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Getting drunk can be fun and a great break from the stresses of life, but there are times you need to sober up in a hurry. Whether you were drinking beer, wine, or cocktails and mixed drinks, this wiki will help you sober up quickly and enjoy the party with your friends. Just follow these ten steps to stay sober and keep celebrating, dancing, and socializing. Also don't forget to check out the article linked after the last step below, where we tell you how to drink without getting drunk.

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In order to be fully sober, your body needs to process all of the alcohol in your system. This takes time, but there are things you can do to get sober fast and ease some of the symptoms you will feel from being intoxicated. Some symptoms of being drunk include nausea, headaches, and being disoriented and sick to your stomach. The steps in this article will focus on things that work to help you speed up the process and help your body get the alcohol out of your system.

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Just remember that everyone is different. This is particularly true of younger people, who may not yet have a fully developed liver. Helping your body feel better and get sober quicker is always better than letting the body fend for itself during this process. Just remember to drink responsibly.

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    The first thing you should do is to stop drinking in order to sober up in a timely fashion before going to bed
    If you want to avoid a hangover and go to bed with a sober body and mind it is recommended that you stop drinking early. Continuing to drink will not sober your body up before bed, and according to Time Magazine[1], going to bed drunk can actually impair sleep. This is likely to make you feel worse the next day, and can give you a bad hangover.

    If you know when you plan on going to bed it will give you a time frame in which to stop drinking. This in turn will help you sober your body up before going to bed. This does not mean stopping one alcoholic drink and switching to another. It means you need to flat out stop drinking any alcohol. Ideally, this means staying up at least three hours after your last drink. However, it can take much longer to sober up depending on how much you have had to drink. In this case, you'll want to refer to the steps below for more suggestions on sobering up fast and sweating the alcohol out of your pores.
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    Throwing up can also help your body recover and sober you up quickly
    If you have just had a drink, particularly in the cases of parties where you might quickly drink large amounts of alcohol, then throwing up can get the alcohol out of your stomach before it enters your system. The easiest way to make yourself vomit is by triggering your gag reflex. This is an involuntary reaction that occurs when you touch the back of your throat. To trigger the gag reflex, first wash your hands, and then put your index and middle fingers in your mouth. Slide them along your tongue until you're touching the back of your throat. This will activate the gag reflex and make you throw up. You'll get sick, and it will help clear the alcohol out of your system.

    Another way to make yourself vomit is by using a chemical to induce vomiting, such as ipecac syrup. This will also cause you to vomit. Both of these methods will help rid your stomach of any remaining alcohol or toxins, effectively stopping the absorption of more alcohol into your body. Whichever method you use, it's important to remember that you should not induce vomiting alone. This is discussed more in our article on how to make yourself throw up.

    However, making yourself throw up hours after you have had too much to drink means the alcohol has already entered your system. According to the State University of New York, Institute of Technology[2], throwing up at this stage will not sober you up. However, it will make you feel better in the short term, and it can make your hangover less severe.

    Just remember to keep your head down and tilted forward when inducing vomiting so you don't choke. It's also important to note that you should not induce yourself to vomit if you are feeling okay. Only do it when you feel you are getting sick to the point that you cannot control yourself anymore. This step is a last resort to sober yourself up when you've already drank too much. Even though it seems disgusting it can be a good choice to keep you from getting any sicker and to help you sober up.
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    Eat some food if you have been drinking on an empty stomach
    While it is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach, if you've already started drinking, eating certain foods can help settle your stomach. Depending on how much alcohol you drank, this can help stop you from being sick later. It will also slow the rate of alcohol absorption by the stomach, which can sober your body up in the process.

    The reason you may feel sick when drinking on an empty stomach is because there is nothing in your stomach to absorb the alcohol. If you eat while drinking it will cause the alcohol to soak into the food that you have eaten, slowing your body's rate of alcohol absorption. It also helps to ease nausea and make you feel better quickly. However, do not overdo it when eating while you are drinking. Eat a light meal or snack, not a full buffet. Eating too much may cause you to feel sicker than before you even started to eat.

