Set Parental Controls on Your iPad

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Most parents love the fact that the Apple iPad is a great learning tool and is also entertainment for their children. Still, parents also know that anything can happen once the device is in their child's hands. For example, you may get your bill and wonder, why are there so many charges on your iTunes account? Little fingers were busy tapping everything and accidentally bought a bunch of songs. Or, maybe that isn't your case. Maybe you have a teen and you have found out that he or she was accessing websites that you do not feel are age-appropriate. No matter the case, parental controls are a must have! Being able to control your children's activity and keeping them safe will give you some peace of mind. You can get your iPad set up by following these instructions.

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Setting restrictions

  1. 1
    From your home screen, go to your settings.
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    In Settings, you will see on the left hand side "General" Select that.
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    In General, you want to turn restrictions to "On"
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    You will now be prompted to enter a four-digit pass-code
    This pass-code will lock the parental controls and they will not be able to be accessed without the code.
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    Now that you have set your custom pass-code, you will also be able to access and set restrictions on the restrictions page
    Take the time to go through and set all the restrictions you want your child to have, whether it be iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, or any other websites you feel are not appropriate for your child's age. You also have the option to limit activity or even completely disable access. The choice is yours. Remember you can always go back in and change your selections.
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  6. 6
    Once you are finished with website restrictions, you can now choose what apps you want your child to be able to use and the ones that you do not want them having any access to
    You will see it under "Allowed Content," which is directly under where you set your restrictions. Here you are able to select the apps that you feel are appropriate to be downloaded. You can even disable app download completely if you wish, so that you don't incur any charges for apps your child may download without your permission. To do so, just select "Don't allow apps." Again, you can change these settings at any time with your pass-code.
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    You have successfully set your parental controls
    You can now hit your home key and go back to your main screen.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • It is important when setting your pass-code to create one that you will be able to remember, but one that is not easy enough for your kids to figure out.
  • Even though you have your parental controls set, it is still a smart idea to teach your child about online safety. Go over with them all the precautions that they should take and the consequences that can happen if they don't. Include your whole family, as there may be things you can learn from them as well.

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