Start Your Own Holiday Traditions

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Holidays are usually a time of family togetherness. However, you don't have to celebrate the exact same way as your neighbors or friends. Adding in your own holiday traditions are often what contribute to making the ordinary holiday extraordinary.

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Ideas for Your Own Holiday Tradition

Choose a tradition you and your family will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

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    Camp and Explore
    Go to a secluded beach in the town next to yours, tour Asian countries or plan a huge Paris trip, camp at a place that is highly recommended and anywhere that none of the family member has been to yet. Discover places through the internet and ask for suggestions from the kids on which trip they want to go on next. You can get many ideas from what they want. Exploring a new place is often like re-discovering the personalities and characteristics of each member of the family. When you travel to a new town, city, or country, engage in new activities. No matter how weird or awkward an activity is, try it anyway to be able to feel the culture of the community you are visiting. Dine at their local bars and restaurants and try their authentic cuisine. It's not every day that you get to spend quality time with your family while eating unique food. Make a tradition out of buying a souvenir from that place that will bring back memories for all of you when you see it. Collect house decor, mini refrigerator magnets, or Christmas tree ornaments so that all the members of the family can reminisce about the experience for years to come.
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    Wacky photo op
    In this context, Wacky doesn't only pertain to the exaggerated facial expressions when having a photograph taken, but also to clothing. A wacky photo is often a way to get away from the typical family picture. Why not wear fabulous costumes (themed or not) and have a fantastic and extraordinary group photo? With costume parties here and there, particularly during the Halloween season, it is no longer a big deal throwing your own costume party. It could be held close or in conjunction with any special day. Some of the ideas are choosing a movie that is a family favorite and dressing up like the cast (act as if you are on the red carpet), get inspiration from the latest music video fad, imitate the royal family, impersonate famous personalities, have an ugly sweater party, or any quirky ideas you have.
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    House-hopping Day
    This could be a great addition to the year if you have a large family or one where members live far away from one another. Assign a certain part of the day to each house. For example on Christmas day, visit Auntie Geraldine's house for a hearty breakfast. Then off you go to Uncle Reggie's house for a sumptuous lunch. Then, the nice, hot dinner at Grandma Annie's house. For Christmas Eve, you are back at your own home for a midnight snack and the opening of gifts. And everybody is happy!
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    Block Party
    Skating, playing games, and wining prizes are among things that kids enjoy. Children ranging from three to 12 years old play as endlessly as they wish on weekends. This could make a perfect and cheap holiday tradition in the summer. Feeling young and free is something that everyone wants, regardless of age. It boosts a lot of positive feelings, especially when spent with loved ones. Relive all the wonderful memories of your childhood and be young and free at least for one weekend.
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    Pastry day
    Another holiday tradition is having a baking and cooking activity with the whole family. It could be before Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even before Thanksgiving Day. Spice up the day by adding a theme, competition or prizes.
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    Shop-til-you-drop Day
    Shopping is one of the best things about holidays. Boutiques, malls, designer shops and gift stores usually offer sales and discounts during certain times of the year. However, one can find more than the regular items at bazaars and craft exhibits. Apart from paying tribute to local crafts and industries, there may be many unique and interesting things that one can find. You can add in a nice family picnic at a park or restaurant.
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    Recyclable Project Day
    Probably best done before the year ends to get rid of the unnecessary things; keep those that are still useful or recycle them for a better purpose. Old jeans can be turned into bags, old clothes can be stitched and fashionable shirts can be made out of them, worn out sofas can be re-upholstered, old TV sets or fans can be used for some future science projects and more. A little creativity is all it takes. Once all the things are gathered and categorized as something that can be recycled, then it's time for healthy family brainstorming. You'll never know how resourceful your kids and other relatives can be. It also boosts one's confidence if he is able to suggest a beautiful recycle project. Close-knit ties are usually developed once you start working on things together.
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    Donation Day
    This could be done after gathering all the old stuff and/or things that each family member doesn't like anymore. The easiest way to get rid of these things are to dump them, but certainly not everything is useless. It may be unwanted, but some people may actually need them. Old toys, clothes, appliances or furniture may not be as appealing to you anymore, but your family could be a blessing to the less fortunate people if you choose to donate these things instead of throwing them away. Think about the relief those items could give to people whose lives are not as fortunate as yours may be. This also teaches your kids to value the virtue of giving and being compassionate. This can be done at least once a year. You can schedule family reunions or get-togethers around these days as an incentive for them to chip in. Apart from the goods, a certain amount of cash would also be a good idea. You may even hold a garage sale for additional cash. Christmas season is one of the best times to do this, but giving and reaching out to others has no specific time of the year. Just make sure the things that the whole family will donate are still in good condition.
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  9. 9
    Weekly movie night
    This is an easy and hassle-free tradition that could be done on a weekly or monthly basis. To make this a huge event, your family can try a film viewing of your favorite movie. The kids may have suggestions too so try to consider their choice. Make a list and schedule them weekly. You may alternate classic movies with the latest ones. Alternatively, choose a certain movie genre for a month before switching to another. Watching a movie may be a simple and less expensive tradition, but it still brings the family together.
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  10. 10
    Post-Thanksgiving Reunion
    Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone celebrates in many different ways. During this season, most people go to their hometown and spend time with their family. However, many people are not able to see their entire family in one place very often. This may work a week after Thanksgiving Day. Spend some quality time with people you have not seen for a long time, and engage in bonding activities. Go to your favorite places or parks. Do things that you usually do, like play the same old board games, eat your usual favorite food and simply hang out with them. Sharing a whole day with childhood friends and cousins is usually fun for all. There is a lot to catch up or just pick up where you left off from previous visits.
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  11. 11
    Forgiveness on New Year's
    The New Year is a season that many people love because it brings so much hope to every individual. This is the beginning of a new year and another chance to be better in every aspect of life. People often use this day as the start of something new and leaving all the bad habits or situations in the past. Perhaps you can add into your holiday tradition forgive someone in your past who has hurt you. It is a good chance to forgive their trespasses and talk over with them how it affected you. Discuss it over a coffee or dinner, but be sure to make a firm decision that whatever happens, you are there to forgive and let go of the burden of pent-up anger, loathing, hurt, or other emotions that may have accumulated. New Year's is not just all about the fun and excitement the following year entails, but it is also a time to free yourself from the burdens of the past.
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