    We've put together a helpful guide on how to know what to eat before you drink. It has a complete list of fruits, meats, and vegetables that will help your body cope better with drinking, and sober you up fast. Just pay attention to what you eat, and be healthy rather than only filling up on grease.
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    Get your hands on some water, because water can help you hydrate yourself while drinking alcohol
    Drinking alcohol will cause the body to dehydrate as the alcohol and toxins are processed. This can cause you to feel sick, turning a fun night with friends at a party into a nightmare. For this reason, when drinking make sure to take a little time out to get a drink of water. In fact, some recommend pacing yourself by consuming a glass of water between each glass of wine, beer, or mixed drink. This will help you remain sober if for no reason other than you'll end up drinking less alcohol. This is supported by science, with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom[3] confirming that drinking water with alcohol can help avoid a hangover.

    This makes it one of the best ways to get yourself sober quickly. If you're at a party, or with friends, then you can even make your own ginger drink with honey to help sober yourself up faster.
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    Caffeine is a stimulant that will make you feel more alert, which can help you feel more sober
    There is a long-standing myth that drinking a cup of coffee will sober you up. That's not entirely true, though it can help you feel more sober. The problem is that caffeine and alcohol both cause the body to use more water, which can make you dehydrated and even lead to diarrhea. This means you'll also want to follow the advice given earlier on drinking more water if you're going to sober up with a cup of coffee, soda, red bull or other caffeinated drink. However, in studies conducted on mice by the American Psychological Association (APA)[4], it was demonstrated that while caffeine did improve the alertness of intoxicated mice, it did not sober them up. They had the same level of difficulty navigating a maze as equally drunk mice that did not receive caffeine.

    This means you'll feel better and be more alert, which is a step on the way to sobering up. Just be careful when drinking caffeine. It can help you, but too much can hurt you if not done the right way. Even though you won't have all of your abilities and senses back fully, it will keep you more alert. Of course, if you're already home, why not make your own espresso coffee on the stove top? That's a great way to make a strong caffeine drink that will help you feel more alert and sober up faster.
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    Take a cold shower when you are feeling drunk and disoriented, as this will send a shock through your body, waking you up and making you feel more alert
    Any time you expose your body to an extreme, it shocks the system. This makes you feel more alert and awake, just like jumping into a cold pool. However, don't jump into any pool when drunk. It's dangerous, and you could drown. It's also important to keep in mind that you should only take this step if you want to sober up and you haven't thrown up at all. If you have begun to throw up or have alcohol poisoning, taking a shower will not benefit you at all.

    Also, as you are drunk, remember to take your clothes off so the water can hit as much of your skin as possible. Much like the step above, this will only help you feel more sober because it increases your alertness. As reported by Forbes[5], it won't actually sober you up. It just makes you feel better, which is part of the overall process of making your body feel better and more sober.
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  7. 7
    Go to sleep after you have eaten and had some water to drink
    Time is the best method for sobering up, and there is no better way to pass the time when drunk than by sleeping. When you sleep, it helps you to sober up quickly by allowing your body to recuperate and process the alcohol and toxins in your system. Just make sure to drink water and not to go to sleep on an empty stomach. This can cause you to wake up from dehydration, or from feeling hungry. However, remember not to eat too much, which is discussed in more detail below. Also don't forget that you need rest. When drinking alcohol, it takes at least six to eight hours for your body to recuperate properly, with a full eight hours of sleep being best.
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    Eat a healthy meal before you drink to prevent yourself from getting too drunk and also to sober yourself up faster later
    It's commonly accepted that eating a protein-rich meal, or one rich in fats before you start drinking can cause the alcohol to soak itself up into the food. However, this doesn't actually protect you from getting drunk. Instead, it helps slow the passage of alcohol from the stomach into the intestine, where it's absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of this, eating before consuming alcohol can help prevent you from getting too drunk, and help you to stay sober when drinking. As reported by the Daily Mail[6], some cultures consume olive oil or mashed potatoes before drinking, as they slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
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    Do not smoke if you are drinking alcohol, as the nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco products will only make your hangover worse
    For many, smoking and drinking go together, but they can be a nasty combination. Many people claim that having a cigarette can help sober you up, but this is only partially true. The fact is that nicotine can make you feel more alert over the short term. Unfortunately, as reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)[7], smoking while consuming alcohol can contribute to a much worse hangover. If you are a smoker, and want to take steps to stop smoking, then make sure to visit our article on how to quit smoking.
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  10. 10
    Being active can help you sober up more quickly, as it will help you metabolize and sweat out toxins from the alcohol
    A lot of people sober up by dancing while drinking. If you are at club or dance hall this is a great thing to do. Even if you are not dancing just the act of being up and moving will help you sober yourself up while drinking. Drinking and remaining stationary will not help you to get sober.

