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Many people like to travel, visit other places they have never been, other cities or even other countries. We always want something to remember our visits to the places we've been to. Some people like to buy a shirt with the name of the place they have been with and some people like to buy a display that they can add to their collection or decorations in their house. They even sometimes show it off to other people that they got this particular item from a certain place.

Although most of us like to shop and buy a lot of things or souvenirs, some cannot afford a luxurious tour or afford to shop for souvenirs and other items.

There are some ways that you can save money, still enjoy the tour and shop for souvenirs. You might not get all of the items that you want, or the most expensive ones, but you can still get something to remember your trip by which is always worthwhile.

Here are some Tips on how to save money while you shop on your vacation trip

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    Nowadays almost everything can be searched for online, so why not take advantage to save money for your tour and shopping
    Before you travel, research about the place you are going to visit; find out what their delicacies are, what type of souvenirs are popular or are easily recognizable as being from a specific place. Then research how much these items will cost. Find out where you can buy theses items the cheapest in the place you are going to visit. Check the local maps and find out where you can buy these items.
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    Make a list of things you would like to buy and prepare yourself before you arrive in that area you are going
    Stick to a budget and plan your money spending so you can afford to buy what you want.
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    To find a bargain, try to avoid the shopping malls and big department stores
    Local markets are a great place to find a variety of different items for a reasonable price.
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    If you do go to the markets, make sure you take a good look around before you buy anything
    Many vendors at the same market will also be selling the same items.
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    In some countries, it is part of their culture to haggle over prices
    Try to barter or bargain for a better deal. Always ask for a better price, if it is acceptable. Ask for discounts if you intend on buying more than one item.
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    If you are going to visit a place that has a different dialect or language, before you visit the place, at least try to learn some of their language
    Especially words that you will use for bartering, greeting, saying thanks and making business deals. Learn your numbers and how to say words like please and thank you. Sometimes market sellers will sell their items to you for higher prices if they know that you are not familiar with the prices of things in their country. So you should at least try to speak some of their words and do not be so obvious that you know nothing. You have to look smart and try to speak some of their words as speaking at least some of their language will make the vendors you respect you and offer you a better price.
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    Always be friendly and don't be shy to ask
    Try to have a conversation with the seller because sometimes when you communicate well, and you befriend the seller, you can get a discount or better price.
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    Compliment the vendor's products and also try as much as possible to tell them you will recommend their store to friends that also want to visit their store
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    Go to out of the way side alleys and seldom advertised streets which looks interesting
    Just make sure that you have enough time that sundown will not catch up on you. Do it in daylight. Some people say that they get their best buys and bargains at the most least expected places. Sometimes they get great finds which are very cheap and then when they return home, the value of the item is quadruple what they paid for it. Also be prepared to ship some things through freight because some items might get too expensive when you bring them with you on the airplane, especially the heavy ones, which might take a toll on your allowable excess baggage. Just make sure that when you sidestep into an alien place, that you go in a big group, so as to minimize the risk of muggers or thieves stalking you.
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You can now enjoy your trip and also have some souvenir of your trip without spending a fortune!

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