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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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She is not talking to me after my proposal?

Sir, one of our mutual friends has revealed to her that I am in love with her and she said in return that "She hates those who act to be one but they feel the other in their heart.". . She asked me not to talk to her and neither try to contact her ever again but when I try up to speak something to her then she just smiles at me and ignores me. So what should I do to convince her for friendship as well as love too? She is my heart and my soul which keeps me alive and she's my beam of warm light in the cold winter. I feel like dying when she's not around me. So tell me sir what should I do now?

Rejection is tough to handle, especially when you feel so much love but the other does not. She has requested that you walk away and do not contact her which you should follow her request. It will take time to get over the rejection, however, a clean break of not speaking with her will help you heal faster. She does not feel the same way that you do and you can't force someone to love you. If you continue to pursue her then by law you are harassing her. Getting told no inherently makes us want to change the answer to yes. Be careful that you do not become obsessed with her simply to eventually hear her say yes.

Here are several VisiHow articles that can help you move past this rejection. Learn from this mistake for future relationships. Even though you feel so deeply for this girl, there is someone out there that will love you equally as much.

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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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