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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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My finger scan stopped working and it won't accept my pass code,can't open cell?

My finger scan stopped working and it won't accept my pass code. Galaxy 5. I have tried: On off, finger over button 6 times. can't do any thing else

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===Yes, if you please. When my carrier set up my phone they didn't tell me that I had the option to put an SD card in my SG5 phone so I could backup my personal stuff.


I also haven't backed up my purchases and don't know why I would have to do that if I have a history of purchasing apps. Anyway, my problem is, my fingerprint scanner wasn't recognizing my fingerprint and asks for an alternative password....but I don't remember it (nor do I remember putting one in). I guess I exceeded my chances and cannot get into my phone. (you would think that they would email the Google account a reset code!) Bottom line, I haven't backed anything up, so I need to find a way to reset that pass-code without a Factory Reset. I have a flip phone cover which allows me to view my messages and use the camera, but that's it. Can you help me? Can you help me?

Fortunately enough, if you had the Internet enabled, then most of your data, excluding media files such as pictures and videos, have been backed up by the Google and Samsung accounts if they have been set up. All you need is to add them again on a new or reset smartphone to start synchronization of automatically backed up data. Yet, if you are trying to unlock your smartphone and you do have a Samsung account active, then you can just navigate to Find My Mobile, where you can unlock your smartphone by entering the Web interface with your Samsung credentials. Then, just click "Unlock my screen" and "Unlock" to gain access to your smartphone. If that does not work owing to your not having a Samsung account, then just hard-reset your Samsung smartphone and add your current Google account to restore your contacts and purchases.

If I do the reset do I lose all my info? Like contacts and pics?

I don't want to lose my pics and numbers. Fingerprint and pass-code not working.

Generally, your phone synchronizes contact and application data with your Google account, and if you have set up Samsung back-up (in the phone, Kies, Kies 3, or Smart Switch), you will get even more chances of obtaining most of the data back. Factory reset is not formatting your microSD card too, so all of the data there will be intact.

Therefore, you can perform your hard-reset and log in with your Google account on a freshly reset phone. You will be able to get already purchased applications for free from Play Store and your contact list (a list of telephone numbers and names) will be restored. If you restore data from a Samsung back-up, then you may get more data, including your pictures back.

However, before you reset your phone, use two methods below.

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    Log on to Android Device Manager with your Google Account
    Click your device. Click "Lock". Set your temporary password and click "Lock" again. See if your phone offers to unlock itself with that temporary password.
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    Log on to Find My Mobile with your Samsung account
    Click the arrow in the upper-left corner to choose your device if needed. Expand "Protect my device". Click "Unlock my screen". Click "Unlock". Check if you can get into your phone.
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How can I get back on my samsum S5 mini when the fingerprint won't work and it won't accept the correct password?

I don't am want to do it with data resetūüė£there's a lot of important things on there. I tried option one but all it did was secure my phone.. it didn't have a option for a temporary password. I have tried: I've tried resetting it

Turning my phone on and off

Securing it with find my device

Trying a Samsung account my my device isn't registered. I think it was caused by: The phone is just being weird.. it was fine untill I pressed the home button and all of a sudden it said the fingerprint won't work and the correct password is incorrect

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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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