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Trying to cut back the budget for the next Christmas season? No worry, that old stuff of yours will be useful again for the next season if you store it properly. Keeping it carefully will be helpful in saving your budget. The following simple tips will help.

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    You will be needing two kinds of boxes
    First, regular boxes and second, boxes with dividers as well as packing tape. This is where you are going to place your used ornaments so that you can use them for the next Christmas season.
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    Divide the ornaments into three parts
    This is to classify them according to their shape and size. Classifying them will also help you to easily locate them when they are needed. This will help you avoid taking much time in locating the ornaments next year.
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    The three divisions would be
    First, Christmas balls, Christmas lanterns, and others. We need to separate the Christmas balls since they are circular objects and they can get cracked.  
    1. Storing Christmas balls:
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      1. Get the box with dividers. The dividers will be used in order to fix the Christmas balls properly. If no divider is used, balls will most likely end up cracked by other Christmas balls.
      2. Place the Christmas balls inside the box with dividers, each in its own space.
      3. Separate big balls from small balls so you can more easily arrange them.
      4. Tape the box to secure the balls from scattering. In taping, put it properly by placing tape on the opened portion of the box. Also tape the opening in the bottom of the box to be sure that the balls will not be scattered.
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      Storing the Christmas lanterns:  
      1. Separate the small lanterns from big lanterns. This is to avoid the small lanterns being damaged by the big lanterns, since big lanterns are heavy.
      2. Place the big lanterns inn a box, if there is still a space then you can put some small lanterns in there too. This is to conserve space and have enough space for the others.
      3. Put small lanterns on another box to avoid mixture and for them to be easily located. If there is a space, no way to put big lanterns on top because they may cause damage to small lanterns.
      4. Lastly, pack the box with the tape to avoid them from scattering. Tape also the bottom opening of the box.
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      Storing other Christmas ornaments  
      1. Separate the paraphernalia as well the metallic Christmas decorations and little ornaments for them to be easily located, and they will not be destroyed from being mixed with other Christmas ornaments.
      2. Place them inside the box gently. You need to take care of the paraphernalia because they can be damaged easily.
      3. Fix properly the paraphernalia and metallic Christmas decoration to avoid them tearing.
      4. After putting away the paraphernalia and the metallic Christmas decoration tape the box to avoid them from scattering. Again, tape also the bottom opening of the box.
      5. The ornaments that will not cause damage to another ornaments may be placed on another box.
      6. After placing them, tape the box both the top and bottom opening.
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  • Don't forget to tape the box, or it may come open and scatter your ornaments.

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