Root an Android Without a PC

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Rooting is a process that is used to get root access which allows you to enjoy many benefits of a rooted device such as Optimized RAM and battery life, flashing custom ROMs, custom Apps and more. Usually, the rooting process requires the integration with a PC but now there are third party rooting apps built specifically to counter this dilemma. But some of these one-click rooting apps are designed for specific device brand models to root without a PC. This is a guide teaching you how to root Android devices with one of the most widely used rooting apps that can root devices manually, Framaroot. Another such famous app is Universal Androot. In this guide, there will a complete step by step guide on how to root manually without a PC using Framaroot.

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Rooting with Framaroot

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1. Go to the Settings of your Android device. Search for this gear icon. It is usually in the App drawer.

  • Framaroot is a third party rooting application that is capable of rooting a variety of models but not some. Therefore, it is recommended that you check out if your device is on the compatibility list. Simply search the internet with your device model and the phrase 'framaroot'. If you do not find any details it means there is no harm when installing the app.
  • In case you get an error while running the application for the first time, trying another method is recommended.
  • It is also important to remember that Third-party rooting applications such as Framaroot are not available for download from official device store services such as the Google Play Store. Which means you will have to get the zip that has the APK of the app from their official download page. Thus install at your own risk.

2. Go to "Security" in settings. In some devices, it will be Biometrics and Security or Security and Privacy. Allow installation of App from external sources.

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  • For Samsung devices with Android 8 and later. Go to Install unknown apps. select the web browser you want to download Framaroot APK and toggle on "Allow app installation".
  • Other device brand models of Android with Android OS version 8 or later, again go to Settings > Install apps from external sources > toggle on 'Allow app installation'.
  • For devices that are even more so old, Go to Device Administration and toggle on Unknown sources".

3. Download the Framaroot APK to your Destination Folder.

4. Go to your download destination folder where the Framaroot APK was downloaded.

  • If you are still unable to find it, open the device file manager app > My Files > Downloads folder.
  • If the device does not have a file manager, Open Google Play Store > download a file manager of your preference.

5. Find the Framaroot APK file. It will look something like this: "Framaroot- 1.4.2.apk".

  • Tap it for installation. If it asks for permission to install, give it and continue.

7. Install the App. The installation button can be found at the bottom right corner. A confirmation message will show up after the rooting process has been completed.

8. Launch Framaroot. You can find the app icon in your device app drawer.

  • In case you get a message that indicates that your Android device is "Not vulnerable to exploit," you cannot use this method to root your Android device.

9. Now install SuperSu or MagiskSu. These are apps that will administer root permissions for you. They will manage all app permissions after rooting.

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10. Reboot your Android device after the rooting process has been completed.

  • If you didn't get an error message or if the app did not hang, your Android has been successfully rooted. Restart the device so it can boot with the proper permissions.

11. Open Super Su or MagiskSu once the device boots up. Go to update binaries (if prompted) and tap it to complete the rooting process.

Rooting always comes with risks, therefore, doing initial research is highly recommended. The XDA developer forum is recommended. In addition, it is important you know that rooting will void the device manufacturer's warranty thus you will not be able to exchange or return the device back for repairs in case the device requires any.

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