Stop iOS 7 from destroying your iPhone's battery life

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The arrival of the iOS 7 upgrade of iPhones has made some alluring changes on the current look of your home screen, and the overall appearance of your iPhone's visual. However the feature has some drawbacks on the side of battery life and possible fast drainage of your battery. Sure you get wham-bam reactions from your peers, but you may want to keep the functionality rather than the visuals iOS 7 has to offer. Here are a few steps to work around iOS 7's fast battery depletion and may result to damaging or destroying your iOS devices' battery.

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Prevent the destruction of your iPhone's battery life

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    Kill/deactivate background refresh. Although background refresh is great because it automatically refreshes your apps on the fly, it really sucks out the life of your battery. You may want to deactivate it on only a few applications though, if you still want it around.
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    Deactivate location services. Location services is a great feature on the iOS 7 upgrade, but unfortunately it is rather luxurious to have it on, mainly because iOS 7 has already embedded a host of locators, like trackers and system compasses. Deactivating it would give the needed juice for extending your battery life.
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    Deactivate AirDrop. AirDrop is a fine feature on iOS 7 which enables the user to use Dropbox to upload store and share files across the internet. You may want to turn this feature off if your not too avid in file sharing, uploading or downloading.
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    Deactivate WiFi or Bluetooth services if not in use. This is common knowledge, and you would likely have the ability to disable these services when not in utilization.
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    Deactivate reduce motion. That 3D wallpaper that iOS 7 has launched may make you look classy and hip to your peers, but all it really does is burn your battery life. Deactivate the wallpaper from appearing on your home screen and save lots of potential battery life.
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  • It would also be good if you disable the moving wallpapers on your iOS device after upgrade to further increase your battery life.

Other Ways to Keep your Phone's Battery Life

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    Turn off automatic app updates. One of the features of the latest version of iOS is that it allows for automatic app updates. Therefore, you won't be notified anymore which apps are ready for update, it will just automatically do that as long as you have internet connection. While this is very convenient because your phone works on your behalf in updating, this can consume your battery a lot. This may be an inconvenience especially if you are outside or traveling and you intend to save your battery somehow because you have no where to plug yet. If your automatic updates are turned off, you can schedule the updates properly, especially during times that battery level won't be an issue.
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    Turn off push notifications especially if you don't really need it. It is indeed very tempting to just subscribe to all forms of push notifications for your apps for convenience. However, if you assess all of the push notifications that you enable on your phone, you may realize that not all of those are really needed. Therefore, if you would like to save your battery, turn off push notifications for apps that you do not need timely information for.
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    Enable preview of messages. If you would like easy access to messages that come in, enable preview of message on the lock screen. This way, each time you receive a message, you would not really need to enter your pass-code and open the entire system. This will save a lot of battery.
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    Turn off vibration for apps that do not need it. Phone calls may be necessary to have a vibration along with it, but more likely not emails or Facebook notifications. Turning it off will save a lot of battery, especially if you are receiving a lot of emails and Facebook notifications in a day. Also, if you are to choose a vibration, choose the ones which do not vibrate for a long time. There are options for a quick vibration only. If you can even select just one beep, that would be much better.
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  • If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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