Soothe a Bad Sunburn

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The sun is a vast body in the universe. It is the heart of a solar system for without it there is no balance and life. The sun emits warmth, heat and light. These emissions are essential for the animals, plants and most especially for us human beings that exist here on earth. How does it help the plants? Well, it helps plants to produce their own food through photosynthesis of course with the aid of water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients from the soil. And from this process, oxygen is born. Oxygen is simply the air we breathe! How does it help the animals? Basically, plant eating animals consume plants which are rightfully called "herbivores". These herbivores are consumed by carnivores(meat/flesh eating animals). How does it benefit us humans? Besides of the sun being a major player with regards to contribution to oxygen production, heat and of course light. It also contributes to beauty and wellness. Exposure to the sun especially in the morning is good for the skin as well as the body. You might ask, why is it good for the body? Exposure to the sun allows your body to get its daily does of vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes the regulation of calcium which guards the bones from weakening or worst case scenario a possible deformation. Vitamin D, helps reduce wrinkles, reduces chances of acne formation. Aids in boosting of immune system. Besides having a healthy skin and body due to exposure to sunlight. It also gives you that natural lovely tan! Now you have more reasons to stay under the sun. Now, imagine yourself, getting that lovely skin, body and tan. Imagine yourself on a beach exposing your skin to the sun. After awhile you enjoy the sun and its benefits. You enjoy the sun rays and the heat lingering through your skin and the promise of the all golden natural tan coming its way. Then you after the lengthy exposure to the sun your skin begins to feel hellish somewhat painful and burnt. After a day you notice it to be flaky and the slight contact with anything makes it utterly painful. This would be most likely a case of sun burn. Well, enough with the scholarly and scientific lecture about the sun, and sun burn. I am going to give you some helpful tips on how to relieve a bad sunburn. We know we all have experienced them! Even if we take precautions using sunscreen, we still can end up with a bad burn, because we were spending long hours at the pool or beach, having a good time in the HOT sun! Let's take a look at some helpful ways we can follow, to ease the pain:

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    This will definitely relieve the pain. If you managed to get into a quick cold shower let the cold water run through your sun burned skin but don't let the water pressure get too high, because it will sting your skin! Avoid using soap brands which can possibly dry your skin and irritate the skin even more. If possible use a mild soap. Rinse the soap thoroughly you would not want any soap debris lingering onto your sunburned skin. You might also want to get easy on the after bath regimen such as drying yourself after a bath. Use a smooth cloth which can absorb the excess after shower water and gently press onto the affected areas.
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    Yes, (it doesn't smell that great,) but it will soothe the pain! Put 1/2 cup of vinegar in an old spray bottle, and fill the rest with cool water and shake. Spray on the sunburn areas.
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    Aloe Vera
    Is WONDERFUL! I have used Aloe Vera from the plant since I was little, and it soothes pain right away! If you don't have a plant, get one! Break a piece of the leaf off, and you will see the clear substance inside. Squeeze it out, and rub over the red areas. You can also buy lotions or creams with Aloe Vera.
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    Pour 2 cups of oatmeal in a lukewarm bath. Relax and soak for 25 minutes, or more.
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    Cool Compress Application.
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    Sun Evasion/Avoidance.
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    Grab some Pain and Itch relievers.
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    Monitor your skin for blistering.
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    Tincture Magic.
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    Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Never Pick a Blister! it will cause an infection.
  • Be cautious staying out of the sun for a while.

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