Show Your Girlfriend You Are Mad

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Some people are born to be naturally good at showing they're mad, while some are not. If you're girlfriend recently made a mistake that you can't just overlook, then you have to make sure she understands your sentiments. If she knows you as a laid-back person who will just move on past the matter, then she will never learn to stop making you mad. Are you not being treated seriously? Here are sure-fire ways to show your girlfriend you are mad - and mean business.


First Things First

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You might be wondering if you really must show how angry you are to your girlfriend. So before we start the ways to show you mean business to your girlfriend, you have to first understand your current situation. Below is a checklist that you need to consider if you want to show your anger to your girlfriend; see which things apply to you.

  • She made the same mistake with you before, and it is one she vowed never to do again. Despite her seemingly sincere apologies, you might want to see if her apologies really are sincere; if not, then you are justified in being angry with her.
  • She shuns your goodwill. If you're essentially a forgiving person, one who doesn't plant seeds of hatred or resentment, then your girlfriend might take advantage of your good nature. Notice if she disregards your approaches, even though you are willing to forgive her for her mistakes. Some girls who take their boyfriends for granted don't care if they forgive them or not. If this is the case, you have to act fast. Not only can this result in more strife between you, but it can gradually lead to fall-out.
  • She forces her apologies on you. Some girls actually do this. Once they make a mistake, they will immediately go to their boyfriends, offer apologies, and firmly ask for forgiveness - immediately. This strategy is used by girls to avoid conflicts that might arise from their mistakes, and also to mask their actions. If this is the case, then you should consider showing your girlfriend that you mean business.

If your situation applies to any of the above circumstances, then you ought to make your intentions known to your girlfriend. Not all mistakes in the relationships can be laughed off. A strong relationship relies on each other's understanding and respect for each other. If you're ready, then it's time you know the techniques to show her you mean business.

How to Show your Girlfriend You're Mad

There are several ways to accomplish this.

Have "The Talk"


What is a more effective step to show that you are angry than having "The talk"? This step should be the first thing you consider before anything else. Most girls are understanding and will take you more seriously if you use this strategy first, rather than throwing fits of anger. You can do this in different manners.

  • Take her on a date. It is crucial for your girlfriend to understand if you're angry with something she does. Remember that an angry girlfriend will be less inclined to listen to you and might even contest your anger with hers. Sit down with her at a favorite restaurant and talk about recent events and her actions that offended you and made you angry. Try to compose yourself and remember to get straight to the point. Avoid discourtesies and speak in a firm and strong voice. Remember to allow her to eat first before talking with her, as you might end up spoiling her appetite if the conversation goes bad. You also run the risk of "public drama" with this technique. Be sure she won't flip out in public, otherwise, choose a more private setting for your "Talk".
  • Talk to her in your quiet time. This could be a time when both of you are in your home, chilling. Call her over and say that you want to talk to her about something. If your girlfriend already knows she is guilty, then it is understandable if she tries to avoid the conversation or makes excuses. When she does, be firm and tell her that other things can wait. Once both of you are "comfortable" enough to talk. It's time for you to let her know that you're angry with her because of things she has done recently, or in any other circumstances. Allow her to reason with you, but not before you're done explaining your feelings regarding the situation.

The Silent Treatment


If you think giving her the cold shoulder is better than any talk you can give, or if you've tried talking and that failed, then it may be the time that you settle for giving her the silent treatment. Not only does this show clearly that you're mad and that her mistakes will not be tolerated, but it also signifies your intention to make her apologize for her recent misconduct (if any) and make amends with you. The silent treatment is a double-edged sword, however, and it can backfire on you. Just remember to make your intentions known before giving her the cold shoulder, as she might look at it the wrong way and end up messing around with you more.

