Set up Family Safety in windows 8

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When it comes to the Internet, protecting our children is one of the utmost importance. Laptops or tablets are always connected to the Internet, and this is a potential danger for kids. If you have children of varying ages and maturity, you will certainly want them to have their own time and restrictions when it comes to using the computer and accessing the Internet. This can be done easily in Windows 8 using the Family Safety option built in the system.

Using the Family Safety Filter

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Create a Family Safety Account

It is important to understand that the Family Safety features are a filter and not an account. Administrators do not create a Family Safety account. Instead, the filter may be applied to new or old user accounts within the Windows 8 operating system. These configuration steps highlight both the creation of new user accounts, which may then have the filter enabled, and instructions on how to apply the filter to an existing user account.

  1. 1
    Add Users -- Before starting with Family Safety, you need to make sure that your computer is properly set up
    If you have been using a single account, then it's time to use differently or for different users. You have to bring up the Charms bar on the Start screen, choose Settings > Change PC Settings > then select the user's menu.
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    Choose Rights -- Here you can create a new user account with standard privileges -- that is, users that have restricted access, which have no potential to harm your computer
    Go to the bottom of the page and select the "+" sign next to "Add a User." Because you are creating restricted access accounts, you have to choose to sign in without a Microsoft account option.
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    Create Name and Password -- Select "Local Account," put in the name of the user in the top box, then decide whether you want the account to be password protected
    Even with children, it's a good idea, so they can't log into each other's account. Just make sure you know all the passwords, in case anything goes wrong with the account in the future
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    Find Family Safety -- Tick the box next to "Is this a child's account?" Then click "Finish." Your new user is created; repeat as needed for each member of your family
    Press the "Windows" icon to get back to the start screen, then type "Family Safety," choose "Settings," and select "Family Safety" to be taken to the desktop-based control panel.
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    Web Access -- To restrict web access, choose an account name, then select "Web filtering," then choose a setting
    There are a number of choices: "Designed for Children" should be fine for young kids, and "Online Communication" for older children. If you are more cautious, you could choose the "Allowed List Only," and click the link to add sites that you want.
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    Set the Time -- Select "User Settings" to go back to the main menu for this user, then click "Time Limits." You can set a time allowance (like an hour per day) with the top link; bear in mind that you can override this if more time is required for homework or anything similar to this
    Setting a curfew restricts the hours your child can access the PC.
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    Define the Age Limit - Go back to "User Settings." The bottom links can be used to set what the user can and cannot download from the Windows Store, and what ages are appropriate for certain games and age-rated apps
    You could also disable the access to the Windows Store if you like.
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    Watch the Logs - Select "View Activity Reports" to see what exactly the users have been up to, the websites that have visited or tried to visit, and the amount of time used in surfing
    If there is something that should not be there, then you could detect it early so you can have a little chat with your kid.
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Applying the Family Safety Filter to an Existing User Account

  1. 1
    Open the Windows Live Family Safety Filter application
    1. Access the Start menu.
    2. Open "All Programs."
    3. Expand the Windows Live Directory.
    4. Open "Windows Live Family Safety."
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  2. 2
    Sign in to the "Administrator" or "Parent" account.
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  3. 3
    Create a new Family Filter membership
    The Windows Live Family Safety Filter application window lists user accounts on the left and context choices on the right.  
    1. Select Monitor. Each user account will have a check box to the right. Check the box to enable monitoring for an account. Select "Next" or "Save."
    2. Match accounts with memberships. The right panel will now show an expandable drop-down menu next to each user account that has enabled monitoring. Open the menu and select the name which corresponds with the user account name to begin monitoring, e.g. the user account "User1" should have the Family Safety membership name of "User1" as well.
    3. Tip: Memberships may also be created from the drop down menu. The feature "Add Username" will be present in the drop down menu of a user account which is not part of Family Safety. Select that option to create a new membership account.
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Questions and Answers

What is a Family Safety account in Windows 8?

A Family Safety account is an account in the computer that can be monitored or limited. A parent account is needed to set up this type of account. The account's activities, such as search history on any search engines, amount of time spent on the computer, most used applications, and games and downloads will be recorded.

To simply put up the meaning. The Family Safety account is used to manage and remotely monitor the activity of your family members.

A Family Safety account is a child's account on a computer, specifically for Windows 8. Family safety is a program used on Windows 8 to put limits and permissions on your child's computer account. It will also show you that account's activity report about their computer use. If you want to know what your child is doing when they use the computer (online or not), family safety is your answer. With this, you can also block or allow specific websites, content and even limit your child's computer use .

What is Win8 OS user Family Safety?

User Family Safety for Windows 8 is a feature that allows you to monitor and limit your kids' activity in the internet. This feature is known as Parental Controls on Windows 7. Windows 8 Family Safety is an enhanced program for maintaining your children's safety on the web through its improved functions. Here are a few important features:

  • Microsoft Family Safety allows an administrator to log in using his or her Microsoft account online and select the account on the computer that he wants to monitor. To do this, parents can go to the Family Safety website ( and log in.
  • The creation of an account in the computer allows you to mark it as a Family Safety account. You can also set up the restrictions and turn reporting on or off upon the creation of the account. Restrictions can be specific websites that you want to block, inappropriate content, and games and applications, depending on the content and genre.
  • Family Safety also gives your kids the ability to request permission to see a blocked website. They can choose to ask you in person or send you an email for the permission. To approve their requests, you have to log in to the Family Safety website and grant permission from there.

Win8 OS user Family Safety is more likely a filter and restriction of internet. It filters the websites that you can visit or your children, and enable or disable the internet connection of the family user by restricting it's usage to avoid over usage of the internet and prevent them staying late at night in the internet.


  • View reports online. The Family Safety Filter reports can be viewed and managed online through the website. Simply log in with your Microsoft account to access the cloud features.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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