    Instead, it will cause you to fall deeper into alcohol-induced intoxication. This is why games like beer pong and flip cup are played. They are little mini games that people play while drinking, but the real object is to stay focused. The movements also help to sober a person up.

    Of course, like many things, science is of two minds on dancing and drinking, but this is largely due to the loss of coordination a person has when they are drunk. In reality, a 154 pound person (70kg) burns about 5.6 calories per minute when dancing -- and that's just moderate dancing! So get out there and dance, or walk home. Just don't try any real exercising! That's dangerous, and should only be done when sober and not hungover, as reported by Columbia University[8].
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All of these steps will help a person to sober up while enjoying a night of drinking. Some of the steps are preventative measures to keep you from having to sober up in the first place, while others are there to help you sober up after drinking too much. So make sure you adhere to those steps as well. Remember if you get to the point that you feel you have alcohol poisoning, it's important to seek medical help. Inducing vomiting can help, but it's better not to take chances. Always seek medical attention immediately if you or someone you know has alcohol poisoning. Don't try to fix it yourself. This is discussed more in our article on how to treat alcohol poisoning.

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Take these steps and they will help you to either sober yourself up or prevent you from having to sober up in the first place.

As promised, here is our guide on how to drink without getting drunk, including the science behind it, why it works, and famous people who use this technique every day.

Tips and Suggestions to Sober Yourself Up

  • When trying to sober up from the night before, do not drink again. This will not help in the process of sobering up and recovering. In fact, many times it will make you feel more uncomfortable.
  • If you don't like to drink water, then consider non-acidic juices or honey-sweetened beverages. *Just remember that water is the best thing to aid your body in lessening the effects of the alcohol.
  • After sleeping, it can help to take a nice hot bath. This is because soaking in a bath can stimulate the body while relaxing your muscles and refreshing everything.
  • Make sure you remember to take steps to get rid of alcohol breath the next day. You'll thank yourself, and so will everyone around you.

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Questions and Answers

How can you sober up if you don't have time to sleep?

Even though you're not sleeping, you can still sober up yourself. As long as you rest your body from drinking alcohol. Because the most important is that you have to rest your body from drinking alcohol, for you to sober up yourself. To sober up fast, try to drink plenty of cold water. This will help you to pee as frequently as possible. If you go to the comfort room and do the pee frequently, the alcohol will come out of your body.

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Without having the ability to sober yourself up through sleep you should do your best to eat greasy foods in order to soak up the alcohol in your body. Also, you will need to drink water/Gatorade which contains electrolytes in order to help you to regain your normal balance in your body.

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Also, a cold shower will help in order to spruce yourself up or wake yourself up from being in your drunken state.

What things can help you sober up from the night before?

  • Everyone must understand that each person's reaction to each situation, event or state both physically and mentally is usually different from the others and so do to this matter. Some people have different ways and cure to sober themselves up. Some drinkers prefer being awake and consistently wait for the alcohol's effect to wore off, while some drinkers, prefers drinking something hot such as tea, coffee, or chocolate to make themselves sober up fast. These may not be effective to others as each person's body may not find these methods suitable or compatible.
  • Eat something sweet. Some people eat candies, chocolates, sweet pies, desserts or juices to help themselves rapidly sober up. But before trying this one out, make sure that your body is fine taking it, for overly eating sweets may trigger some kind of allergy or may produce some kind of disease. If you are aware that your family had a history of diabetes then, might as well not take the risk of eating too many sweets just to make yourself sober up.
  • Engage in a fun and active conversation. In most cases, if you are talking with a certain person or a group of people/peers, you will not notice it, but the effect of the alcohol in your body is slowly diminishing. Do not participate in conversations that produce or provokes unnecessary fights, because you might not be able to completely control your rage due to the effect of the alcohol in your body.
  • Sleeping is the best thing that can help you sober up. Most of the time, people who straightly sleeps well tend to sober up faster. If you feel like your body still needs a rest then, do not hesitate to sleep and rest, for this might help you get back to your normal state.
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You can try to eat some healthy meals, this will help you to sober your body up. Then do a fresh bath, this will help your body last quite long from the heat of alcohol.