Cut Her Off When She Rambles


Some girls might also directly apologize for their actions or misconduct. Some do this - not to make amends with you, but to spare herself from your anger over her actions. When this happens, it's best that you cut her off. Even in mid-speech, say "enough" with force, cross your arms and stare at her. If she stops and gapes at you in return, then she gets it that you're mad for real and won't settle for empty, forced apologies. Once you have her attention, then you can state your purpose and speak to her regarding her actions and make her regret her misconducts. Remember not to be unreasonable or over-bearing with your speech. Be as reasonable and cool-tempered as you can throughout your outburst - if that's possible.

Have a "Cool-Off" Period


Sometimes, things can only be settled while you are apart from her. This step should only be taken if nothing else works, yet you don't want her out of your life completely. If you can't talk to her, or if she's not talking to you, simply send her a message (an email or a text message), just as long as you're sure she will receive it. Why not write her a letter, if it suits you? The time apart can make her realize that you really are angry with her and will not tolerate her misconduct. Be firm when you're doing this method. The time both of you need depends on the gravity of her actions and your level of anger with her. Even when you're away from her, remember to send her messages here and there to let her know that you're always ready to forgive her and get back with her if she changes her ways. You don't want to push her right into the arms of another man with your anger.

Fighting Properly With your Girlfriend

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While some might argue that men naturally abhor serious conversations in a relationship, it's also worth knowing that men usually have no problem airing their grievances when their girlfriends anger them or mess up. So what will you do if your girlfriend has gotten mad at you for being "mad at her"?

Deal With The Real Problem

If your girlfriend has done or said something that caused your angry reaction, then that's the thing you should fight about. Do not drag up a lot of irrelevant things that happened in the past, nor throw any other bunch of annoying experiences into the mix. If you do, she'll only take your anger as a complaint, and you're not going to be able to resolve the problem. If you do dredge up past issues, you'll seem irrational and this can diminish your argument regarding the issue at hand.

Tips, Tricks, and Warnings

  • Do not resort to physical, emotional or mental abuse.
  • Be ready to forgive, but not always to forget.
  • Consider going to a counselor for support.
  • Ask your girlfriend's family for help if needed.
  • Be true to yourself; don't sugarcoat everything.
  • Pray.

Questions and Answers

What if the boyfriend tends to show he is mad all the time, causing confusion?

It's true, there is a thin line between reasonable and confusing anger. If you step out of bounds and act all angry/mad without reason, it will only serve to confuse your girlfriend, not to make her pay attention or realize her mistakes, and she won't work to correct her mistakes. For what it's worth, look at the checklist below so you know you're not angry without reason.

  • Assess yourself and see if there is a basis for your actions.
  • Stop being angry/mad with your girlfriend once the issue is settled. You can't forgive someone, and then keep bringing it up.
  • Do not let anger get the best of you, or else it will get the best out of your relationship.
  • Talk "heart-to-heart" with your girlfriend. Remember to be the person you were when you started the relationship.
  • My best advice is: THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO BE UNKIND...Never.

Can you help me this girl? She really ruined it.

She acted like she was going to play a prank on me.

This doesn't sound like it was a funny prank; this sounds more of an intentional message that she may have been sending you. Communication is very important and possibly making time to talk to her about her reason for playing this prank on you could be beneficial. In her opinion, she may have thought this would be a funny prank, where you clearly did not find it to be funny. It's worth considering she may have been trying to end the relationship with you, and this was the only way she thought would be possible to do so. However, meeting with her and communicating about the issue and where you both stand in your relationship is most important.

Does giving the silent treatment send a good message?

My girlfriend got a piggyback ride from a guy during a baccalaureate party.

From my understanding, a piggyback ride is when someone carries the other individual on their back. This does not seem like a sexual act or some sort of intimate connection. It may be possible that you feel as though she has done something wrong when she, in fact, hasn't. If she was honest enough to tell you she got a piggyback ride from a man, this is a good sign of communication within your relationship. If you want to continue with your good communication, you should explain to her that you don't appreciate her getting piggyback rides from other men because it makes you feel insecure about yourself. Maybe ask her a little bit more about the bachelorette party, as this way, you will have a better understanding of what went on during the party. Giving her the silent treatment may push her further away from you and may cause her to hide things from you in the future. By communicating these issues with her and explaining you didn't enjoy hearing that she had a piggyback ride from another man, may cause her to be apologetic and not to continue those kinds of actions when she goes out next time.

