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Roku allows you to access to over 1,700 streaming channels and 100,000 movies & TV episodes. These Roku models will not allow you to stream video to your mobile phone, but you will be able to remote control your Roku with the free mobile app, and also push videos and photos from your mobile to your TV.

Player 1: Roku Streaming Stick

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This streaming stick is portable and easily tucks behind your flat screen TV. You insert this stick into the HDMI port of your TV and once it finds your WiFi, you're good to go. The size of this Roku is the selling point and they have developed a "Hotel and Dorm Connect" which allows you to easily plug the stick anywhere you go.

Player 2: Roku1

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The Roku 1 is the right choice if you want to turn your old HD television into a Smart TV. It comes standard with composite cables just in case your TV doesn't have HDMI, but to get the HD experience, you must have an HDMI connection.

Player 3: Roku2

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The Roku 2 moves up in the functionality department by offering Ethernet, USB & microSD card ports along with a fast HD optimized processor.

Player 4: Roku3

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Presently, the most advanced Roku offered is the Roku 3. This combines all the features and capabilities of the Roku 2 plus the added voice search and motion control for games.

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