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Get a Man to Put More Effort Into a Relationship

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Should I stay with him, take a break, or end the relationship?

My boyfriend and I have had a very complicated relationship. We've been together almost three years. I'm the first 2 and a half years it was obvious he out in more effort. I had a huge list of expectations and he knew that. There was a lot of doubt about us (in my mind) and he was always trying to work through my doubts. It was easy to be with him but I never felt like I could love him. During that time he would take me out, do things for my family, hang out with my friends, do things to make me happy. I broke up with him about 5 times throughout that period and he always told me to try a little harder and to give us more time. We stayed together until I couldn't anymore. I couldn't see myself marrying him or truly loving him and I ended it. I told him I didn't feel that way for him that we would be better as friends. Fast forward he got a girlfriend within a week and I was devastated. I realized then that I did love him I was just getting through emotional issues of my own. I told him I wanted to be with him but he didn't trust me. After months of conversation we got back together. During the same period he started a new job that is temporary and he has been staying with me for the last three months (job is almost over). He goes home every weekend and to see his family. The issue I am having is that I feel like last on his list. It's always his job or his family. Before it felt like I was number 1 I wasn't most important but lately I've been feeling the opposite. So much so that I've become jealous of other women I've questioned his honesty, I've wuesotoned his feelings, I've doubted his whereabouts, I've accused him of cheating. I am not this person I am not this insecure with men but the way he's acting makes me feel nothing but insecurity. The relationship is completely different and I don't know how to fix it. I know I'm being over bearing (we fight everyday) and I always want to talk and I seem needy but it's because we never talk anymore. He sees me everyday but all he does isn't listen to sports on the way to work and when he gets home he's too tired to hang out and spend time together. Then on the weekend he goes home so I feel like I've lost my boyfriend. The worst part is before he would ask me to communicate to talk to him about what bothers me but now he's dismissive every time I bring anything up. It doesn't feel like he wants to fight for me and some times I feel like I should just end it. Like trying it out again after I hurt him so much was not a good idea. But the scariest part is I don't want to lose him and I feel like if I try to break up with him he won't fight for me this time around. I'm so confused and sad and insecure and it hurts so much.

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Get a Man to Put More Effort Into a Relationship

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