Seriously Enjoy Your Winter Vacation

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There are so many things that you can do during winter vacation, but the problem is, which one will make you happy and satisfied? Following the tips below will help you decide what things you can do to enjoy your winter vacation to the fullest.

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Eleven Ways to Enjoy Your Winter Vacation

Before you decide what to do on your winter vacation, you need to think ahead. Set aside money. You can start this at the end of your last winter vacation. Even setting aside $20 a week, will add up, and by the time you're ready to escape the cold and snow with a trip or activity, you'll have saved over $1,000. Obviously, if you plan on an exotic trip, you'll need to save more than $20 a week. If you don't have enough money for winter vacation you may regret it when all your friends are filling their days with fun and excitement.

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  1. 1
    Go shopping
    Prepare for your winter vacation with a shopping spree to ensure that you will be appropriately dressed no matter where you're planning to go.
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  2. 2
    During the winter months, many airlines lower their rates. You can use this to your advantage by visiting places you've always wanted to go to. Some airlines will also offer further discounts for booking a group.
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  3. 3
    Explore locally
    Winter vacation doesn't mean that you have to go somewhere. You might be just as content to explore locally. There are often places hidden right under our noses that we'd enjoy exploring. Go to places you've never been to and finally experience them.
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  4. 4
    Learn a new skill
    Winter break is a great time to learn a new skill- for example, cooking, painting, another language, etc. When you devote most of your time to work, you might not have spare time to do something for your family or yourself. Learning a new skill is just another way to enjoy your winter vacation.
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  5. 5
    Visit relatives
    Some people may have two or three weeks off for winter break. If you still have days left after completing your to-do list, you may want to visit relatives you haven't seen in a while. They might not live very far from you, and it could be worth the trip to strengthen your family relationships.
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  6. 6
    Create quality time
    This could be done many ways. You could Start Your Own Holiday Traditions, relax with family or by yourself, or foster new and old relationships.
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  7. 7
    Start playing a sport
    Many times people may want to play sports but don't have time to do so. Winter vacation may be the perfect time to team up with friends or family for energizing competition.
    There are many sports you can play indoors during the winter months
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  8. 8
    Pamper yourself
    Enjoy yourself by de-stressing. This will allow you to fully relax while on vacation and help you to be mentally clear when you return to work.
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  9. 9
    Stay at home
    There are many things that you can enjoy at home. Invite your relatives or friends over for a party or dinner, watch movies with your family, make dainty desserts and snacks, exercise, and more!
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  10. 10
    Get organized
    Organization is a key to relaxation for many. You might want to take the time during winter vacation to organize your home, life, and budget.
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  11. 11
    Plan for summer vacation
    Use the free time during winter vacation to plan for your summer vacation.
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Tips, Suggestions and Warnings

  • Plan to save ahead of time.
  • Book flights and Hotels way ahead of time, or book at the last minute. Either can save you a lot of money.
  • Don't forget to sit down with your family, and find out what interests them.
  • Create a winter vacation list of options or things you'd like to do.
  • Make sure a sport is age appropriate.

Questions and Answers

How to enjoy your winter vacation at home?

Any ideas to what I could do?

Winter vacation at home is always a great time to relax and just be with the family. You can do simple activities like:

  • Pick your favorite movies and watch them together as a family while enjoying your favorite snacks.
  • Play indoor games such as scrabble and computer games. These allow you not to get too exposed to the cold weather outside.
  • Redecorate one of the rooms in your house as a family project.
  • Pick a different country or location every day, and have a virtual vacation. You could pick a different country every day. For example:
    • Choose Italy.
    • Learn a bit about its history either using books in your library or online.
    • Travel to different locations on the internet - Tuscany, Rome, The Vatican, The Juliet Wall in Verona, etc.
    • Use Google maps to travel along the streets of Italy.
    • Plan supper accordingly by making spaghetti, bakes some bread, etc.
    • Watch a related movie in the evening - Under the Tuscan Sun, Letters to Juliet, Life is Beautiful, etc.
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Simple paragraph of how to enjoy a winter vacation for school?

I need it for school but don't know what to write.

You can use this one:

For me to enjoy my winter vacation, I need to get a good night's rest before I get awake - to enjoy my day. A good full breakfast will start my day on course, this includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

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If you are a sporty person:

I'm a very athletic person and winter only adds up to the challenge. I've always loved skiing as a child and I still do. Every year, I make sure that I learn a new winter sport or increase my knowledge in a winter sport I'm familiar with. This year, I am planning to learn more about bobsledding, which I find very intriguing.

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If you just want to hang around the house:

I don't really like going outside because of the weather, but that does not stop me from enjoying my vacation. Staying inside does not mean I can't get fit. I use my Wii Fit to beat harder exercises. I also do push-ups, sit-ups and I run on our treadmill. Sometimes, I invite my buddies to goof around in the snow. It's child's play but the fun never ceases to amaze me. When we are pretty tired, I sit around and play video games or read a good book. I even try to polish my drawing skills from time to time.

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