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Planning to buy something for a guy who has everything? Are you confused whether he will like the thing you are going to buy for him or not? Confused what thing to buy because the guy is rich or a middle-class? If you are, then you have just clicked the right page. A guy whom you think who has everything probably has something lacking in his collection or wardrobe. Not all rich people have everything in their hands. There are things that they have not tried and used. They mostly shop at some malls where things are expensive. In other words, they prefer to use or wear expensive items. To know how to shop for a guy who has everything, you may want to read some interesting tips under:

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    His cup of tea or favorites
    Here is a very helpful tip: If you are going to buy something for the guy, one thing for sure is that he may like the thing you will buy if it is his cup of tea or favorite. Everyone has his or her favorites and collections. It is easier to find some presents for women, although they have favorites, such as a collection of bags, shoes, and clothes. But as for men, it is harder to search for the right things to buy for them. They won't wear or use the thing if it is not their cup of tea. The smartest technique to shop for a guy who has everything is to find out their collections or interests. Ask their close friends, family, or girlfriend or wife about it. You may be able to find some ideas on what to buy. Some guys love to collect gadgets, books, perfumes, expensive pens, etc. If you already know his favorite, then you may want to add something to his collection.
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    Wrist watches.Men are obsessed with wrist watches
    Nowadays, many people do not wear these watches, because they prefer to check the time set in their mobile phones. As for businessmen, they need wrist watches for their meetings and during their business trips where it can be impossible to take their phones out of their pockets, bags or attaché cases check the time. If the person you are about to give something is a business man, a watch will be a perfect present for him. But, most wrist watches are expensive. However, most business men like to wear them. You can buy a watch for him if you have a lot of money. What matters is that he will wear it wherever he goes.
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    Cellphone cases
    The guy may have an iPhone 5 because he is rich, right? He has everything, but has his cell phone case looked good? Most men do not have time to shop for cell phone cases. This is just like shopping for clothes which many men do not like. And if they do, they will just pick out anything as long as it is a cell phone case. You may check his phone if the case is still the same old case he has been using for months. If it is so, then you may want to buy some cell phone cases for his mobile phone. Make sure the design is suitable for men's taste. Neutral colors are preferable with some abstract designs. The technique in choosing the right color is to know his favorite color. You can notice it by just checking through his clothes and things. So, what is the most noticeable color then?
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    Why not buy a shirt or a polo shirt for the guy? Indeed, he has everything, but it does not mean you do not need to buy a shirt for him, because you think he has much of it. All men wear T-shirt or polo shirt. They either wear it under a jacket or a blazer. They may still wear it although they have many clothes. The same goes for a pair socks, ties, a pair of trousers, etc. They will still wear them. There's a technique though in choosing the right material to buy - make sure that the fabric is comfortable to wear. The right material should be pure soft cotton which is comfortable to wear all year round. In winter, they are just going to layer it over a jacket though. Some fabrics are itchy when worn, and men do not like that. They are also picky when it comes to colors. Plain white may be a good choice if you do not know his favorite color. Lastly, choose a durable clothing brand like Lacoste, Burberry, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc. Yes, you are right, they are expensive, but rest assured that the guy you will give an expensive and comfortable polo shirt may definitely wear it.
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