Repair a Damaged Throat from Smoking

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Smoking is one of the worst habits to overcome. It involves inhaling nicotine through cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. The smoke passes through your throat or esophagus so that it can circulate within the respiratory system. The entire lining of the respiratory system is mucous. It has blood vessels that absorb the harmful substances found in cigarette smoke. This absorption results in the damage of the mucous tissues. The damage worsens the longer you smoke. Continuous or sustained damage in the throat due to smoking leads to more severe health issues, such as throat cancer. If you know how to repair a damaged throat from smoking, you may get a second chance at having a healthy throat and a generally healthy body.

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Facts About the Throat

Your throat is one of the most undervalued parts of your body. It can function for both the digestive and the respiratory systems. The throat helps you swallow, speak, sing, breathe, and cough. It's very sensitive because it has nerves and blood vessels that help you feel and channel anything that passes through it. The nerves in the throat enable you to feel pain when you experience a sore throat. Saliva keeps the cells in your throat moist. It also helps repel bacteria by making your throat swallow so these microorganisms can be neutralized by the acids in your stomach.

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What You Need to Know About Smoking

Smoking is a habit that many people, young and old, partake in on daily...hourly. It may be a common thing to see individuals smoking, and you might think they look cool doing it, but it's a dangerous habit. It leads to various ailments, such as elevated body temperature, many different respiratory conditions, cardiovascular diseases, and lung cancer. It also damages your throat over time. Smoking results in throat inflammation, constant coughing, and dry throat. The heat that you get from smoking dries up the throat, resulting in inflammation and pain. The damage causes "smoker's cough", and can make it difficult for you to swallow. It is worsened by the chemicals used in the making of cigarettes. The smoke irritates the throat tissues and therefore increases the mucus production.

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Smoke from tobacco has cancer-causing compounds called carcinogens that cause irritation. They alter the DNA of the throat cells and tissues. The alteration can result in a mutation known as cancer of the throat and mouth. The mutation interrupts the genes' ability to control the division and growth of cells. Normally, cells divide and grow so that they can repair themselves. If they are damaged, this process occurs abnormally. Elevated cell proliferation in the throat can form a tumor or tumors.

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Smoking can damage your throat, but damage can also be caused by inhaling secondhand smoke or passive smoking. The toxins and chemicals in the second hand smoke increase your risk of getting throat cancer. Most throat cancers are caused by smoking. This habit damages the vocal cords, even if you've already stopped smoking. In some cases, surgery may be needed to correct the condition. The length of time smoking influences the extent of the damage. If a person quits smoking, there's a good chance the throat injury won't get worse.

How to Repair a Damaged Throat from Smoking

If you have finally decided to stop smoking, then fixing the damage the smoking has done to your throat is definitely the next thing you have to do. The following are some of the natural ways you can repair your throat that has been damaged by smoking:

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    Hydrate Your Throat And Rest
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    When you smoke, your throat becomes dry. You should hydrate your throat all the time with plenty of clear fluids. You should also rest your throat. Using a humidifier at home will keep the air moist, easing the dryness and any strain on your throat. It also makes it easier for you to breathe.
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    Home Facial Sauna
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    1. Get a bowl and fill it with boiling water.
    2. Add a few drops of liniment or decongestant to the water. Eucalyptus oil works well too.
    3. Cover your head with a towel and make sure the towel also goes over the bowl.
    4. Inhale the warm vapors deeply. The mentholated vapors will ease your throat's pain and relax the blood vessels in your throat.
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    Gargle With Salt Water
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    This reduces throat inflammation. It also improves the flow of blood in the throat that encourages healing.  
    1. Get a tumbler.
    2. Fill it with warm (not boiling or hot) water.
    3. Dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in it.
    4. Sip some of the water and gargle with it.
    5. Do not swallow the salt water. Spit it out.
    6. Do this about three to four times, several times every day.
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    Use Herbs
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    1. Gather cumin seeds, basil, and ginger. Choose one herb and add it to water.
    2. Drink the infusion or gargle with it.
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    Keep away from oily foods.
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    Use Tea and Honey
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    The honey will coat the throat and soothe the inflammation.
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    Eat Ice Cream
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    The cold will tone down the inflammation and ease the pain.
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    Consume Warm Soups and Drinks
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    The warmth increases the blood flow in the throat so that healing can take place.
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Smoking is a difficult habit to stop. If you are a smoker, quitting sooner rather than later will increase your chances of better health, and decrease the damage already done to your throat. Throat damage due to smoking can still be repaired. If you stop the habit early. This will prevent the worsening of your throat's condition, which may lead to cancer.


  • Always consult your doctor about the remedies you use for your throat repair.
  • Ask your doctor for antioxidants you can take. These will hasten throat repair.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink warm, relaxing tea to help repair your throat.
  • Exercise regularly so that you can maintain good circulation in your body.

Questions and Answers

How can I fix a damaged esophagus due to smoking?

One of the most important things you need to do is quit smoking right away. It will not be easy. There is no quick fix when you've already sustained damage to your esophagus, even after you quit smoking, but just stopping will help.

