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You must have seen the new trendy blouses that have hot collars with different types of embellishments on them, like completely studded collars or studded collar tips. It sure is a good way to add a little glamour to your blouse's collar, and a chance for you to stand out with your daring sense of fashion. The thing you will enjoy the most about a studded collar, is that it will literally make your old blouse seem like a new different blouse that will dazzle everyone, and it works on any type of fabric (whether you want to stud your denim blouse, chiffon blouse, satin blouse, cotton blouse, or any other type of material). It is like recycling your clothes, and updating your wardrobe, without having to buy anything new. The studded blouse collars are like accessorizing your neck without wearing a necklace of any kind. Here, you will find a simple way to stud your blouse's collar with pearls and studs.


  1. 1
    To create a fully studded collar that is embellished all around, you will need to have the following
    1. The blouse you will work on, ready. If you are not sure what you are doing and are scared to ruin your blouse, then it is better to try studding an old shirt that you won't miss if it got ruined for any reason.
    2. Embellishing glue that is washable and has a clear and flexible finish (like Jewel it), because you need a strong glue that won't come off of your blouse while you are trying to clean it.
    3. Lots of pearl studs, gold square studs, or spikes (make sure you have enough to cover the whole collar, and getting extras won't hurt), you can even use sequins.
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    After preparing the things you will use, place your blouse on a clean surface while making sure that the collar is not on top of anything that it could stick to, as you press down the studs with the glue
    You will also need to decide how you want to arrange the studs on your collar and whether you want to apply them with narrow gaps, no gaps (for more of an intense style), or with spaces. Since every collar has V tips at each end, the vertical row will be a bit tilted if you decide to go with no gaps or narrow gaps between the studs.
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    If you do decide on applying them with spaces to show a little background and make the stud's color pop more,
    then it will be better if you mark the places of the studs with a pencil or something like pins, before gluing them, so they will be well arranged on the collar
    It will also help you have a better image of what to expect, and it will make it easier on yourself to locate the places you chose while gluing the studs.
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    After you decide on the layout, start applying a drop of glue to the stud itself first, then putting the stud on the collar
    Focus on gluing each stud on its own, while firmly starting to press the stud down to the collar (one at a time, so that each stud would be glued well to the collar).
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    Now, you need some extra patience
    It is a bit of a long process (gluing each stud on its own) but it will be worth it when you are done.
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  6. 6
    Work on forming the rows of studs gradually, from the front to the back, until you reach halfway
    Then start gluing the studs from the other side's front until you reach the collar's back center.
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  7. 7
    If the middle part (the meeting point of both rows) is off pattern, you can just fill it in using a well ordered way that blends in with your original layout.
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    Let the glue dry well before wearing the blouse, because you won't like the collar sticking to your neck and hair
    Now, you can just enjoy your new studded blouse collar.
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  9. 9
    If you decide to use the type of studs that have prongs (to discard having to use the glue with the studs in case you couldn't find the right type of embellishment glue), then you will need a pair of pliers
    The studs with prongs are easy to apply, All you need to do is the following:  
    1. Place the stud on the area you want to embellish, according to the layout you are following. Push the stud firmly on the collar, to make it pierce the fabric of your blouse.
    2. Secure the stud in its place by folding the prongs with the pliers or your nails.
    3. Press on the back of the stud with the pliers to make sure that the prongs aren't sticking out, by making them completely folded and closed, to avoid getting scratched by the prongs sharp edges.
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    And that's it
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  • You can use the same techniques and steps to stud your jacket's collar as well or any top you have, & want to perk up.
  • Feel free to use different bold colored studs to add more of a striking look to your blouse; specially if the blouse is white or of a pale color like pale coral, or pale grey (gold colored studs or any other vibrant color will add to the blouse and give it a different vibe).
  • Try to get creative with the patterns of how you apply the studs to create different shapes that express you - try applying the studs in a random pattern or a wavy pattern.
  • You can stud the collar tips only instead of covering all of it.
  • When embellishing the collar tips with studs, make sure to make the collar tips match in the amount of studs you used, but they don't have to look exactly the same.
  • If you want to stud the tips of your blouse collar in the shape of a triangle that embellishes the tips only, you can use a ruler to guide you in making the lines you need while you glue the studs.
  • Make sure you don't immediately glue or sew the studs, as you need to see how the pattern will look first by laying down the studs.


  • Make sure that the blouse or jacket's material won't get ruined if you try to sew the studs on.
  • Using a normal glue won't hold well during washing, or everyday use.
  • Be careful of the types of glue that have tints of color in them as they may stain your blouse.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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