Rest can help you sober up after you have had a night of drinking. Also along with rest, you will need to eat also during this time but ensure that you are eating foods that are greasy or by eating fruits in order for you to balance out the toxins in your body from the alcohol.

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How to treat vomiting from drinking too much alcohol?

Puking, vomiting, or throwing up is not as bearable as you think it is. Throwing up from heavy drinking is a lot worse than throwing up from influenza or fever. If you are a first timer, and you will drink uncontrollably, then you could experience vomiting until the next morning or worse, 24 hours! Your stomach will keep growing, and you will be craving for some foods to eat, but you could not eat because whenever you do, your stomach will just discard the foods. How to treat vomiting then? You should keep drinking plenty of water so as to keep yourself hydrated. You should not keep moving, and you should stay in one corner. The movement will just make you become dizzier and make you want to puke more and more. Whenever someone hands you a hot cup of latte or cold sodas, you should not drink them, because they are diuretic and will just make you become dehydrated. Sports drinks will do to reduce vomiting. Gatorade is a good sports beverage to treat vomiting from heavy drinking. You can also take some painkillers the next morning, if you may still feel nausea and headache. Painkillers can be ibuprofen and aspirin. Foods that are spicy and acidic should be avoided, because these may take a while for the alcohol in your stomach to digest completely. In addition to that advice, you may want to boil water with honey and lemons into it, and drink it to alleviate nausea feeling. You should sleep even if you keep vomiting. This makes your body rest even frequent vomiting messes it up.

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If you find yourself vomiting a lot after drinking alcohol then you will need to either know your limit when it comes to drinking or you will need to make sure that you eat enough food before you start drinking.

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What is the fastest way to sober up after drinking?

  • It depends on the person. In most cases, sleeping is the fastest way to sober up after drinking too much. It restores the body's normal state. After waking up, you will usually feel a little dizzy, and your head is aching. This is also the effect of the alcohol which you consume before you go to sleep. This is called a Hangover. For some people, sleeping is not enough, so if this is the case then, sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee might do the trick.
  • Induce throwing up. If too much alcohol into your system is making you feel too sick, you can go ahead and induce vomiting. With clean hands, put your middle and index fingers at the back of your throat. You should make sure your head is lowered down so you won't ingest anything. When you have vomited, have some water and a light food like crackers to relieve any discomfort in the tummy.
  • Get Some Caffeine. Drinking coffee won't aid in sobering you up but the caffeine will give you a little more energy. just be sure to drink water after your coffee for this will dehydrate you.
  • Jump to the shower. Take a cold shower to freshen you up.
  • The best way to get sober? Sleep, sleep and sleep until your body physically recovers from too much alcohol intake.
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Well for normal occasions the fastest way is having a bath with a cold water. This will help your body to reduce the heat that is caused by the alcohol.

The fastest and most efficient way to sober up after drinking is to rid your body from alcohol. There are two ways for you to properly do this.

1. First is by manually making yourself to vomit by eliciting your gag reflex. The gag reflex is the involuntary action of the body to induce vomiting by simply touching the back of your throat. Insert your middle and index fingers on your tongue and move it towards the back of the tongue and your throat to induce vomiting.

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2. Second is by means of ingesting vomit inducers like the ipecac syrup. The ipecac syrup is indicated to induce vomiting.

The rationale behind the two mentioned steps is to rid your stomach from alcohol preventing or reducing the alcohol absorption to your body making it the best and the fastest way to sober up after drinking.

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When drunk does it help to throw up to help get sober?

  • For some Yes, and for some No. It still depends on the body of the person who wants to sober up. Throwing up definitely throws out some of the alcohol you drank, but the alcohol already took effect by the time you're feeling dizzy and starts throwing up. Throwing up will most likely shorten the effect of the alcohol, but this will not make you sober up completely. Also, be reminded that for some people, especially those whose body are not that strong enough to withstand several body reactions, forcing yourself to throw up is definitely not recommended.
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It will only help by expelling what is still digesting in your stomach. It will not help if most of the alcohol has already entered your system and has started being processed by your liver.

