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Welcome to my Repurposingdiva page. Here is why I chose this user name on VisiHow. I have been a repurposing junkie since before it was popular. How do you start repurposing?


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    Look for items and try to think of what they could be
    I got a free IKEA media tall cabinet and use the shelves for a shoe rack instead.
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    Take an old tall stool
    Cut down the legs to an appropriate height for your seating area and cover it with some fabric and foam. Staple the underside and BAM unique foot rest.
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    Old lamps you find at Second Hand stores can be easily spray painted and made to look new
    Rustoleum makes some amazing spray paint products now.
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    Older kitchen cabinet boxes for upper cabinets can be made into individual toy or storage boxes by laying them flat and securing the back side
    Take an interesting handle and it can become a treasure box for a child's room. Or cover with a vinyl or fabric along with foam or insulation core. Attach small legs that are available in any craft or building supply store and you have a foot rest with storage.
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