Sing Properly without Yelling or Shouting

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Hi! You're watching VisiHow. This is a video tutorial series on how to sing. In the previous tutorial, we discussed how to sing staccato. In this tutorial, we're going to explain why you should never yell or shout while singing.

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    We may want to be able to produce the same voice as another person and sing as the other person in his range, but each of us is only comfortable in a particular vocal range that is our limitation
    We need to work on control, stability and stamina over a period of time in order to expand our range. While expanding our vocal range, we never want to yell or shout to obtain a desired pitch. Shouting will further damage our vocal cords and develop bad technique in singing. Do not press your voice as in shouting to obtain the desired pitch that might be to high for you. You have to use enough airflow. Never place a "wall" directly in front of your voice. Instead, always feel like this "wall" is farther away than it really is. You will always be trying to push the "wall"; so, if you place it closer to your vocal range, there will be an effect of your throat being closed.
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    You should feel like your throat is open and that sound is not pressed
    Good breathing and strong support from the diaphragm muscles should push the "wall" away. Sound should come out naturally but with more air coming through in order to produce the desired caliber of sound. For example, you may be singing the note A; but you need to go to F. A sixth is a big leap. Do not be tempted to close the throat in order to reach a higher note. Push more air. Think about your head voice. Work with analogies while imagining that your voice is above your chest, going up as a bird taking off and flying away. Otherwise, you might risk pressing your voice and let your vocal cords sustain injury.
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This was a tutorial on why you should never shout while singing. Please make sure to view our next tutorial on how to sing like yourself. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the section below. Thank you for watching VisiHow!

Video: Sing Properly without Yelling or Shouting

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