It's best to get advice from your doctor. Some doctors may require surgery, although this would depend on the case. Never self-medicate, as that can only make the situation worse.

Is a humidifier helpful for healing lungs that have been damaged by second hand smoke?

A humidifier will help your breathing, but it won't be effective if your intention is to heal damaged lungs. If you know for a fact your lungs have been damaged, you have to seek professional advice from your doctor.

Overall, a humidifier can help in making the air you breathe cleaner, but it will not cure any existing lung diseases.

I've been around second hand smoke all my life, and it started damaging my throat. When I was young, I tried allergy shots for chemicals for a year. It still didn't clear all the irritation and phlegm and I've also been taking a smokers detox remedy online for 6 months, and it's getting worse. What can be done?

I've been on allergy shots a year for smoke and been taking smokers detox remedy, and it is still just as bad. The irritation and phlegm are worse. Nothing helps. What can be done?

Follow the steps outlined in the article above. Phlegm can cause severe irritation to the throat. The salt gargle will help with the healing process. You might also want to consider drinking warm tea with honey. The honey will coat your throat and create a healing environment. Stay away from hot liquids or icy drinks. Avoid drinks with fizz such as sparkling water and soft drinks.

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Can negligible pain in left side of my throat be repaired naturally?

I have a very negligible pain occurring for 1-2 minutes. It occurs very rarely. I am 32. I quit smoking 2 months ago. During the smoking period, I used to smoke 8 cigarettes a day. I have tried: Alcohol and cigarettes. I think it was caused by: Smoking

As long as the cause is not an infection such as strep throat, you can repair this naturally. Your vocal nodules or lymph nodes in that region may be inflamed. To treat this use the salt gargle. This will increase the blood flow to that area. Make a notation immediately when the pain appears again. Include what you were doing such as swallowing or speaking. This will help you to determine further how to avoid causing that pain.

What kind of herb can I use to repair my damaged throat muscles from smoking?

My throat hurts and it is hard for me to swallow. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Smoking.

Fresh basil leaves steeped in warm water for 15 minutes are an excellent way to repair damage from smoking to your throat. If you are still smoking, you will want to limit the amount that you smoke in a day. Start in intervals of one hour. If you can make it one hour without smoking, then see if you can go another hour. You also can set an amount that you will smoke daily and when that runs out, do not refill until the following day.

I have white spots in the throat, and now it has become red and inflamed?

I had white spots in the throat since how many days I don't know. I just found out it 3 weeks ago. Now I am having congestion in the throat with the throat has become red and inflamed. I am a smoker, and I smoke 2-4 cigarettes a day since 6 years. What should I do? I have no pain in the throat, but sometimes while swallowing, I feel a little bit of pain. But that is negligible. I do not have a fever and any other conditions. what should I do?. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Smoking and drinking

White spots on the throat with the swelling indicate that you need to seek the advice of your physician. This can be caused by strep throat or a yeast thrush, for instance. Both of these need medical attention to clear up. Strep throat does not always present with a fever.

I am smoking since 2 years and I have slight pain sometimes near my heart?

While running or sometimes I just feel it

This could be caused by Angina or the way that you are breathing while running. If the pain lasts longer than 15 minutes, consult with a physician. Stomach acid can also cause irritation when running. If you are running on an empty stomach, then the acid is sloshing all around. Many runners ingest a protein shake or eat something about 30 minutes before they run to avoid this.

I've had a sore throat for two weeks, should I be scared? I already am?

I quit smoking but looking back now the smoking seemed to bother my throat. I just started going to college a few months ago, and I had midterms a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't sleep hardly for 4 days. Running around in the rain to do errands, lack of sleep and stress, I ended up with a throat infection. I've been on antibiotics for 4 days, and it feels a little better, but still dry and very slightly irritated. I'm starting to get really scared. I'm in nursing school studying illnesses, so that doesn't help my anxiety. I have tried: Amoxicillin, gargling, vitamins and plenty of clear liquids. I think it was caused by: The smoking I did for 24 years.

You are taking antibiotics due to a throat infection. They are not a magic bullet to immediately cure the throat. The gargling is helping to increase the blood flow, but if you overdo it, you can cause further tissue irritation. Some throat infections do not have diminished symptoms until about day 7 of antibiotic treatment.

Is it too late to heal myself? When have I passed the point of no return?

Hi my throat feels fine so do my lungs but sometimes I get minor pains can I still heal my body?. I have tried: Natural healing Raw foods exercise and of course prayer. I think it was caused by: Smoking 100%

Every day that you are not smoking is another day your body can keep healing itself. The intermittent pain can be caused by a variety of factors and not just the past smoking that you did. Things like inflammation in the joints can cause pain randomly. Perhaps your exercise routine is causing slight injury without you realizing it. Switch to low impact exercise for a week to see if you notice a difference.

Hi, today I am feeling some uneasiness in my throat during swallow?

Hi, today I am feeling some uneasiness in my throat during swallow

Start a salt gargle immediately. Then steep some ginger root in hot water for 15 minutes. Add honey and drink this three times a day. If you still have a sore throat after a week or begin to have a fever then make a doctor's appointment.

