Spice up your marriage

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After being together for a certain period of time, two people may start to become complacent in their relationship and the spice in the relationship will begin to disappear. In order to keep the relationship successful you will need keep the fun and excitement in your life and relationship going.

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Steps to Spice up Your Marriage

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    Think about the things that your spouse loves to do, both in your relationship and in life
    Also think about the things that you like to do with your spouse. Do you both love picnics? Outdoor outings? While you think about the things you're both interested in, find something that you two haven't done together in a while, and find a way to make this happen for the both of you. There may be things on there that the both of you have done together before but there are ways to remix those interactions that you have participated in before in time. There can be ways to make things a little better for example; if you and your husband love foot ball there are certain ways that you can spice up this moment whether it is by going to an actual football game live or having a sexy dinner in bed while watching the game. This different variation is an example of all the ways you can mix up the little things that the two of you participate in during the relationship, don't be scared to do things out the box for it will save the marriage without a doubt.
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    Taking vacation trips is always a good idea for the relationship
    These trips do not need to be a big extravagant kind of trip but just any kind of trip that involves the two of you being together in another location. The important thing is that the trip needs to be an overnight trip and not one that takes place in one whole day from point A back to your home. Even if you just go out in your own city it is still a trip for you two will be staying overnight in a hotel room. A romantic dinner will also help the relationship during your trip, just to have some time for the both of you to be alone together in a dining establishment. Road trips are also a good way to get alone time together, nothing beats the open road with its conversations, music and seeing all the sights together as a couple. No matter where the trip is to just be sure that the both of you are together during this time and that you two interact with each other, just don't let the location be the fun part of the trip but make every moment of the trip count together.
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    Be active together while in the marriage in order to use its ways of spicing things up in the marriage
    If your partner likes to jog then interact with them and jog with them whenever the opportunity presents itself during the day. There are also other activities you can engage in being hiking, basketball etc. Anything that is considered to be an active join in with your partner and if you are not interested in the sport of activity then find something that interests you so that your partner can join in on the action. Being active can bring a whole new fin competitive edge to the relationship also by being active the two of you will be getting each other in better shape, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind so this is key to a marriage. During the active portion of the relationship you two will enjoy the company better, have fun and also bring laughs to the relationship. Even if the active involvement is not active per say go ahead and plan trail adventures with each other just to be together out in the air with your partner.
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    Send some sexy pictures to your spouse during the day as a surprise and a way to get their blood pumping during the day
    When sending this pictures ensure that you send sexy ones before going all out "nude" in a picture. The point is to tease them and by teasing them you will need some form of clothing or an out fit to get your spouse wanting more and more. Aside from the sexy pictures you can in fact send sexy texts to your spouse during the day as well to get them to interact back with you on that level. Sending these messages throughout the day makes the spouses anxious to get home to each other in order to embrace each other in the way they have been thinking all day long through the messages. Do not over use this tactic by sending the pictures daily for it will tend to get boring for it won't be a surprise at all but just another routine and the point of this is to break the routine and to create something spontaneous. Do this probably once a week to always have your spouse thinking on which day will it happen this will make your spouse have something to look forward to weekly as a surprise for him.
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    Pick somewhere in your city or town where you have never been to in order to eat a meal together
    Pick the most unlikely place that you two will ever go in order to eat a meal for the food may be good and enjoyable or just plain horrible but whichever it is the two of you will either have fun enjoying or laughing at how bad the food is together. Aside from eating go to a bar the two of you have never been to (if you drink) to try out the new environment together as s couple for you will not rather have anyone to be adventurous with other than you spouse and your best friend. Exploring the town or city together will make for good stories that can either be good stories, bad stories or sad stories for the two of you to share together as a couple.
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    Have a party at your house and invite all your family, friends and even associates
    With bringing in the friends to the home for a party it can be fun for all couples love to have their friends together under the same roof to have fun and enjoy their time. Also not only is it fun its healthy in the relationship for the couple to bring their friends together sometimes in order to have fun not only with their friends but each other in the environment also which will also be a fun environment for the both of you to interact with each other.
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    Concerts are also a good thing for the two of you to engage in for the both of you will be somewhere together and being loud together at the same time
    Doing something like this will allow the both of you to scream, shout and dance all the stresses in your life away but together so that the both of you will be releasing the stresses together at an event such as a concert or even a club. By releasing the stress together it will make room for the two of you to have fun and also see the fun aspects of life and also to view each other in a different light instead of the dim light of stress. A club or concert will be a thrill for the both you and also another story that the both of you can tell later on in life together to add to your collection of adventures that your both have been on together in life.
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    Aside from running together and being active simply exercising together can also be a thrill for the both of you
    Go to a gym and workout together for this will turn the both of you on to see your partners body in that sort of environment where they are sweating and working out their full body, this will spice things up in the marriage in a more sexual way than anything. When working out together the other partners body will go through changes right before your eyes giving you the full view of changes and being that this is your spouse you will have the full ability to explore these changes first hand.
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    Dress up for your spouse one day in a sexy outfit and surprise them when they get home for this will add surprise and a bit of kinkiness to the relationship
    The kind of outfit is up to you for anything that it out of the ordinary will tend to be sexy to your spouse for anything will be a different variation from the normal things that you would wear to bed and around the house.
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