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Every couple eventually experiences conflict. It is a natural side effect of the close proximity sharing your life with another person involves. It's also not usually a bad thing as long as both people are adult about it. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to recognize the difference between healthy, normal conflict and more serious forms of conflict that need to be addressed differently. This article will help you to see signs that you and your spouse may be headed for a separation or even for divorce. While the presence of one or even some of these signs does not automatically signal the end of your marriage, they all serve as signs of serious trouble in your relationship. Not addressing them often ends in a failed marriage.

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5 Signs Your Marriage is Over

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    You've stopped communicating, or you no longer communicate respectfully
    Do you find that communication with your partner has stopped or that every interaction turns into an argument? If you find that when you do speak to each other, you are having repeated unresolved arguments at every turn, your marriage could be in serious trouble. Looking for ways to avoid interaction with your spouse may be one way to avoid what have become routine arguments, but this tactic also demonstrates a lack of attention to and care for the relationship. A better approach is to seek counseling, or try to find a mediator who is able to help you both learn to communicate better.
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    Your partner constantly criticizes you
    The way a couple argues and resolves arguments is very important. Every couple will likely eventually face some sort problem that will result in an argument. This is perfectly normal. However, when criticism enters your conversation, it needs to be stopped, and addressed before it causes lasting harm to the marriage. There are more constructive ways to resolve your differences. Criticism differs from a constructive, resolvable argument in key ways. Rather than discussing specific actions and feelings that can be addressed, criticism is simply used to attack. For example, someone addressing feelings and actions may say, "You forgot to take the trash out today and it made me unhappy." A person who is criticizing will instead say something like, "You never remember to do anything," or even, "You don't do anything I ask you to do.". As you can see, the first statement leaves the conversation open to a possible resolution by discussing a specific action and how that specific action made someone feel. In contrast, the second two remarks are more general and, whether intentionally or not, attack and belittle the person who receives them. If your marriage involves this type of behavior, it's one of several signs that your marriage may be over.
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    Your partner's appearance has suddenly changed
    At some point in relationships, it is natural for couples to become more comfortable around each other and not feel the need to look their best 100% of the time. That said, any dramatic change in appearance or personal care habits is an indication that something serious is wring. Sometimes it can be a purely personal issue, where a person feels insecure or is growing older. Your spouse may even be dressing up a bit more to try and add a spark back into your marriage. However, sometimes that is not the case. If your marriage is having problems, then a partner who suddenly seems to care much more about their appearance may be trying to impress someone else. Likewise, if they don't care as much or aren't as interested in being as involved as they once were, it could mean the marriage just isn't that important to them anymore.
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    Your partner is no longer affectionate
    Emotional and physical intimacy bonds couples together. If your partner has stopped showing affection toward you or doesn't make an effort to strengthen the emotional bond that you share, there may be a problem in your marriage that needs to be addressed. A lack of affection signals a loss of care for the special bond married couples enjoy. Note that we are discussing both physical and emotional intimacy. Many relationships start off with a great deal of physical intimacy, and then over time the physical aspect lessens as the emotional intimacy takes over. However, if you are missing both of these in your marriage, it's a problem. Not having that intimacy is often a clear sign that your marriage is over.
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    You no longer act as a team
    In some cases this can also mean one of you has changed so much that you no longer share the same values or vision for the future. In a healthy relationship, a couple is able to come together to act as a team. Having a plan, goals and values that you both share will keep you both working toward the same things, and keep you supportive of each other. This process may take a lot of discussion and compromise from either or both sides. However, If this process stops, or either you or your partner has changed so much that you do not share common goals, values, or a plan for your future, your marriage may be in trouble. While there are times in marriage that one half of a couple that is uncertain about a particular goal or value can be persuaded, someone who has absolutely changed or believes in something completely different than you is another matter entirely. This person may be either unwilling or unable to make the compromises necessary to keep you working together. That spells trouble, and is one of the most serious signs that your marriage is over.
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Additional Tips

  • It should be mentioned again that each couple is different and the presence of one of the factors discussed above does not necessarily mean you are heading for divorce.
  • Additionally, if these factors are present and are unusual in your marriage, you may still be able to resolve them with the help of relationship counseling.
  • Remember that the possibilities for couples to work on and resolve their marital issues are many. It's important to be observant and know some of the things that may signal trouble in your marriage. If you are aware of unusual behaviors, or behaviors that gradually worsen over time, you can take action early, with a focus on repairing problems and saving your marriage.

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