Or maybe you can trust and respect her. If she had been hiding something, she wouldn't have told you about it.

How can I dominate my girlfriend?

I want to make her realize that I can get angry sometimes. What can I do?

If you are having trouble expressing your anger, try writing her a letter explaining what made you angry and how you feel about it. It may be easier for you to express your anger in writing instead of face to face.

Why do you feel the need to dominate your girlfriend? That's usually a sign of insecurity.

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How can I agree with my girlfriend?

How can I agree with my girlfriend? She doesn't understand when I am mad. She wants me to be funny every day. How can I pretend to be funny all the time?

You can't pretend to be happy all the time. It's normal to have ups and downs emotionally. You may try to compromise with her more to avoid arguments. Look for the bright side in situations. Have a comedy date night watching funny movies once a week. This will help you laugh more in her presence.

My girlfriend never tells me anything. Whenever I ask her what she has for me today...every time, she says nothing at all.

I love my girlfriend but it seems she is no longer interested in me. I have tried: I will ask how she has been in the evening. I think it was caused by: I think she met someone at school

When someone who loves or loved you does not pay attention to you anymore, it may mean that she has some problems that take her mind completely off you. These problems could be anything from something minor to life-threatening. Maybe she's the type of person who's either not too talkative or who does not like standard social patterns of communication small talk.

Try not to talk about the events of the day and offer to take her for a walk in a park, or see a film together, or even an evening in an interesting library. The first one will distract her and you may talk casually about anything from music to world problems and the other two will focus your attention on works of art.

Sometimes, a couple of months will settle everything back into place. Oftentimes, there is a problem that needs discussion; but she is not willing to share it. If you have common friends, they might shed light on any troubles your girlfriend is having.

Hi, Mahn, I Love her but she's in love with someone in her school.

Hi, Mahn, I Love her but she's in love with someone in her school. What should I do?

The best thing to do is wait for her to break up with her boyfriend. You can express how you feel, but be prepared to hear the response you don't want to hear. Then again perhaps you are just assuming she is in love with someone else when she is not.

Should I be angry at her for basically bouncing out on our date?

So I was supposed to do a movie with a person I've recently started dating. She works long hours, at occasionally weird times, so it can wear on her. We'd already agreed to the movie after she took her dad for a doctor exam. I do a podcast on Wednesday's at 6-7pm, something she's well aware of and I also reminded her. When she got home, she texted and told me she would take a nap. I said, "cool, hit me when you're on the way over." This is about 10:30. She hits me back after 3 p.m. She lives way north, so getting here and back home with the traffic wasn't reasonable. I told her, "Hi, I understand if you can't make it, but that's not really cool you did that, we had plans." Now, I really wasn't super angry and said so, but I don't think that was cool to do. She was incredulous, basically saying I needed to just deal with it because her schedule was probably going to be trickier going forward - she works retail, holidays coming. She said that in the future she wouldn't make plans she couldn't keep as if she was the one angry. Am I wrong to feel like what she did wasn't cool? I have tried: We've talked about it - but I can tell she was a bit unsettled on why I'd be angry. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure.

Although you were justified to be a little angry, she is also justified in being angry. Yes, you had the podcast. Yes, she slept until 3 p.m. You could have said Hi, come on over and we will go to the movie after I finish my podcast. She obviously is feeling pressure with her schedule at work and perhaps you should message her that you are sorry for getting angry and that you are looking forward to making more plans with her.

Did you think to ask her what happened at the doctor's office? Sometimes, people go off the rails when they assume it's always about them.

How to make my girlfriend love me forever and respect me as a man and at the same time, I don't want her to fear me and I want her to talk from her heart?

