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How do you feel about school? Do you think it is boring, or a burden? You can learn to have a positive Outlook, and learn ways that you can get more out of your education.

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We are going to talk about 5 ways you can be successful:

Keys to success

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    Get Motivated
    Going to school can help you to have common sense and learn to understand how to handle different situations you will come across in life and how to make the best decisions. You will find that you will be able to find solutions to your own problems. It is also good to cultivate good social skills such as being kind and considerate of others, showing respect, and being patient. Interacting with many kids in school will give you the opportunity to put these into practice. You will receive the education you need when it comes time to find employment. Try not to think about what you don't like about school, but keep positive knowing that this training will help you in the end!
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    Get organized
    Can you imagine walking into a store to buy something, and everything you see is thrown all over the place making it hard for you to be able to find what you are looking for? The same thing can happen with the way you handle things for school. An 18 year old by the name of Zachary said one day he totally forgot about doing his homework because he was at a friend's house for the weekend. One time he did do his work, but could not find where he put it! What can you do if this happens to you? Get a good schedule together. Write down a list of what needs done. Always put the important things first. Make sure you keep what you wrote down in a place where you will always remember what you need to do. A good tip is to store the information on your cell phone too. Don't put off doing this, it is easy to just sit back and say you will get to it later! When you come home from school sometimes you just want to relax, watch television, or something else you like doing. But if you do your homework first, then you will be satisfied knowing that it is finished, and you wouldn't have forgotten to do it! Many children report doing their school work, but they can't remember where they put it, or it gets lost. Try to get your work together and in your bookbag right away, so you will have it the next day. Think about some ways you can improve on organizing your personal belongings.
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    Get help
    Do you get frustrated when you have schoolwork that you don't understand? There are ways you can get help. Say you are having a problem in Math. Ask your Mom or Dad how well they did on this subject, and if they are pretty good at it, then ask if they will assist you. Think of a good friend or a relative that would be glad to teach you. How about your teacher? They are there to help you understand and learn, so ask them! Write down at least 3 people you feel would be willing to assist you. A girl named Alana, commented that she really looked up to one of her teachers. They were a little strict, but if there was something you did not understand, he would explain it until you did. He was interested in assisting his class the best way he could. So if you need a little help, don't be afraid to speak up.
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    Stay healthy
    To be able to have a good education and be alert, it is good to take care of our bodies and mind so we are better able to function and learn in and out of school. Do you stay up late at night? Do you find yourself so tired in school you can not stay awake to pay attention? Try to go to bed a little earlier. You will find that you will have more energy, and will be more alert in class. How about your eating habits? Are you getting the proper nutrition your body needs? Many children have said they just go out the door before school skipping their breakfast. Did you know this is the most important meal of the day to give ourselves the energy we need to start the day? Eating the right foods can improve your concentration and memory. Exercise is very important too. This can ease stress, and put you in a happier mood. You will feel good too. You will strengthen your muscles, and keep your body weight where it should be so you will remain healthy and fit. Find hobbies you enjoy doing like bike riding, swimming, or even just going for a long walk with friends. Grace, a girl from Australia, said she runs three times a week, and bikes and walks. She said this gives her the fuel and energy she needs, and it helps her get out of a depressed mood.
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    Have a goal.Have you ever ran a race on a track that doesn't have a finish line at the end
    This is what it can be like if you go through school without a goal. Have you asked yourself what kind of employment you would be interested in doing? This is important because you will have to work in order to survive and earn a living. Think about courses or training that you will need to help you to be able to work at the job you want to do. Think about some things you do well at. Are you good at fixing cars? You could be a mechanic. Numbers? Have you considered Accounting? Think of what would be a good match for you. If you decide to move, can you perform this job in other places? Once you know what employment you feel comfortable with, you would want to find out what training is available in your area, and the cost. Ask your parents and relatives for assistance and support. Make a list of your goals, and talk them over with them.
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If you put all these things into practice that we have talked about, you can have success in having a good education and be very happy in doing it!


  • Think Positive About Your Schooling.
  • Stay Energized By Eating Right.
  • Get Support From Friends And Family.
  • Get good restful sleep every night. You need all the energy next day for school to tackle all the quizzes, recitations and projects. Plus the extra push to do that alley hoop dunk in basketball for Physical Education class.
  • Do all school work that is required including projects, thesis, feasibility studies that require a deadline. If you meet those deadlines, it means you can be trusted to do higher level work.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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