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Does taking a bath help someone who has a hangover?

One of the ways to help reduce a headache and body ache due to a hangover is taking a cool or a warm bath. It is said that when you take a cool bath while having a hangover, the symptoms from it can be decreased by the cold water. The temperature of the water can induce adrenaline in your body. This adrenaline can make you awakened and enlivened from being weak due to frequent puking and headache. On the other hand, taking a hot water can also soothe your headache from a hangover. It can also help relax your muscles and remove the toxins in your body, the alcohols that you consumed. Taking a bath of any kind can help promote blood flow within your body and increase the circulation. So, the next time you will experience a hangover, try splashing yourself with water, and it will then make you feel relaxed. Do not use an ice cold water to take a bath because it can worsen your headache. Cool water is OK, but not ice cold water. Kelly Brook, an English model, television presenter, entrepreneur, and actress, posted on her Instagram her remedy for her hangover. She poured herself with iced cold water to treat her hangover, and she claimed that it works every time she is drunk. Read -> [[1] Iced cold water bath works for her. However, this technique does not mean that it also works for you. Every person is different and his or her body reacts to such matter differently. After taking a bath, you should have a rest and have plenty of sleep so that you can regain energy. Of course, do not dehydrate yourself. You should drink glasses of water to replenish the amount of liquid you have lost.

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Yes, it does. Since taking a bath could help to ease the alcohol that is going out from your body. And it can cool down your temperature that caused by the alcohol.

Yes, taking a bath will help you in order to sober yourself up if you have a hangover. Also if you take a hot bath you will sweat out the alcohol from your body due to the hot bath you are currently taking at the time.

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The answer is yes, taking a bath if you have a hangover will greatly help you in reducing the effects of a hangover. A hangover medically is caused by the combination of the toxic by-product acetaldehyde (produced by the liver when metabolizing alcohol), depletion of the vitamins A, B, C and dehydration which leads to the hangover symptoms a headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and dry mouth. The effects of taking a bath if you have a hangover, especially warm baths, and cold baths are as follows:

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  • WARM BATH. Warm baths help your skin pores to dilate and promotes blood circulation in the body which greatly helps in flushing out toxins in the body and it also relaxes your body.
  • COLD BATH. Cold baths help you to be more alert. According to some research, a cold bath stimulates your brain making it be more alert.

There is also some research that taking both a warm bath with Epsom salts and a cold bath helps to replace the magnesium sulfate in the body, promotes circulation, improves toxin elimination and makes you, even more, alert.

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  • Precaution in taking a bath

Taking a bath will make you sweat, therefore, it is advisable to always hydrate yourself with fluids to prevent dehydration.

To sum it up, taking a bath will greatly help a person who has a hangover.

Does sleeping help you sober up and stop you from feeling sick?

  • Sleeping does help you sober up. Normally, after you take a nap or sleep for several hours, after you body takes enough rest, the effect of the alcohol will wear off and make you sober up. Depending on the current state of your body, your body might have reacted to the alcohol or not. If it does then, after waking up, you'll feel headaches and will probably feel sick. If it does not then, you will be back from your normal state without feeling headaches. Also, sleeping helps the body recovers and prevent weakening. It is a natural process of our body to fight bad elements that may cause us to feel weak and sick when we take adequate amount of resting time through sleeping.
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Yes, since sleeping is one of the ways to help you sober, and get rid of headaches that was caused by alcohol.

Contrary to most beliefs, sleeping has nothing to do in helping you sober up and stop you from feeling sick after you drink alcohol drinks. The rationale behind it is that alcohol easily gets absorb into the blood and it gets metabolized more slowly. According to some studies, the rate of alcohol metabolism in the body is about .015 BAC/hr (blood alcohol concentration in every hour) or about 0.25 to 0.5 ounces per hour either you are awake or asleep, which means when you sleep, the rate of alcohol metabolism stays the same. The main organ responsible for the metabolism of alcohol in the body is the liver which produces an enzyme called dehydrogenase which breaks down alcohol into ketones at a precise rate of 0.015 gram per 100mL in one hour. The only factors that can affect the rate of alcohol metabolism in the body are the integrity of the liver and medicines.

