Setup your Game Emulator on PC

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Set Up Your Game Emulator on PC and Start Playing your favorite Games

After reading the article explaining how to Turn Your Computer into a Game Arcade with Emulators now you are ready with your Emulator and ROM's handy


Playing an emulated game is easy. Just open the correct ROM in the appropriate emulator. But there are still a couple of things you might want to know before making that leap.

For starters, more emulation programs will have your keyboard set as the default control input. That said, it also decides which keys do what, and you won't necessarily know what the controls are for a given game. It's a good idea to take a look at your emulator's default settings before beginning, just to get an idea of what the controls are. Games tend to be more fun when you know how to play them.

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    In SNES9X, the Config menu contains an option called Configure Keyboard
    It's a graphical tool that lets you drag and drop SNES input options onto a representation of your keyboard.This is a pretty standard configuration method for most emulators.
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    The ROM will be in ROM format and the Emulator will be in .exe format.
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    Execute the Emulator ( Double click the .exe file of the Emulator )
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    Then go to "file" and "open" select the ROM file ( Browse the Location where you have saved the ROM's )
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    Enjoy !!!!!
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Tips & Tricks

  • Use a Game Controller -- Keyboards work fine, but there are tons of game controllers available to help you get that console feel. You can even find some replicas of console controllers that come with USB connectors.
  • Hacking ROM's -- Hacking your ROM allows you to play with all sorts of settings within the game. It's a great way to customize and experiment with your game.
  • Some popular Links for Cheat Codes: BSFree Code Archive - Game Genie - GameFaqs - The Code Hunt
  • Please visit the post the for How to Hack your ROMs first if you don't know how to do that yet.
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