Spot the Signs of Spaying Complications and the Things the Vet Doesnt Tell You About the Surgery

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Odessa in my lap for nightly messaage before spaying

The complications suffered by 5 month old Odessa, and how her life is forever changed. How her guardian mom deals with the quilt of not asking enough questions and trusting a doctor she just met with her little baby's life. Struggle and bonding the love between a kitten and her human guardian.


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    Life can be filled with joy and laughter, it can also be filled with regret and heartbreak
    This story is one of both. The struggle a guardian and her baby kitten go through to heal from a trip to the vet hospital turns into a tragedy that takes a toll on the love and bond that was once so strong and trusting, is now filled with separation regret.
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    Here is our story
    About four and a half months ago I was blessed and overjoyed when Odessa , a female 7 week old , black Domestic short hair kitten was placed in my arms. I admit, I had never had a cat before, but then again Odessa never had a human mom. So together we learned how to be a family. It's amazing how this 2 lb little ball of fur, with energy and curiosity of a 2 year old , captured my heart, my little girl.
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    Odessa once waited by the door when I got home, she could hear my keys as I came down the hall, wow I loved coming home and finding her waiting
    I would change and sit in the chair and she would climb in my lap for her nightly body rub, she would move around showing where she wanted to be rubbed. She would sleep at my head and keeps company while I did dishes. She was curious about everything.
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    That all changed 15 days ago, when she became ill and I took her to vet hospital to be checked out
    I met with to doc and told her all Odessa's symptoms, I took her Odessa first morning stool and particulates from her kitty condos and bed. The vet said she had worms and would definitely worm her,she also suggested that she be vaccinated, microchips and spayed at the same time. That it would save us both the trip back, I agreed. A decision I will always regret.
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    I brought Odessa home that night, and she was has not been the same
    She has no longer been able to eat solid food, when she even tries to eat. I don't know what went wrong, but she is so sick now. The day after I brought her home , I had to take her back in because she would eat or drink, nor did she potty. She just laid there hiding under the bed. The vet, a different one said she had a fever of 102, she had developed an infection and was dehydrated. They gave her fluids, antibiotics, pain meds and nausea meds. I took her home, she on l y got worse. A few days later I to her to a new veterinary hospital, and got minimal service because of my ability to pay, I had spent our funds on the previous visits. I was told it would take her less then a week to recover. But she didn't. I just brought her home from a two day stay at the hospital, where she was give a series of shot, trays and endoscopy to look at her throat and mouth. They found that her intestines and lower bowels were blocked ( 2 days after the spaying she pooped out a 23 inch piece of bluish string). She was given an enema and some meds to help her pass it. The surgeon want ed to do surgery, but this time I had done my own research and wanted trays first.
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    After two days away from her I was miserable missing her
    I brought her home yesterday, she is eating a little more, only baby food and and things she can swallow easily. She still has a very hard time with solids, I want to know what happened during the surgery that has damaged her mouth. I then read that a spaying is like a hysterectomy, they the female open, take a long internment and pull the overviews and tube up and cut them off. I didn't know that, It was snip and burn. I was never informed of the procedure or I wouldn't have done it.
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    Odessa no longer sleeps with me, nor does she sit in my lap for her nightly rub
    She is no longer vocal or feisty, she is more like a broken doll. I cry everyday as I watch her struggle to eat , and she is scared of everything now.I breaks my heart to know I'm partly to blame. I didn't ask enough questions or maybe I didn't ask the right one.
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    Food for thought
    Never spay an ill animal. Never agree to something that effect your pet without thinking it through. Research your options. And just because they are doctors, doesn't mean there always right.
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    I don't know if Odessa and I will ever get back to the way we were, but I'm going to fight for it, I won't let her hide and give up her fight
    I won't let her lose her spirit or her spunk. She is the light of my life.

    Odessa after her surgery
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odessa days after surgery


  • Never agree to surgery if your pet is ill
  • When it comes to spay or neutering always think careful before you decide. The things that can go wrong are irreversible

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