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What foods and beverages to eat and drink when you have a hangover?

If you are a drunkard and you oftentimes feel a hangover, or if your friend may experience the same condition, you should be aware of the forbidden foods to eat while having a hangover. Some foods contribute to the severity of a hangover, but there are also some foods that help ease the symptoms of it. Greasy foods can prevent you from getting a hangover. They do help delay the absorption of alcoholic beverages in the stomach if you chow down on a big meal containing high saturated fats before drinking. If you are going to eat them while having a hangover, it will just worsen the issue. You will puke more and more until you get dehydrated and feel empty. In addition to that, you should not drink a cup of coffee when you are drunk. Many people do not know about this. Whenever someone in their group gets drunk, they will prepare a hot drink for the person, such as a hot coffee or some lattes to treat the hangover. However, coffees are not recommended and they should never be consumed. Coffees are diuretic and will just make the condition worse. Instead of choosing coffees next time, you may want to pick some herbal teas, juices, or just plain water for yourself or somebody else.

Vegetable broth as well as bananas, spinach, kiwis can also help replenish the nutrients in the stomach from frequent vomiting. Broth like chicken noodle soup can also be eaten when you have a hangover. This will replace the nutrients and liquid you have lost from puking all night long. Cranberry juice can also help replenish vitamin C and sugar in your body, helping you to recover quickly.

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Juices/Water are the top drink that will help you in order to balance out the alcohol presence in your body in order to help you sober up. I have had issues where I have drunk and woken up with a hangover, Gatorade helped me in order to bounce back as quick as possible for the electrolytes in the beverage replaced the lost electrolytes from drinking the previous day. Also, bread as a food helped me to recover myself as well with a sandwich or bread plainly by itself as a food.

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Is the best way to sober up to sweat out the alcohol?

No. Sweating will only have a minimal effect on your drunken state, nor is it a reliable thing to do to overcome a hangover.

The best way to sober up is to drink plenty of water and hot beverages like coffee or tea (whichever you prefer), then take a good cold shower, and of course, sleep it off if possible.

Yes, on some scenario. The easiest way to do is to sweat out all the alcohol from your body to sober up and completely recover. However, after you have sweat it all out, it is best then to take a bath to loosen up the heat in your body caused by the alcohol.

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Can being sober make you feel relaxed?

The purpose of drinking alcoholic beverages is to relax you and slightly get you over your inhibitions. Generally, having enough alcohol in your system can make you feel relaxed, confident, fuzzy, giggly and friendly. When taking on extremely high dosages, though, alcohol can make one feel sorry, depressed, extremely warm and uncomfortable. However, if you want to feel relaxed and good while drinking alcohol, keep it in moderation. Always know your limits. Do not make a fun and relaxing activity into a head-bursting and unpleasant experience. Yes, alcohol relaxes you, but everything in excess will not bring any good to you and your body. There are many ways you can relax without drinking, so you can indeed be sober and feel relaxed.

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Yes, it could actually make you feel relax after you sober. And then you can get some great sleep once you are free from the alcohol inside your body and in your head.

Does it make your hangover worse if you force yourself to throw up?

The answer can be either "Yes" or "No". First, you need to understand how a hangover affects you and what causes it. By now, you may already have an idea how you feel during a hangover and that it is caused by drinking too much alcohol. You need to keep in mind that if you want to make your hangover better, alcohol intake is what you need to address first.

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  • No, throwing up won't make your hangover worse when you are freshly drunk and the alcohol is not yet absorbed entirely by your system. Getting rid of the excess alcohol by forcing yourself to throw up can be a good idea. This will prevent your body from absorbing the excess alcohol. In turn, you will feel better than when you did not throw up the extra alcohol.
  • Yes, throwing up can make your hangover worse when you do it in the morning after the heavy drinking session. By this time, most of the alcohol is already absorbed by your body, causing you all these discomforts that are collectively and commonly termed as a hangover. Forcing yourself to throw up in the morning will not remove the alcohol from your system. Instead, it takes the food, liquid, and minerals needed by your body to quickly recover from the hangover. With these good things out of your stomach, your hangover will become worse, as your body now needs more nutrients to recuperate. The discomfort felt during a force vomiting will add to the usual discomfort of your hangover.
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On my own experience, forcing yourself to throw up all the alcohol will help you ease your headache. And also it will help you to overcome your dizziness. Regarding hangover, sometimes it also helps you to prevent hangovers since all of the alcohol in your stomach have been thrown out.

