

This is a story of a single mother who overcomes the challenge in her life being a single parent. She becomes single parent twice in her life and in the present, she was happy being a single parent.

Single parent named Marites is married to Ian they have children namely Gerald and Daryl. Marites experienced battering from her husband. Being a battered woman she decided to be a single parent to get out of the miserable life she was experiencing from his husband. She was battered by his husband and even affected psychologically. She decided to become single parent and processes her papers in order to enter into annulment with her husband. The process went through and finally annulment was done and she becomes a single parent for the span of three years. She supports her children Gerald and Daryl alone and raised them and gives them a good education. She was also asking help to her family primarily her mother and her siblings. She don't have stable job at first and she tried her best to find in order to support her family.

Along the way, after being annulled for 4 years she met a man. The man named Francis started courting her. As a result Marites conceived a child and named him Johny. Due to rumors, Marites and Francis split and for the second time, Marites for the second time became a single parent.

In the present, Marites is now with her three children and living with them. She was happily supporting her family and found a stable job. She was expressing to his children the love and care that every children deserves from a parent. Marites also take the opportunity to build her and fight the problems she was experiencing. She overcome the challenges with the help of her family especially her mother and siblings. Marites now having her stable job supports her children and send them to school. She didn't take the challenges as a reason for her to give up. Instead, she used them to become a stronger person who can overcome every problem.

She was now focusing on her career and in addition, she was focusing to her family and her children. He treats the challenge in her life as a reason to hold on. She lives her life away and free from battering, free from pain and free from problems.

How to Cope with Single Parenthood

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People get marry to build the family of their dream. Besides being husband and wife to each other, a part of their married life is also being a parent. But what if the marriage or the relationship fails? The children are the most affected in the situation. Getting separated from your partner should not stop you from being a parent. If you get the child custody, be sure that you do your best not just in providing the material needs of the children but also all the other responsibilities that go with parenthood. Is it easy to survive as a single parent? It is not but it could be easier with the guides stated below.

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    Take Care of Yourself
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    First comes first and your well-being should come first. Stay emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically healthy. You cannot perform your duties as a parent if are you not fit. Stay healthy; don't indulge yourself with drinking, over-thinking. Doing so will only add to your depression. Exercise or join a health or sports club when you have time to keep you busy leaving no space for depression.
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    Talk to a Friend or Family
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    Admit it or not but we need other people's ears and shoulders during these times. They may not help us solve issues overnight but knowing that there are people willing to help you can give us more encouragement and motivation to survive. Talk your issues out and you'd feel better.
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    Join/Build a Group or Community of Single Parents
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    You are not alone with this battle. Look around and you can find many other single parents, who like you are also trying to survive. Coping up with what you are going through will be easier when you get the chance to talk with other single parents. Share ideas, ask questions, adapt what you learn from others' experiences and you'll soon enjoy being that single mom/dad you are.
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    Learn to Accept Help
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    Set aside pride and accept any help offered to you that may lessen your burden or your children's especially when the help comes from the other parent. Accept the help not for you but for the children. It would not hurt if you do. Pride will not lead you somewhere better.
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    No Space for Envy
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    It will not help you if you keep envying your friends or people you know who are happily married and raise their kids together. If you keep envying, it will only cause so much bitterness and this won't help you cope up. Every marriage has issues to resolve so think not that all people parenting together are really happy and content. Move on, be that good parent and you'll be happy soon.
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    Accept the Fact
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    This is also very important. You can't really survive parenthood if you won't let go of the bad ending. Again, you do not have the worst experience in the world. Some even are going through worst situations than you do. Just accept, pray, help yourself and everything else follows.
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  • It will take time but you will soon discover the joys of single parenthood.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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