Setup AirPlay and use AirPlay Enabled Apps with your Apple TV Device

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Apple AirPlay is a streaming feature of Apple TV that allows you to wirelessly stream content from your Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and display the images on your HDTV. This means you can use certain AirPlay enabled Apps that you may already have on your iOS device, and view them on your television. This article will tell you more about Apple AirPlay enabled Apps and show you how to use them with your Apple TV device.

Setting Up Apple AirPlay

Set Up AirPlay on Your Apple TV Device

  • Start on the home screen.
    Apple tv home menu logo.jpg
  • Go to the "Settings" menu. Click on the settings menu and select "General."
    Settings menu apple tv airplay.jpg
  • Choose your network. Select the network you would like to connect to (via WiFi or Ethernet).
    Wifi settings apple tv airplay.jpg
  • Return to the settings menu. Return to your top level settings menu, scroll down and select "AirPlay" and turn ON.
    Airplay turn on apple tv.jpg
  • Your Apple TV device and your HDTV should now have the AirPlay feature enabled.

Set Up AirPlay Mirroring on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

After you have enabled AirPlay on your Apple TV device, you need to turn on and enable AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS device. This will allow you to stream content and use your apps on the wide-screen of your HDTV.

Turn on AirPlay Mirroring on your iPhone

  • Go to your applications dock. Double tap "Home," and then select "Applications."
    Home button ipad apple tv airplay.jpg
  • Swipe to the right. Swipe your screen from left to right to reveal screen lock/music control buttons.
    Airplay swipe right dock buttons iphone.png
  • Swipe to the right again. Swipe your screen from left to right one more time to reveal the tab displaying volume control and an AirPlay button.
    Control buttons airplay mirroring iphone.png
  • Tap the AirPlay icon. Tap on the AirPlay button to display your AirPlay options.
    Select apple tv airplay mirroring iphone.png
  • Select "Apple TV." Select the Apple TV option and then you are finished.
  • Your HDTV should now be displaying the same image that is showing on your iPhone.

Turn on AirPlay Mirroring on your iPad

  • Bring up your Multi-Tasking Bar. Double tap your Home button or swipe upwards from the bottom of your device to reveal your Multi-Tasking Bar.
    Home button ipad apple tv airplay.jpg
  • Select "Recently Used Apps." Swipe from left to right on your recently used apps list, until you see the AirPlay Mirroring icon/button.
    Ariplay icon ipad.jpg
  • Tap the AirPlay Mirroring icon and select the "Apple TV" option. Tap on the AirPlay icon to reveal your AirPlay options. Then select the Apple TV option.
    AirPlay multitasking bar ipad.jpg
  • Toggle ON. Toggle the Apple TV option to "ON."
    Toggle on apple airplay task bar ipad.jpg
  • You have now enabled AirPlay Mirroring for your Apple iPad. Your HDTV should now be displaying the same image that is being shown on your iPad.

Turn On AirPlay Mirroring On Your iPod Touch

  • Tap the AirPlay icon. After you have successfully enabled AirPlay on your Apple TV device. Your iPod Touch should display a AirPlay icon in the lower right corner of your screen. PLEASE NOTE: The AirPlay icon will only appear on your iPod Touch if you have successfully enabled AirPlay on your Apple TV device.
    Ipod touch apple tv airplay.jpg
  • Select the "Apple TV" option and toggle ON. After tapping on the AirPlay icon, a pop over box should now be displaying your AirPlay options. Select "Apple TV" and toggle ON.
    Toggle on apple tv ipod touch.jpg
  • You have now enabled AirPlay on your iPod Touch and your HDTV screen should be displaying a mirror image of what is being displayed on your iPod Touch screen.

The Wonderful World of Apps Available for AirPlay

List of AirPlay Enabled Apps

Please Note: Some of the following apps are free and some you will need to pay for. All of these apps are available for download at iTunes.