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I woke up but still feel drunk. What do I do?

As mentioned in the previous answer, our bodies naturally eliminate alcohol from themselves through natural processes like urinating, sweating or stool secretion. If you go to straight to bed after a night of drinking, chances are, the alcohol in your body is still sitting in there when you wake up. To finally get rid of drunkenness, make sure to have a good meal for breakfast. Pair it with a cup of coffee or a glass of juice or water for your body to start flushing out the alcohol. This will lessen your stomach's absorption of the remaining alcohol in your system. If you are feeling nauseated, try to rest after eating, and go back to bed so you can catch one or two more hours of sleep. You should feel a lot better after waking up again.

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This feeling will continue for some time after you wake up, this is called a `hangover" you can deal with this situation two ways which will be:

1. Drink some coffee or caffeinated drink in order to help yourself wake up or balance out your body at this time. Caffeine has ingredients/sugars that will give you a boost which will counteract with the sleepiness that you feel/drunken state.

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2. You can go back to sleep and continue to sleep off this feeling. You can do this if you do not have to work or perform anything important for the day. Rest will cure your drunken state as well as well as any sleepiness that you feel.

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===If you go to sleep with an empty stomach, do you wake up nauseous? #6?===
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Yes, you will likely wake up nauseous and with a splitting headache if you drink on an empty stomach. For one, you should never go partying and drinking all night long without eating a full meal. Drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach speeds up the absorption level of alcohol in your body, whereas eating a full meal will serve as a buffer that can slow down the process of absorption, as food can delay the passage of alcohol in the digestive tract. This goes along with other symptoms of what is coined as the hangover, which is felt when your blood alcohol significantly drops. It is further aggravated by drinking on an empty stomach, which more often triggers nausea and vomiting - a messy sight indeed.

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It is advisable to sleep longer and hydrate yourself to prevent nausea attacks or dizzy spells the morning after. Also, it is not advisable to mix nicotine with liquor, as this can also worsen nausea symptoms. You can try alternating non-alcoholic beverages with alcoholic drinks throughout the night, as this can lessen the hangover misery.

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If you plan to paint the town red and go on a drinking spree, make sure that you eat a complete meal. Alcohol is both a sedative and an irritant, which can agitate the stomach lining. The gastric juices combined with alcohol on an empty stomach is a disaster, as the juices will have nothing to gnaw on but its own digestive tract. This creates spasms, which uncontrollably trigger nausea.

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Yes, it is very much possible that this can occur by going to sleep on an empty stomach. You will either wake up nauseous or you may wake up with an upset stomach. It is important that you eat before going to bed but important that you do not eat within an hour before going to bed for your food will digest causing you to get up while trying to go to sleep.

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How long can you stay drunk and how to speed up the process of becoming fresh again?

It depends on how much you weigh and how much you consume. There is really nothing you can do to speed up the process TIME is key. It takes time for you to sober up.

You can stay drunk or in a period of drunkenness for about 12 to 24 hours depending on how much you consume as well as if you are still drinking while trying to recover. If you are looking to recover quickly then understand that you should not continue to drink and that you should try to get as much rest as possible. Also while trying to recover eating is a good tip so that you can recover yourself accordingly along with drinking Gatorade/water.

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What is an indicator that tells me that I might or are going to pass out?

I have passed out many times when I felt I was completely in control and just mildly high and before I know it I'm up the next day not remembering anything that happened like me throwing up etc. Please help

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Yes, I was wondering if someone has two to three drinks, and then throws up minutes later, does that mean it will decrease to number amount of alcohol present in the bloodstream?

Yes, I was wondering if someone has two to three drinks, and then throws up minutes later, does that mean it will decrease to number amount of alcohol present in the bloodstream. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Nothing

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If I drink and don't smoke before going to work, will my eyes turn red?

If I drink and don't smoke before going to work, will my eyes turn red?

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