She has told me about few mistakes that she made before but after I knew on my own and confronted her. One day we were sitting together and I told her to speak from her heart and when she did she told me she wanted a guy that she made out with before to be her friend again and she considers him like her brother, I told her I'd have to break up with her. She started crying so I tried to calm her down then she yelled, don't touch me! So I told her I still love her. She stood up and was about to leave. I held her hand and cried; please don't leave me, then she sat down and started calming me down and I drove her home and told her I love her and I was about to leave, she pulled me and hugged me really hard.

You can't make someone love you, however, you handled the situation well and she did hug you in the end, which is promising. If she wants to have this other person as a friend and you still want to be with her, you will have to deal with her friendship with this guy.

She calls me bhai (brother) and it's irritating to me. What should I do?

I've been talking to the girl for 8 months. She is my junior. I have already asked her out, but she calls me bhai (brother). What should I do? She knows everything, that I like her etc. She said she respects me, and that is why she calls me brother. She is much less talkative. Please give me the solution. I have tried: I am trying starting a day since I have proposed to her like I am talking her continuously for 8 months without any gap. I am always trying to be a funny guy. I think it was caused by: Actually, she is in 1st year MBBS and I am 4th year. I have a black complexion, and this could be the reason.

You are in the Friendzone with her and to avoid being in the friendzone you should offer romantic gestures like flowers for her, date nights with just the two of you, and initiate physical contact such as holding her hand.

If she's not interested, you'll know when you go to hold her hand. She'll kind of shake it off, or avoid holding your hand, badly.

She has made a mistake and she dominates me.

She is never aware of her mistakes, and she defends herself. I have tried: She hid that she has a boyfriend but I found that and gave her a chance to be truthful from now on, but she is not changing

There is nothing that can change her, but at least, you can understand her deeper by talking to her second boyfriend and wondering whether she is dominating their relationship too. Releasing anger will only give her the feeling that her dominance is being questioned or, as she perceives it, her being right. Catering to her needs will only make her feeling of self-importance grow (people who behave like her are called "spoiled children"). The comportment is often rooted in the upbringing. However, people do change during some life-shaking events or psychological conflicts that happen, according to Erikson's psychology, at 13-19 (the fidelity conflict), 20-39 (the love conflict). During the fidelity conflict, little will change the person and during the love conflict, her friends and partners can influence her. The bad news is that it either happens too slowly or too arbitrary, if you aren't accepting her as she is, then you might want to find a better partner.

My girlfriend made a call at dawn to another guy. I complained about it but she sees no fault with it.

I complained to my girlfriend not to make a call to another guy at dawn and she sees no fault with it. I have tried: I got mad at it and instead of finding something good to tell me, all she said was he is just a friend. I think it was caused by: I don't know because we enjoyed ourselves on the phone yesterday.

For now, if everything is going well in your relationship, it would be wise to take her word for it. Instead of accusing her of something, asking to meet this friend may give you peace of mind and show her that you are interested in getting to know her friends. If you have any doubts, you can always check to see if she is speaking with the friend more than normal or he is suddenly in her life more. Her friend could be having a personal crisis and that is why she was speaking to him at dawn. Deal With Your Girlfriend's Male Friend and Make Friends with Your Girlfriends Male Friends are two VisiHow articles that can help you further with your situation.

My girlfriend is avoiding me and exchanging words with me. What can I do to make things go back to usual?

The last time I told my girlfriend that I was involved in an accident traveling out of town, she didn't reply. I also asked her to send me airtime. She says yes but never does. So - a few minutes ago, I told her she is heartless and she said I am useless.

Sounds like the relationship is basically over. She has been ignoring you and distancing herself. Sometimes people panic and distance themselves in a relationship when anything like your accident happens. Your relationship can possibly still recover from the emotional distance but it would take a lot of work and effort as well as she would have to be willing to work on the relationship also. You need to stop portraying need to her and instead portray strength. Get your own air time minutes and if you can't afford it, let her know that you will call her when you can purchase them again in the future. Take her out of the equation other than only to show responsibility and love towards her.

I dated my Ex for a year and we have been through a lot of ups and downs. But she has the behavior at times, that makes me doubt if she really loves me.