  • Social Networking Apps.
    • Skype for iPad. Skype your friends and contacts using your iPad and HDTV.
    • Justin. TV. Watch over 2,500 live channels on Justin.TV.
    • fbTV. Display your Facebook feed on your HDTV.
    • Showyou. Share videos with your friends using social sharing networks.
  • Entertainment, Movie & TV Apps.
    • YouTube. Stream your favorite YouTube videos and watch them on your HDTV.
    • Netflix. Watch a huge selection of movies including new releases.
    • Videos (iOS 5 +). Organizes your videos and movies on your iOS devices.
    • Editions by AOL for iPad. Delivers you a daily magazine filled with content you like, based on your search data.
    • SketchBook Pro. High quality, professional grade paint and drawing application.
    • Flipboard for iPad. Organizes your favorite websites so you can quickly flip through content that interests you.
    • PBS for iPad. Watch all of your favorite PBS programs online.
    • CBC TV. Watch all of your favorite CBC programs online.
    • Discovery Channel. Watch Discovery Channel online.
    • EyeTV. Turns your iPhone and iPad into a portable television.
    • Fandango Movies. Apple's number one movie-ticketing app.
    • ABC iview. Watch ABC TV online.
    • Channel Ten Australia. Watch channel TEN Australia online.
    • FaceTime. Talk face-to-face over the internet using this App.
    • SnagFilms. Music, history and biography documentaries.
    • Ustream. Creates an interactive audience so you can broadcast and communicate with a large number of people at the same time.
    • Fireplace with AirPlay. Have a realistic looking fireplace displayed on your HDTV, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch complete with the sound of crackling, burning wood.
    • The Civil War Today. Learn all about the civil war.
    • Harry Potter Film Wizardry. Read the complete series of Harry Potter, plus trivia about the books.
    • NFB Films for iPad. Watch documentaries, feature films and animations free on your iPad.
    • My Daily Clip. Sends you a short clip from a famous movie every day of the year.
    • Retro TV. Watch a huge selection of classic television shows.
    • Squrl for iOS. This App lets you access video content across many different providers such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo.
    • Movie Vault for iPad. Stream all of your favorite movies from your iPad.
    • Videos for Apple TV. Transforms you HDTV into a virtual screen saver. Includes an image of a fireplace, waterfall, fish tank and lava lamp.
    • Fire for Apple TV. Transforms you HDTV into a virtual fireplace, complete with realistic burning wood cracking sounds.
    • Apple Remote. Turns your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into a remote control for your Apple TV device.
    • Action Movie FX. Create special effects for your own movies.
    • IMDB Movies & TV. Find all of the information you need about any movie or TV show.

Music Apps

  • Beatwave. Beat making tool that allows you to make your own music.
  • Music (iOS 5 +). Replaces the music element of the iPod in your iOS devices.
  • Yahoo Music. Listen to a wide variety of music, news and sports shows on Yahoo!
  • VEVO (HD) for iPad. Stream VEVO content on your iPad.
  • StereoMatic. Organizes your iPod music library and displays it like an old fashioned jukebox.
  • Tunein FM iCar Radio Lite. A mobile internet radio receiver for your iPhone.
  • 8tracks Radio. An internet radio service similar to Pandora.
  • The History of Jazz. A huge collection of Jazz music organized in a timeline layout.
  • Dub Siren Pro. Dancehall, Dubstep and reggae radio stations.
  • SoundCloud. Easily share your playlists with your friends.
  • AutoPlay. This App will continuously play your YouTube Videos with you having to push the NEXT button.
  • iTunes Festival London 2011. Stream the entire live music concert of the iTunes Festival in London 2011.
  • Tunein Radio Pro. You can record and listen to over 40,000 radio stations on any of your iOS devices.
  • Solo Guitar Lessons. An application that offers tutorials on how to play the guitar.
  • djay for iPhone & iPod Touch. A virtual turntable to mix your music in your iTunes library.
  • Guitar World Lick of the Day. Learn how to play guitar.
  • AH FM. Stream After Hours FM on your mobile.
  • iShred. Learn how to play the electric guitar.
  • SiruisXM Internet Radio. Stream a variety of channels on SiruisXM radio.
  • VEVO. Watch all of your favorite music videos.
  • iheart Radio. Listen to over 750 American radio stations.
  • Slacker Radio. Creates a personalized radio station based on what you like.
  • SPIN Play. Download and stream content from SPIN magazine.
  • Spotify. Create playlists and stream them on your iOS devices.
  • Last FM. Get recommendations and track the music you and your friends are listening to.
  • MOG. Music streaming App.
  • Napster. Choose from a selection of over 13 million songs.
  • NPR MUSIC. Helps you explore and discover new music from all genres of music.
  • On The Way Woodstock. An interactive look at the history of Woodstock.
  • SHOUTcast Radio. Choose from a selection of community programmed radio shows from all over the world.
  • Pandora Radio. Creates a playlist of songs based on the name of the artist you are searching.
  • Rhapsody. Listen to a huge selection of music from all genres.

