Replacing an Ipod touch screen

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So I'm sure by now anyone that still has an iPod probably has some kind of

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crack in there screen, well here are some simple steps to fixing your predicament.


1. Make sure anything you want to keep is backed-up on your iTunes (nothing should really go wrong but unforeseen things happen doing mundane tasks), this way if something goes drastically wrong you won't have to start over. Have your replacement screen on hand along with a flat-head, a small phillips-head screw driver and/or a knife.

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2. Turn your iPod completely off, this will keep from messing the polarization of the LCD in case you get a notification while swapping screens.

3. Now it's going to sound crazy but you need to get an iron and ironing board, using dry heat place the iron on your screen to soften the adhesive. Using the screwdriver or knife pry the damaged screen off.

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4.Once removed take the plastic off the backside showing the adhesive, place onto your iPod and heat with the iron, this should only have to be done once for about 1 and a half minutes to melt the glue. Make sure there are no air pockets under your screen (it will effect the touch sensitivity and accuracy) then proceed to turn on your iPod, if all things were done properly you should now have a good as new iPod screen.

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The iPod Touch from Apple is considered as the most delicate and advanced portable player in the world. The gadget has a very thin glass cover on its top which makes it very fragile. Even one careless drop can make the Apple iPod touch a very expensive paper weight. Thus, it is important to keep your investment very safe. Generally, Apple provides its customers with a one-year limited warranty but you can still extend this with a specific amount to a specific period.

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The Apple iPod basically has two screens: the top protective glass surface and the actual pad itself. The iPod's touch screen or touch pad is also called a digitizer. If something happens to your gadget, here are some valuable information that will help you repair, or even replace parts of your Apple iPod manually.

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Other Tips in Replacing an iPod Touch Screen

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    LCD Digitizer Replacement
    The first thing you need to do when replacing a
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    broken LCD digitizer is to remove your gadget's back plate using a flat-head screwdriver. Simply remove the back plate by sliding the screwdriver in a slit found at the faceplate and the back plate. Do this until the back plate securely pops out. Once done, set your Apply iPod face down on a plane surface like a glass or a table. By this time, you have to remove the battery. Since the battery is glued on the internal part of the unit, you have to raise the iPod carefully, putting a little more effort until the battery is eventually removed. After that, remove the logic board. This is fitted with four screws with the battery. Make sure you keep the screws safely. At this point, you may now take out the LCD digitizer. For this alone, you have to remove all the sixteen tiny screws that protect the LCD. Unplug the damaged or broken LCD by removing the black plug. By then, take the new LCD and replace the same. Finally, fit the back plate and other parts of the iPod by reversing all these steps.
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    Faceplate Replacement
    After you have replaced your LCD, take out your iPod's "Home" button and just set it aside. Put down the faceplate of the gadget, ensuring that it is facing upward, before you heat it up with a hairdryer. This is done to remove the adhesive. After which, attach the faceplate and screen, making sure that you removed the damaged screen. Try fitting the "Home" button of your iPod before securing the replacement screen over the faceplate. When done, warm this faceplate up carefully and slowly using a hairdryer to reinforce the adhesion. Allow the screen to become chilly. Make sure that you check whether this is completely attached with the faceplate or not. Lastly, close your Apple iPod by slowly reversing the above steps carefully.
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Caution When Replacing the iPod Touch Screen

Basically, the logic board of your Apple iPod is attached to its rechargeable battery with a cable. Thus, ensure that you remove the battery and the logic board carefully. Also, since the screws of the iPod are very tiny, make sure you keep in a safe place and that you can easily access them when needed.

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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Note - These steps also work for iPad as well.

T1. If you don't have a replacement screen on hand and need to/ want to order one here is a web site that has screens for a pretty decent price. Go to for affordable screens.

    • Warning - I'm hoping this would be self explanatory but do not overheat your iPod using the iron damage to the motherboard is irreversible and will result in a loss of your iPod and time, thus making you buy a new one anyway.

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