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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Is she interested in me or just keeping me for a while then she will dump me?

Hi, we have been together for 4 years and have a child of 2 months, my girlfriend doesn't clean, doesn't cook, don't wash my clothes. She only goes out and drinks until late hours every day. She does tell me where she is, sometimes she lies and says she will be back in one hour but instead goes and drink for long hours. She doesn't care and doesn't listen

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Was this her behavior before or just after the birth of your child together. It appears that she may be suffering from postpartum depression and self-treating with alcohol. You should speak with a mental health professional about her behavior or at the very least, her family members. She may require an "intervention" to get her into therapy/substance abuse counseling. Unfortunately, if she refuses to get help, then you need to consider single parenting on your own immediately for the safety of your child. Even though you may love her, your child should take precedence over your personal feelings for the mother. As a father, you by law, are responsible for the safety and welfare of this child.

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How can make my girlfriend like and know me very well?

I am in middle school a girl proposed me and I had a crush on her since a long time so I told that I also like her .. but I also her will you kiss me .. she says no but I aksed will you kiss the other guy whom she used to like she said yes and she says she had liked him 100% before but I still think she likes more boys . One of them is cool .. I want her to know me well and kiss me and be mine forever.. I couldn't understand because it's mostly a about High school. I have tried: I have done many things like making her laugh trying to be cool make her crush be my best friend etc. I think it was caused by: Those other boys ... She knows and I think !ike him also very very much and the other one also I think she likes but she's hiding from me .

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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