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The popularity of fish tanks at home is increasing year by year, and there are a few major factors that cause fish to be a popular choice when looking for a house pet/hobby. First of all, they are cleaner and quieter than other pets. By clean I mean they do not leave their fur all over your carpet, and bed, and armchairs, and every other object you have in your house, but their tank must be cleaned regularly. And they tend not to bark/meow/chirp/sing/etc. in the middle of the night, asking you for food or to go out. Talking about going out - if you are a busy person and don't have time or energy for long walks in the park - you don't have to, fish are perfectly fine in their tanks. And finally, looking at them makes you calm and peaceful after a hard day, you can just lean back and relax while watching them and listening to some soothing tunes.

Despite all that, keeping your fish alive, well and happy can be a bit of a hustle. There's an impressive list of gadgets and equipment one needs to create the perfect environment for your pets, however today we are going over a few essential pieces of your puzzle.

Some Devices that are Absolutely 'Must-Have' if you Want to Have an Aquarium

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    You need a Food Dispenser
    All the fancy equipment will not matter if your fish will die of hunger. Feeding your pets yourself is always preferable, but if you do not have the right schedule - automated fish feeder will do it for you. Just put the fish food in the special tank and set the timer - and you're all set. Don't forget to refill the tank from time to time.
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    You need a Water Filter
    It's essential in creating a suitable environment for you fish to live in. It was mentioned above that fish do not contaminate your rooms and personal belongings, however they still produce waste, and their tanks require regular cleaning. There are two main types of filters: mechanical and biological/chemical. Mechanical filters separate particles from the body of water by running it through some type of strainer. It's useful for dirt, dust, rocks, and litter filtration. Biological/chemical filters are needed to alter you water attributes and turn fish waste into less harmful substances. There are special filter types called "protein skimmers", but they are used only in salt water. There are numerous brands that produce water filters specialized for fish tanks, it all comes down to price and personal preferences.
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    If we are to talk about Salt Water, pH meters can also be very useful
    They are needed to monitor the acid/alkali balance in your tank, which if very important for reef aquariums. A quality digital pH meter costs more, but serve much longer and be more informative than simple pH stripes. A great choice is [an MC720 kit][1] manufactured by Milwaukee Instruments. It includes a pH controller and an automated dosing pump. You just set the desired pH level, and automated controls will monitor and adjust it for you.
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    A handy utitliy is An air compressor
    also, known as an air pump. It improves the oxygenation process of the fluid and creates a more pleasant environment by aerating the water and breaking its surface, mimicking microwaves. It is not a necessity, but it improves the quality of life greatly, plus often air pumps come together with water filters, so you can find a 2-in-1 gadget for a decent price.
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    Temperature is an important parameter for fishes
    First of all - they are not accustomed to the temperature level humans are accustomed to (obviously), and even slight temperature alterations may affect them severely. Second - heat preferences may vary from species to species. It should be kept in mind when choosing several fish species to live in one tank. Automated temperature control systems comprise all the necessary temperature sensors and heating elements to maintain optimal water conditions.
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    And last, but not the least, is the Lighting System
    Many fish tanks come with a cover that already has a built-in lamp, so that light intensity matches the tank volume. But personalization is never a bad thing, and an enormous variety of lamps exist that will suit your needs and taste. LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, usual incandescent lamps - the choice is yours, just remember - generally 10 hours of light a day is sufficient, but just like with temperature - it all depends on the fish you decide to have.
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There's a large amount of devices used to manage and maintain your aquarium that were not covered here. Those are probably high-end or specific gadgets that are used in professional set-ups. In conclusion I would like to remind you that no matter how difficult and complicated having fish might seem - with the right equipment and a pinch of love it could turn into your favorite hobby that will provide you with much-needed relaxation and joy.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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