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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

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Some help with my Digicel Alcatel phone?

So well, I have a Digicel Alcatel mobile and I was just looking around and discovered an accessibility setting .. And talk mode so it activated and it was really hard to operate and move so I did a Factory Reset and the phone stuck on startup

If the phone stuck on start-up. You can simply turn off the phone and turn it back on and that should resolve the problem if it stuck up to boot after the reset. You can also remove the battery if you the battery is detachable for you to shut it off completely. After you shut it off, do a Hard Reset on your phone instead of soft reset to revert it to default settings. If the problem persists, you may contact your provider for service on the phone to further check.

The rebooting process will take some time depending on how many files need to be removed from your device in order to reboot fully. Simply give it time for your device to fully turn itself back on after the reboot process. If you are still having problems, please return here to ask your question about your device.

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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

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