Send a Photo with Skype IM on Microsoft Lumia 535

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Hello, and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, we are going to show how to send a photo via instant messaging when using the Skype application on a Microsoft Lumia 535.


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    To begin, turn the phone on by pressing the 'power' button located on the right-hand side of the phone. Once the phone is activated, you'll see the lock screen.
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    Swipe the lock screen up, and this will take us to the home screen.
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    On the home screen, we need to find the 'Skype' tile. It's a blue tile with the Skype logo in the middle, which is a blue letter "S" inside of a white speech bubble. If it has not been pinned to the home screen, swipe left and find it in the 'Apps' menu. Once you've located the Skype tile, wherever it may be, press down on it, and this will take us into the application.
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    Once in the application, we need to find a contact that we can send a photo to. We can do this in two places. One is in the 'recent' section. It says 'recent' at the top of the screen in a darker blue text. In the 'recent' section, there is everybody we've contacted recently, and we can choose a contact from there if we desire.
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    The other option is to swipe left until we are in the 'people' section. At the top, it says 'people' in dark blue text. This is the section where we have all of our contacts that we have in the Skype application. We want to choose an individual. We're going to choose "H.J. Buell". Find a contact and press down on their name or on their profile photo. It's now going to take us into our chat with this individual. We want to send them a photo.
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    To send them a photo, press the icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. It's a blue circle with a white circle inside. Press down on that, and it's going to bring up some options.
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    We want the third option from the top. It says 'share photo' in white text, and next to it, it has an icon of a white camera. Press down on this option, and it will take us to our photo albums.
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    In this setting, we have two options. The first is to take a photo by pressing the icon at the middle bottom of the screen. It will open up the Lumia camera, and we have a choice between either the front camera or the back camera. We'll be able to take a photo and directly send it via message to our Skype contact. If, however, we don't want to do that and we want to send a photo that we've taken in the past that we have in our photo album, we can scroll along until we find the photo we like. Press down on the photo until it adds the photo to the chat. The photo has appeared and it's going to try to upload the photo. We can see it's been successful. It has the date on the right side, and you can see that's it's already been sent to the contact. Just by pressing on the photo, it will upload it and send it to the recipient of the message.
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    This concludes our tutorial on how to send a photo when using the messaging function on the Skype application, and also when using the Microsoft Lumia 535. If you have any questions or comments about this video or about the application itself, then please leave them in the comment section below, and we shall answer them for you. Thank you for watching VisiHow. Goodbye.
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Video: Send a Photo with Skype I'm on Microsoft Lumia 535

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