Strengthen Your Romantic Relationship

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This is an Article on how to strengthen your relationship. These are a few tips that will definitely help your relationship with your female significant other hope this helps.


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    Communication -- The biggest and most important aspect of a relationship is communication
    No matter how much you two are in love at the moment no relationship can survive without communication between you and your partner. Also there is nothing that shouldn't be discussed in a relationship regardless of what the topic is because everything in the dark will come to light eventually. Having a relationship without communication will result in failure either early on or later on in the relationship, so practice complete communication early on to help make the later communication sessions between the two of you easier and more honest. The communication should get to the point that your partner is comfortable to share any and everything with you regardless of how embarrassing it is so that you know that there is nothing that your partner will not share with you openly in your relationship. In the end communication will either make or break a relationship so to be safe starting early in the beginning of the relationship will increase relationship success.
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    Outings - Relationships suffer a major downfall of the date night after the first couple of months the relationship
    Couples after the infatuation and beginning states tend to decrease the outings by almost 75% so it is important to keep that percentage at 50% the least to help the relationship continue in a positive way. When the date nights stop then the couple loses their sense of adventure and fun which will in turn lead to more stress and arguments. Even though the date nights may prove to be costly at times it is very well worth it to help the relationship healthy and fun. Age is not a factor when it comes to the date night's couple's young and old need to have that experience to keep their relationship strong. Also not all dates need to have money involved picnics, park walks or even just a drive can prove to be a successful date. Once the dates in the relationship stops the chances of a relationship issue increases.
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    Money -- This topic breaks up as many relationships as bad communication does when it comes to relationships
    The lack of money doesn't break up the relationship for sure it is the hiding of true available funds or misuse that breaks the relationship. When it comes to your money you need to be completely honest with your partner whether you may have enough or not enough. Lying to your partner about your financial status can bring up huge problems between the two parties. Also misuse of funds can make your partner feel as if they cannot count on you to maintain important responsibilities. Complete honesty when it comes to financial status will help without a doubt keep both parties on the same page helping the relationship strengthen as a whole.
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    Intercourse and Intimacy -- couples have issues with this topic whether they are young or old with the issue being the cause of one partner or the other
    In a relationship some believe that sex is automatic as if it is a duty that the other may be willing to perform at all times instead of it actually being because of feeling and mood. It is important to know your partners needs and how to tend to them in a way that will be beneficial intercourse wise. Your partner should be your liaison in figuring out the likes and dislikes sexually. Ignoring your partner's feelings and needs will become a serious issue in the relationship causing the other person to either shut down on the act completely or to cheat. Paying more attention to your partner on this subject will strengthen the relationship instead of bringing it to an early end.
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    Cheating -- This is a completely intolerable act in any relationship, once a person cheats it is likely that they will commit the act again
    There are a lot of reasons that a partner commits this act and some reasons can actually be fixed to prevent the act from happening again but there are some reasons that cannot be fixed so it can prove to be a bit confusing to know if a person should continue or leave this person. Be as it may if a partner commits a cheating act you need to make the decision to stay or go but continuing to bash the person on the act that was committed can prove to be a long drawn out story that will not end well. Forgiveness can strengthen a relationship but it can also break a relationship so take your time in making your decision.
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    Friends -- It is very important that both partners are open about the friends they have whether it be the same sex or the opposite sex
    A lot of relationships involve friends whom the other partners does not know about making the partner uncomfortable with the person being around their significant other. If the person is truly your friend then it makes no sense that they would not know about the special person in your life so introducing your partner to old and new friends can prove to be very important.
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Relationship Breakdown Scenario

I will breakdown a scenario how all of these can destroy a relationship if these topics are not strengthen in a relationship.

The Male is Tom

The Female is Mary

Tom does not communicate with Mary anymore in their now 2 years relationship he loves to work and when he comes home watches sports which has become a problem for several months. Mary has been wanting to go out for a while and has asked Tom but as usual has been ignored by the TV. (Steps 1 and 2.) Mary then turns to her old friend Jack whom she has been having communications with for several months after reconnecting at a supermarket and tells him of her problems that she has been having in her relationship (Step 6). Mary comes home one day to notice that they have received a letter from the electrical company of an overdue bill that is Toms responsibility to pay. She confronts him and he tells her that he will pay it later and that he needed to ensure he had his sports package was paid ASAP for the playoffs. (Step 3) Although angered Mary stops the conversation takes her shower and lays in bed waiting for Tom minutes and hours pass and Mary gets up to sit on her boyfriend Tom on the couch in living room and is tossed aside for being in the way of the television she then goes back to her bed to go to sleep for the night unhappy and feeling unloved (Step 4). Once again Mary turns to her friend whom tells her that she deserves better and is willing to take her out to get away from the sadness at home. Mary accepts the offer and goes on her outing with her friend Jack which leads to her making a mistake and engaging in Topic 5 with her friend Jack. Mary continues these outings with her friend Jack for several weeks until Tom finally catches on to her acts via a coworker who spots them coming out of a hotel which leads Tom into feeling as if she should have paid attention but instead of leaving her he tries to fix the issue. Several days go by and the relationship is better than ever but Toms acts continue to go back to the original state and Mary once again goes to her friend Jack for comfort which continues until the relationship finally dies out making the whole relationship a waste of time in the end.

This scenario is more common than you might first think when the factors above are ignored.

Questions and Answers

What to share with her to strengthen your relationship?

Virtual.marian boyfriend hug girlfriend.jpg

Mystery can be momentarily enticing, but it is honest conversations that make relationships work and last for a long time. Women love raw intensity in men, which is entirely their opposite. Men are often more cognitive and results-oriented, while some women love to dwell on emotions and expression of feelings. Rarely do men ever talk about feelings, whether it is love, joy, or fear. They do not agonize or waste time with incessant chatter or crying. Men make up their minds fast and do something about it. The riveting differences between a man and a woman make them both complementary and opposites, which can make an exciting combination.

Relationships are not supposed to be a giant maze or a complicated guessing game, which is why girlfriends appreciate partners who are able to freely share themselves in many different ways. There are things that you must keep to yourself. However, being able to share facts about yourself with your girlfriend can build trust and solidify your relationship.

  • Share information about your family, friends, hobbies, work, beliefs, opinions, and everything else in between, which allows you to be acquainted with each other's social circles. Knowing that you allow and want her to be a part of your world is a big deal for any girlfriend.
  • Meeting the parents may sound like a cliche, but this means that you are definitely serious about her and the relationship because you want her to be one with your family.
  • You should also bring her along when going out with friends, or let her meet your boss and co-workers. This also gives her a hint that you would not flirt with anyone else in the office, as they know for a fact that you are officially together.

Sharing each other's history is very important. As you get to know everyone in the circle, this will give you a deeper and more profound sense of what you have as a couple. Being able to share honest, open, and genuine conversations while creating history together is the best way to intimately share yourself with your girlfriend.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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