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Christmas lights make every house look bright and cheerful. They are not only used for Christmas trees, but also for other areas to make the house full of Christmas spirit. Without these lights, a house will look dull and boring. It is advisable to buy an expensive Christmas lights because these assure you of a great quality and durability. However, these can still be damaged and broken into pieces, if you do not know how to take care of them.

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Many people just store Christmas lights just any place, where they can be prone to damage. They will then decide to buy more Christmas lights, if the old ones are not working anymore. Should this always happen when Christmas is coming? It shouldn't be, because you are only wasting your money. You can, in fact, reuse your Christmas lights, if you have stored them properly and in the right place. Below are some helpful steps on how you can store Christmas lights:

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5 Helpful Steps on How You Can Store Christmas Lights:

Method 1: Using a Cardboard

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    Get the things needed in order to store your Christmas lights
    You will be using a cardboard.
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      Things you will need:  
      1. Old Christmas lights
      2. A storage box
      3. A cardboard at least 1 square foot. This may vary in size, depending on how many and how long the Christmas lights are.
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      1. Get the Christmas lights ready first by unraveling them to avoid them from being knotted together.
      2. Get the cardboard.
      3. Start placing the Christmas lights on the cardboard, starting from the plug of the Christmas lights.
      4. Start wrapping the Christmas lights around the cardboard, from top to bottom.
      5. Make sure that the Christmas lights are properly placed.
      6. Do the same things with other strings of lights and cardboard pieces until you finish rolling up all the Christmas lights. Rolling the Christmas lights around separate cardboard squares will avoid the knotting of the Christmas lights with each other.
      7. Get the storage box.
      8. Place the Christmas lights attached to cardboard in the storage box to prevent it from causing damage.
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Method 2: Using a Plastic Bag

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    In this section, you will only be using some plastic bags
    You only have to wrap each set of Christmas lights and place them into a plastic bag individually. Then, box all plastic bags together and place it in a safe area.
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Method 3: Using an Empty Wrapping Tube

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    Cut a small slit in both ends of a wrapping tube
    Attach the end of one set of Christmas lights through the slit and then wrap it along the tube. Attach the other end of the Christmas lights through the opposite slit of the tube, and then place them in a safe area.
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Method 4: Using a Power Cord Holder

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    There are many different kinds of power cord holders on the market, but you should choose the one that is designed for the bigger outdoor electrical cords
    You just have to wind the lights up on the power cord holder and then hang them on hooks in your garage's wall, apart from throwing them into boxes. This can keep your Christmas lights safe and sound.
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Method 5: Using an Empty Coffee Can

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    For 5ermin.jpg
    You can use your empty coffee cans for your Christmas lights
    First, you have to put the end of your Christmas lights into the top of the can and the rest should be wrapped around it to avoid tangled strings. Tangled strings can cause damage to the bulbs and wires.
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Tips & Warnings:

  • Put the Christmas lights up properly to avoid the breaking of the lights.
  • Most Christmas lights are meant to be used for 90 days. You may want to replace your Christmas lights, if they are already three seasons old.
  • Tangling and pulling the strings can damage your Christmas lights. In doing so, you have to tangle each string slowly but surely.
  • Make sure you have extra bulbs to replace the broken ones, if there are.
  • Do not put the Christmas lights under the storage box when you will still be putting some other stuff in it.
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