I have confronted her on several occasions where she ends up saying something like. "I feel disconnected from you at times." My Ex is someone who does things to annoy me repeatedly. Even after I get mad at her and she asks for forgiveness, she still repeats what made me angry in the first place without any remorse. Now we broke up some months ago after I coerced her to tell me why she keeps on canceling dates repeatedly and giving me attitude. After our break up, I ignored her completely. But after about a month she began pestering me for us to be together again, I at first was ignoring such conversations, but we began talking after a while and when I started showing interest, she began exhibiting her usual behaviors. Do you think I should just forget about her totally and move on? I have tried: I have tried talking with her severely. On some occasions, I ignored her and then communicate through texts with her describing how I feel. I think it was caused by: She has this very close male pal of hers who asked her out recently and she told me at the point of break up that she was going to say yes. She later chatted me up apologizing for our breakup and said it didn't work out between them.

You two sound like you are in what can be termed a "Toxic Relationship". She does things to annoy you, you get mad, she apologizes and then you both repeat the same cycle again. She dated a male friend and then when that did not work, came back to you. Basically, that makes you a guy to date until she finds someone else to date. If she was serious about you in the first place, she would not have broken things off with you to date her friend. You really should move on at this point.

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My girlfriend didn't tell me her it was her birthday?

My girlfriend didn't tell me about her birthday. She isn't very open about stuff and I tried to just let her open up slowly and now I feel upset when I found out her birthday is today

Let's face it, some girls do not like to mention their birthdays because every new birthday means that we are getting one year closer to wrinkles, gray hair, and being invisible to society. Instead of being upset, come up with a plan of how to celebrate her birthday with her. Show up with a card and flowers immediately, and plan a romantic birthday date. The date may not be tonight. If she has plans with family or friends and you need to be accepting of that.

Someone who is not open may not want to make a big deal about her birthday. If she has had a difficult childhood, birthdays could actually be a sad event instead of a happy event. For instance, my husband grew up in the foster care system. It took almost one year of knowing me before he even began to give me crumbs about his emotions. He still does not really understand making a big deal about family events or birthdays because he never learned while growing up how these events are meant to be special. So what I do is make a big deal about his birthdays and ignore when he tells me not to make a big deal.

I've been in love with this gal for a couple of months now. Everything was cool between us when we started this affair.

I took her for a night out and we made love for the first time. If I don't text or call her she just keeps quiet, and now, at the current moment, it's difficult for me to get quality time with her, and she has no reason for that. I suspect someone behind closed doors and when I pop it out, she is just not taking it seriously. She's not giving me a straight answer but asks me why I always thought that she's bad. I was supportive to her but I stopped because I realized that it looks like she's not appreciating my efforts because she is not changing her actions toward me. Now it became hard for me to ask her does she really love me, or what? Or is she scared of me because I am 4 years older than her? It is really confusing me.

She thought you were a one-night stand. Those that start relationships with booty calls and hook-ups can be one-sided. If you really like her, don't stop showing interest in her unless she clearly states to stop. It will be difficult because for a period of time the effort will be one-sided, but hopefully, she will see that you have an interest in her. Your age difference should not matter greatly unless you are both under the age of 25.

Instead of worrying about if she is seeing someone else, show her that you are the right guy for her. Forget questioning her about what she is doing or where she is going. Appreciate the time you do get to spend with her and make every effort you can to make those times special for her as well.

One look at her and I cannot quite explain.

How do I change the course of her life? Yesterday I fell in love with someone, she is aromatic. Why do our eyes hold each other's gaze? Why is this happening to us? The way she looked at me - I can't forget those eyes, those eyes were full of questions. One look at her and I cannot quite explain.

Love, at first sight, is for romance novels and soap operas. The reality is you have a physical attraction to her. If you think that she may be interested in you, then approach her and ask her out. Be careful not to come on too strong at first and give her time to get to know you. Do not express any feelings of love for at least three months of steady dating. After 90 days of getting to know her, you may be surprised to realize that you were wrong or being excited to tell her that you do love her. Just make sure that you give both of you that time to get to know each other.

