Stop a Parrot’s Nail From Bleeding

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Any parrot owner knows that they need to keep the nails on their parrot trimmed. While this can usually be done with no problem, sometimes a person will cut too close and this can cause the nail to begin bleeding. It is important that you don't ignore the bleeding, as it will not usually stop on its own and could prove to be fatal for your pet.

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    Calmly take the bird and restrain it, while you remain as relaxed as possible
    The bird is going to be anxious at this time and will be able to sense your stress and anxiety. So it is very important to keep things calm and ensure you are holding it in a manner where it is less likely to bite you and cause serious damage. If possible, you may want to prepare your pet for these situations by holding it in a very calm and relaxing manner before bleeding begins; that way, when you are using the technique to coax your parrot, it will seem like a natural hug and the bird will be more likely to be relaxed.
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    Next, begin to wipe away the excess blood from the area
    You will need to find the source of the break in the nail. It will be important that you get the area as clean as possible before you treat the wound, because this will help to reduce the risk of an infection developing.
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    Now, apply a product such as Quick Stop or ferric sulfate to the wound
    This should be done with direct pressure, but it does not need to be hard as it can cause pain. If you don't have any ferric sulfate on hand, you can use cornstarch or flour packed in the wound and then rub the area with some bar soap. You will then want to apply pressure to the area until the bleeding stops.
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    Once you have treated the bird, place it in its cage and ensure it remains quiet, while keeping an eye on them
    The next few hours will be critical, so ensure that you pay attention and watch for the bleeding to start again, while ensuring the bird doesn't begin getting excited again or picking at the wound. In some cases, it may be best to cover the cage to encourage your parrot to sleep, while routinely checking on him.
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    If at any point you find that the bleeding has not stopped, you will want to wrap the area in a sterile gauze and keep pressure on it
    At this point, you will need to ensure that you take your pet into the local vet's office so they can determine why the wound is not clotting properly. These professionals will also have the tools necessary to get the bleeding to stop quickly.
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  • Ask your vet for advice on how to trim and file your pet's nails.
  • Have the vet recommend a product to stop bleeding so you have it on hand.


  • If you feel like you are unable to stop the bleeding, it is best to see the vet at once.

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I don't have quickstop to use on a bleeding grey's toenail?

Is there something else to use ?

You can apply corn starch or flour to the wound and rub the area down with a bar of soap to clean.

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