Stop Your Cat from Peeing on the Carpet

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When cats gotta go, they gotta go -- but when they go on the carpet, it means that there is probably a problem somewhere that needs to be solved. Cats rarely pee on the carpet simply because they can't make it to the litter box on time; instead, they choose to urinate on the carpet for one of many reasons, from stress to a dislike of the litter box to a potential medical issue that needs treatment.

Follow these steps to solve the problem and stop your cat from peeing on the carpet.


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    Fully clean any soiled carpet areas - If your cat has already peed on the carpet, you need to clean that area of the carpet thoroughly
    Leaving traces of cat urine in your carpet not only creates an uncomfortable living environment, it also sends a message to your cat. Specifically, the message "this area of the carpet is yours, and you can pee there whenever you like."
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    So invest in some high-quality carpet cleaner and get that carpet clean
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    You may also need a wet vac, depending on the level of staining involved. If you're working with an area rug, make sure to lift it fully and clean the floorboards underneath.
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    Take your cat to the vet -
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    There are numerous medical reasons why a cat might start peeing on the carpet
    Your cat may have urinary tract problems or may have crystals in the urine that make urinating painful. To rule out these and other medical issues, take your cat to the vet and make sure everything is all right with your furry friend.
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    Make sure the litter box is scooped regularly -
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    The next step is to check the litter box
    Some cats simply will not use a soiled litter box, meaning you have to scoop the litter box after each use or the cat will choose another area of the house in which to do its business. You need to be scooping the litter box once or twice a day regardless, and if your cat is still peeing on the carpet, you probably aren't scooping enough. If your work schedule means you can't scoop the litter box after each use, solve the problem by giving your cat two litter boxes, and making sure both are fresh and clean before you leave for work.
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    Change the litter box every few months - Sometimes you can scoop the litter all you want and your cat still won't use the litter box
    In that case, try buying a brand-new one. Urine and fecal stains and smells cling to litter boxes even after cleaning, and your cat may eventually find the litter box too odorous to enter. Cats have very sensitive senses of smell, after all. Buying a fresh litter box every few months is a great way to keep a cat happy. Don't invest in one of those super-high-tech ones; just grab an inexpensive one so you can replace it three or four times a year.
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    Change your cat's diet -
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    Sometimes your cat will pee on the carpet because of food issues
    Maybe the current food is hard to digest, or maybe your cat is simply protesting against its daily rations. Solve this problem by changing up your cat's food. If the peeing stops, you've found a solution.
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    Give your cat more attention and love - Cats pick up on stress, and they easily get stressed out themselves
    If you are currently going through a stressful time at work or at home, expect your cat to experience similar stress -- and act on that stress by peeing on the carpet. Sometimes cats pee on the carpet out of nervousness, and other times they literally do it as a cry for attention. This often happens when you become too busy to play with your cat or give it the attention it needs.
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  • So make sure you take time every day to play with your cat, pet your cat, groom your cat, and show your cat how much you care.
  • Don't force your cat to pee on the carpet just so you will notice. You and your cat are each other's companions, so take the time to play with your cat and let your cat know that it is an important, beloved part of your life.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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