Speed Up Your Windows Start Up Process by Disabling Startup Items

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Welcome to VisiHow. In this video, we are going to show you how to speed up your Windows startup process by disabling some startup items. Most people don't realize that when they download and install or they install a program from a CD, there is usually a setting that they can select to have the program run at startup or not run at startup. Most people by default will leave it there and after a while, their computer will start to slow down. They will boot their computer up and they have to wait forever because when they click on something, it will take a while to load or it won't load as fast as it used to. Sometimes that is caused by a virus or malware but other times, there are too many things running at the same time when the computer is trying to start.

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    In Windows, what we want to do is go to our Search function. If we have Windows 8 or higher, we can just go to Search and if we have Windows 7 or lower, we would go to "Run" and type in "MSConfig".
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    We will see here, we can go to "MSConfig" or simply go to "See which processes start up automatically when you start Windows". We are going to open that because it is in the task manager.
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    If we have Windows 7 or earlier, then we should continue onto MSConfig and launch it from there and we will see a startup tab there as well. Anything before Windows 8, "startup" was in MSConfig. After Windows 8, "startup" was moved to the task manager.
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    We are in the startup menu and we can see that we have the name of the file that is going to start up when our computer starts. There is the "Publisher" and the "Status" which is whether it is enabled or disabled and how important it is to the computer's functioning while starting up. For example, Skype is not something that is going to affect functionality so it doesn't have any startup impact. It is disabled in my system but for some people, it is automatically enabled and they will see Skype comes up upon start up.
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    So, if there are some things that we think should be disabled or enabled, we simply select them and we click on "Enable" or "Disable". Speech recognition is something I don't necessarily need enabled, so I am going to click "Disable". As we can see here, the "Dropbox", "Realtek" and all of those things are automatically set to start as well.
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    Now, it is disabled. It does say it has a high impact simply because it is an accessibility option, but it is not something that we require at this time so we can turn it off.
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    Once we are finished with that, we are just going to simply close it. If you happen to be in your "Startup" menu and you see a strange looking file on startup and you are not sure what it is, I would strongly recommend looking up the file name online or talking to your computer tech because there are trojan horses and other viruses and malware that will sometimes be programmed to start up as well so this is a good opportunity to check for that.
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    When we restart our computer, we will notice that a lot of the items that we disabled are not on. On my computer, I have disabled many items but other people will see that there is a lot of stuff running so they can disable most things. The one thing I recommend that you do not disable is your antivirus program because it is always handy to have that running right away just in case something has snuck through on your computer that you are not aware of. That is how we disable or enable startup items. Disabling to make it faster as it boots up into Windows and enabling for accessibility or for our anti-spyware or antivirus program if we wish to have that running right away. I would like to thank you for choosing VisiHow. If you have any questions or comments about this video, please feel free to leave them in the section below. You have been watching VisiHow, take care.
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Video: Speed Up Your Windows Start Up Process by Disabling Startup Items

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