Save on Fuel and Get More Gas Mileage

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With gas and diesel prices up and continuing to climb, it's worth paying attention to what you drive, when you drive, where you drive, and how you drive.


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    Drive less - the best way to save on fuel is not to use it
    I am not suggesting that you don't use your car even though you need it but it could manage to consolidate your trips, car pool when possible, and drive during off-peak hours to avoid congestion.
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    Drive slower - Driving in the 60- 65 mile per hour range instead of 75 of more will likely increase your fuel mileage by 2 or more miles per gallon
    At freeway speeds , aerodynamic play a measurable role in fuel economy. Try to stay at speed limit which we sometimes forgot when we are in a hurry.
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    Keep the engine in tune - In today' s electronically fuel injected engines , it just means insuring that our car is running as it should
    Air filters, spark plugs and oxygen sensors are the primary components that influence fuel economy. So it is advisable to replace your car's air filter at least once a year or more frequently if you drive on dirt or dusty roads. Ensure that your car's engine undergoes the engine analyzer every 30,000-50,000 miles to make sure it's running on perfect condition.
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    Inflate your tire properly - Pressure of 30-35 psi or above is advisable for most passenger cars
    A higher inflation pressure means less rolling resistance for the tire. This saves you fuel as it takes less power to roll your car down the road.
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    Keep your tire and wheels properly aligned - This will not only saves you on frequent tire replacement but also saves you some fuel as properly aligned tires gives less rolling resistance.
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    Keep the front of your car clean - Keep your car free from debris and dirt specially the grille opening - Keeping your air-conditioning condenser and radiator free from bugs, leaves and dirt allows the engine to cool more efficiently and the air conditioning will work less to cool your car's interior
    All of this adds in saving your fuel and better mileage.
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    Accelerate gently - It takes fuel to make power, so the harder you accelerate, the more fuel the engine burns
    At freeway speeds accelerate gently to avoid downshifting if possible. A lower engine rpm generally means less fuel consumption.
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    Coast t as much and as often as you can - coasting as in letting the car roll while the gear is in the neutral position
    Anticipate stop signs, traffic lights and slows down. There is no point in accelerating toward a stop. Lifting off the throttle and coasting toward the stop or slowdowns obviously saves fuel.
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    Break gently and as little as possible (within reason) - You still needs to stop before an intersection
    Applying your breaks converts energy from fuel you have already burned when accelerating your car. So brake as little as possible and coast as much as possible will save you on your fuel.
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    Always anticipate - Look far ahead as possible to maintain situational awareness
    The farther ahead you look the more time and distance you have to adjust the speed and direction of your car. This helps you saves fuel not to mention that this is also a key to safe driving.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Always checks your tire pressure when the tire is cold, that is, before driving on it.
  • Remember to check your spare tire too. This way, it will be always ready whenever you need it.

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