I am unable to clear my throat and at times while speaking my voice loses its pitch?

I've been smoking for 14 years now, and this has increased within the past one year or so. Although I ensure not to smoke while consuming Alcohol and drink plenty of water after every smoke, I feel slight pain at times. My situation is losing of Pitch while speaking and trying to clear throat with no success. I have tried: I've not tried anything except drinking lot of water. I think it was caused by: Excessive Smoking has resulted in throat infection. I never faced this problem earlier as I've been smoking for years now, but since the time I've increased smoking, this is getting worse.

The heat and chemicals from cigarettes irritate and inflame your throat tissue. So each extra cigarette you have smoked has caused your throat to become extremely irritated. You could have a throat infection, but if you have no fever, then it is the increased smoking that has caused this. As we age, we also may lose pitch. Combine that with your smoking and your voice will continue to deteriorate. While drinking water after a cigarette is better than nothing, it does not help as much as one would think it does.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. If you value your singing and speaking voice, the best course is to begin a process of stopping. You will have increased mucous after you quit for the first three months. This is caused by your body removing the toxins. Seek the advice of an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to see if your damage can be repaired.

What type of doctor should I see? And does smoking also affects the kidney?

I want to quit smoking and I did, but I cannot really stop it at once since I've been smoking since high-school and now I'm 29, I smoke once or twice a week till I forget it. Now I want to cure my lungs and throat because sometimes I've difficulty breathing and my throat is very dry. My voice also changed, when I talk it's horrible. I drink water to hydrate but I can only feel the dryness. My urine is also brown and orange. If I am experiencing a very dry throat and change of voice and difficulty breathing due to smoking, at what level am I now of getting cancer? I'm also experiencing having brown and orange urine though I drink but not a lot because when I drink too much I'm exhausted of going back and forth to the CR every five minutes till all the fluids I drank are gone, diagnosed with PCOS after not having menstrual period for 3 years up to now, Is all of that due to my long time smoking? What type of doctor should I see?

You should see an Endocrinologist to treat your PCOS. One of the traits of PCOS is that your body mimics diabetes insulin levels. You also could actually be diabetic. Have your blood sugar tested. The Endocrinologist may send you to a Nephrologist who specializes in kidney disease depending on your levels. You should speak to your doctor about Metformin which is a medication to control your insulin levels and help with PCOS symptoms.

After vaping a little bit it is hard to breathe and my vocal cords are not functioning properly. Am I in danger?

Hello,. . I am a 17 year old boy that has a bunch of friends who are really into "Vaping." Over the last 2 months I have been vaping socially with them (very little on the weekends). Last weekend I vaped a little more than usual, and woke up with a sore throat the following morning. My symptoms got progressively worse (hard to breathe, and my vocal cords are hoarse). I then consulted my doctor, but I did not tell them about my habit out of fear that my family would be told. He gave me an inhaler, which has been helping with my lungs, but my vocals cords are recovering alarmingly slow. It has been 5 days and my vocal cords still feel very hoarse, and it is nearly impossible for me to hit high notes. I have officially quit vaping and I don't plan on messing with it ever again, but my question is: Are my vocal cords permanently damaged? I am an avid singer and I now realize that vaping is terrible for my vocal cords, but I haven't been smoking for long at all. Even when I do it is very little... Am I in danger of losing my singing voice? Thank you. This concerns Vaping, not smoking. It is also more focused on the vocal cord symptom. I have tried: I have an inhaler for my lungs now, but for my vocal cords I have just been resting, drinking tea w/ honey, taking advil, and drinking lots of water. I think it was caused by: I am not really sure? Like I mentioned earlier this is not from years and years of vaping... During that weekend I vaped a lot more than usual, cheered at a volleyball game and ruined my voice, ran a 5k and had an asthma attack at the end of it and that's pretty much it.

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As a smoker any natural remedies to protect my throat?

My throat hurts and itches been happening 2 week now .. I also spit mucus.

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Can smoking .6% nicotine from a e-cigarette result to having medium sized red bumps on the back of your throat or do I have strep throat? How can I help my throat not hurt anymore because I also have difficulty talking. I tend to always have to clear my voice?

Hey, so here's the deal I've been vaping for 5 months. I started with .2% nic for 3 months and now I'm up to .6% for the past 2 months. 2 weeks ago I got a really bad sore throat, I couldn't talk and I had the worst cough. So I had to quit for that time period until my sore throat healed. Since the really bad sore throat I have had these medium sized red inflamed bumps on the back of my throat. When I vape my throat doesn't hurt though.I drink a lot of liquids because I am a athlete so I always make sure to stay hydrated. My main concern is, are those bumps like a tumor or strep throat, mono, throat cancer? I'm really concerned and scared. Do I need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics? Thank you!

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I vaped for a week with a cig that sometimes burnt my throat?

It's been a month, although better I feel I should be doing something to heel. let me know what I should be doing thank you E. Interested on how to heal after the burn tried cough drops a stuff like that, although better it still bothers me some. it's been over a month. It was bad and know it's better, but still there

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