Game Apps

  • Angry Birds (Mirroring). Play the popular Angry Birds Game from your iOS devices.
  • Real Racing 2 HD. A realistic type racing car game.
  • War Pinball HD. Pinball game based around the war theme.
  • Atari's Greatest Hits. Play Retro Atari games from the 70s and 80s.
  • Torro's Gold. A fun game to test the speed of your reflexes.

News Apps

  • Tagesschau News (German). Watch German evening news and weather reports.
  • The Age for iPad. Read The Age news publication online.
  • NZ Herald News (New Zealand). Read NZ Herald online.
  • Newsy for iPad. Delivers a variety of news updates throughout the day.
  • iReddit. The official app from
  • NBC Nightly News. Watch NBC Nightly News online.
  • CNN. Watch CNN News online.
  • The SMH for iPad. Read The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online.
  • Stitcher Radio. Listen to a huge variety of local AM/FM radio stations and podcasts.

Educational Apps

  • Science 360 for iPad. Science lessons from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • NASA App HD. Explore the universe with NASA and watch live streaming of NASA TV.
  • TED. Fascinating interviews with people from all walks of life.
  • How Stuff Works for iPad. The official App for

Healthcare & Fitness Apps

  • Stress Free with Dr Elaine Smith HD. Relaxation and meditation techniques with Dr Elaine Smith.
  • Authentic Yoga. Learn authentic Yoga techniques with Deepak Chopra.

Lifestyle Apps

  • Martha Stewart Makes Cookies. Learn how to bake an assortment of cookies with recipes by Martha Stewart.
  • Video jug com for iPad. Watch tutorials on how to do anything!
  • MasterChef Academy US. The official App from Masterchef US.
  • Cool Hunting. An online lifestyle magazine.

Navigation Apps

  • Google Earth. Travel the world with the Google Earth App.

Photography & Film Apps

  • iSupra8. Creates a vintage effect for your videos.
  • Photos. View your photo album on your HDTV with Apple TV.
  • iMovie. Edit photos and video on Apple TV.
  • Animoto. Make music videos from your picture library.

Productivity Apps

  • Uitzending gemist Public TV (Netherlands). Watch public broadcasting programming fro the Netherlands on your iOS devices.
  • Tonido. Allows you to share documents, movies, music and files.
  • Zen Viewer HD. Reads documents, records and plays audio in high definition.
  • AppAdvice. Gives you tutorials on how to download and upgrade your Apps.

Utilities Apps

  • AirPresenter. Allows you to view documents and files on your Apple TV.
  • Safari. AirPlay support App for internet videos.
  • StreamToMe. Allows you to stream content from any Apple iOS devices over your WiFi network.
  • Buzz Player. A multimedia player App that supports a wide range of audio, video codec and file formats.
  • iCab Mobile. A specialized web browser App for your iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Perfect Browser. A full screen web browser designed for Apple TV.
  • Stash Pro. A file and document organizer.
  • DashCam. A camera App that allows you to turn your iPhone into a black box/dashboard camera.
  • Camera for Apple TV. Turns your iPhone into a video camera and then streams the images on your Apple TV.
  • Web Browser for iPhone. Allows you to browse the internet on your iPhone and then it displays the images on your HDTV.
  • Air Video. Organizes all of your video content on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Sports Apps

  • MLS Match Day. Gives you a timetable of upcoming games in Major League Soccer.
  • Golf plan. Coaching tutorials on how to play better golf.
  • Baseball Gameplan. Coaching tutorials on how to play better baseball.
  • Fitness Class. Watch a huge selection of fitness and workout videos.
  • ESPN the Magazine. Read ESPN magazine online.

Weather App

  • The Weather Channel. Stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts and weather information in your area.

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