Go slow. You are in danger of scaring her off. Be quiet in your feelings at first.

What am I supposed to do? How do I react?

I brought up a comment said to me a long time ago. She said, " If you cheated on me, I would still be with you." I said the same thing to her yesterday to see her reaction, and was puzzled at first and said, "people only say that when they have cheated." She didn't really care and went on talking about how my day went. Next thing I told her, I got the comment from her and asked how she felt, and she didn't like it and just moved on to the next thing. Afterward, she was very silent, not really talking with me or calling me "baby" I was expecting her to give more input about my concerns. Eventually, I hung up and asked her why she got so quiet. She just said, "Sorry, my brain isn't working today." She did just come from a trip from Thailand and she recently woke up. She is currently in Hong Kong on vacation with her mom.

Wait for her to come back and then apologize for the comment. Now she is probably not going to trust you for awhile because she has suspicions you only said that because you are cheating. It is also a sign that she does not feel secure in her relationship with you. Give her reasons to trust you and feel secure. This may mean making a bigger commitment to her. Make a big deal about her when she gets back from Hong Kong. One thing you could do is write a love letter for each day that she is gone, and present them wrapped up as a gift when she returns. Do not bring up the issue on the phone while she is away.

What you did, was an attempt to trick her, and she knows it.

I feel like my girlfriend is pulling away, and I recently found out that she has been lying and cheating on me as well?

I feel like my girlfriend is pulling away, and I recently found out that she has been lying and cheating on me as well. I unfortunately or fortunately am in love with her, I have never experienced these issues before, I don't know how to really go about confronting her, today I've decided I m going to ignore her mainly to see if and or how long it will take her to react or act, I know its sounds like immature games... She doesn't live in the states and we are currently waiting for her visa to get approved, but as of 3 weeks ago, she started acting distance and not forthcoming... Please give me your expert advice.. Thanks

Since you are in a long distance relationship, she could be throwing in the towel and getting frustrated with the giant immigration process that is keeping you both apart. It is important that you speak with her. You need to tell her that if she does not want to be in this relationship, she should be honest and tell you. Communication in your relationship has broken down and that is the glue for a long distance relationship for keeping trust together.

Whenever I talk with my girlfriend, she always wants to sleep after an hour, even though I want to talk but she makes me angry.

My girlfriend likes questions so today I wrote a question for her. She gave me the answer and suddenly she says I want to sleep. Every day I text her first, she is most of the time busy, I don't know! I know in the evening she is always free, but every time I say sorry, even though I didn't do any mistake. I don't need anything from her. She is in Korea and I am in Thailand. I don't know what should I do with her. She makes me angry. I love her she knows, but she never says I love you too. Its meaning I want to hear this word from her mouth, but at least, she must understand, please help me and tell me what should I do with her?

Ask her why she does not tell you that she loves you. Maybe it is something that she wants to say in person and not in an email or phone conversation. She may be shy or just not a person who expresses her emotions. As for her only wanting to talk to you for one hour, that is a long time to hold a conversation. Especially when there are other things she needs to be doing or she is tired. Ask her to help you figure out times to speak with her where she can devote time and participation in the conversation. You should also set up Skype video call dates at least once a week so that you can see her facial expressions.

I can't understand her, Is she interested in me or not?

I have crush on a girl. I was sharing eye contact with her. She also showed interest in me. Day before her friend told me that she was asking my number, I was ready to give it then and there to her friend but she told that I should give it to her directly.. So Yesterday while she going back from school I sent her a letter by a kid. The kid gave the letter to her saying it was from me. She took the letter and then she got angry and she hasn't contacted me till now.. I am not able to understand what was this all about. Please help me because this is driving me crazy. This is not about my girlfriend. It is about my crush. I have tried: I asked her friend did she really ask for my number, she said yes she asked. I asked then why did she act like she was angry when I gave it to her, she said she doesn't know. I think it was caused by: I thought that maybe her friend was playing a prank on me. But then why didn't she throw my letter away, she kept the letter and also got angry.

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