Removing Makeup Stains from the Skin

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Most makeups are designed not to stain the skin, but there may be times that your skin is noticeably stained by the beauty cosmetic that you use. This most especially happens when you are rushing around in the morning because you are almost late for work. You did not notice that your skin has makeup stains on it. When you get to the office, your colleagues tell you that you have makeup stains on your face.

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What should you do? The first thing that you should do is to wipe it off with water. A plain water to remove makeup stains may not be effective. You still have to scrub and rinse your face many times, so that the makeup will completely remove. There are other things that you can try to remove makeup stains. Interested? Below are some great tips on how you can remove makeup stains from the skin:

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Helpful Tips on Removing Makeup Stains from the Skin:

  1. 1
    Begin by wiping the area with a quality oil-free makeup remover
    It is important that you avoid cheaper brands as they don't tend to be as effective. Makeup removers from quality brands are the best choices, as they can remove makeup stains from your skin, especially mascaras and foundations. These tend to sit on the skin and can be slightly difficult to remove.
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    Wash your face with a facial soap that is designed to help unclog pores
    Wash your face with warm water to open your pores and follow this with cool water, as this can help the opened pores to close up. If you have open pores, you can be prone to pimples, white and blackheads. Washing your face with the right soap can help remove makeup on your skin.
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    Use a honey and oil cleansing method
    If you use an oil cleansing method, then it is also a great way to remove makeup stains from your skin. Olive oil and castor oil can help remove makeup stains. You can also try adding honey to your oil cleansing method, which is also helpful in removing makeup stains. How to do this? Follow the steps below on how to do so:  
    1. Add a few drops of honey to your preferred oil and mix. (A list of oils for different types of skin is listed below.)
    2. Apply a generous amount of oil to your palms of your hands and rub them thoroughly.
    3. Apply some to your face and massage firmly and slowly. This can help remove makeup stains and even relax your muscles.
    4. Use a washcloth and soak it into warm water. Place it on your face and allow it to sit there for 15 seconds to open the pores.
    5. Rinse your face thoroughly until the excess oil is removed. Your skin will then become cleaner and smoother.
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  4. 4
    Baking soda and honey-ermin.jpg
    Use a baking soda and honey to remove makeup stains
    Oil is quite greasy and you might not like it. You can try using a baking soda and honey to remove makeup from the skin. Below are some things and steps that you will need and do:
    1. Things you will need:  
      1. 1/2 tsp. of honey
      2. 1/2 tsp. of baking soda
      3. A washcloth
    2. Procedure:  
      1. Damp the washcloth with warm water.
      2. Add the honey into the damp cloth and sprinkle it with baking soda.
      3. Splash some water to your face and then scrub the cloth to your face smoothly and firmly.
      4. Rinse your face three times until your face is completely clean.
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  5. 5
    Apple cider vinegar-ermin.jpg
    Use apple cider vinegar to remove makeup stains from the skin (This is not applicable for cleaning eye makeups)
    You can try this method after following the previous method. Baking soda can exfoliate and remove PH balance in your skin. Hence, your face will be prone to pimple breakouts. To avoid this, you should then follow it up with apple cider vinegar method. This vinegar can help bring back the healthy skin you have.  
    1. Things you will need:  
      1. A cotton ball
      2. 4 drops of apple cider vinegar
    2. Procedure:  
      1. Wet your cotton ball with water and drop 4 drops of apple cider vinegar into it.
      2. Apply it to your skin where there is makeup. Swipe it on your face over and over until you see there is no trace of makeup left.
      3. Rinse your face with cool water. This will close up open pores.
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  6. 6
    Use an oil to clean your face
    If you are in a hurry, you can try a simple method to remove makeup stains. You do not need anything except oil and a cotton ball. You can choose the right one among the oils listed below for your skin:
    1. Jojoba oil. This is for all skin types but is more desirable for acne-prone skin.
    2. Apricot kernel. This is for a dry, aging, and normal skin.
    3. Sweet almond. This is for all skin types, most especially oily skin.
    4. Grape-seed oil. This is the same with the sweet almond.
    5. Avocado oil. This is for aging and dry skin.
    6. Sunflower seed. This is for all skin types.
    7. Argan oil. This is a bit pricey but is good for all skin types most especially aging skin.
    8. Tamanu oil. This is a bit pricey as well but is suitable for all skin types.
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Tips & Warnings:

  • Do not use coconut oil, as this can clog your pores and cause pimple breakouts.
  • Avoid using baby wipes to remove makeup. They will often smear the makeup as opposed to cleaning it up.
  • Waterproof makeup can be removed with petroleum jelly.
  • The same approach can be utilized on Halloween and costume makeup.
  • Be careful when applying any treatment around the eyes. Some can cause discomfort or blindness.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, do not use too much oil to apply to your face. This can cause pimple breakouts.

Questions and Answers

My daughter has been lazy over a period of time removing her makeup and has 2 stains on her face, how can she remove them?

What does she use? she has 2 patches

Hopefully, your daughter has learned a valuable lesson when it comes to makeup removal, because unfortunately when left on for a while, makeup can cause some excessive acne.

A great way to remove makeup that has caused stains on the skin is to purchase an oil-based makeup remover, with some soft cotton balls. You may want to suggest to your daughter to purchase makeup that is NOT waterproof since waterproof makeup seems to be quite difficult to be removed. You can purchase these two products from any cosmetics aisle in a pharmacy, such as shoppers drug mart or Walmart.

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What home remedies can I use to remove makeup stains?

I have this makeup that stains and I don't like using makeup remover wipes. What else can I use?

There are quite a few people who are on your side with the makeup removal wipes, personally, they leave my skin oily, therefore, I do not use them. At home, I use quite a few natural makeup removal tricks that I will share with you!

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  • Milk is one of the natural ways I use in order to cleanse my face and remove makeup, I put about one tablespoon of almond oil into a cup of milk and wash my face as usual with a washcloth. This usually leaves my face refreshed and oil free.
  • Cucumber is also another great makeup remover, it also helps decrease swelling in the face. If you simply cut up a cucumber and rub the slices over the stained makeup areas you should have no problem removing the makeup without using harsh chemicals.
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How do I remove Halloween costume makeup stains from my face?

I used cheap makeup as part of my Halloween costume and it took forever to get off the next day?. I have tried: Soap and water and makeup remover. I think it was caused by: People noticed the stains from makeup at work or I would have never noticed them.

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How do you remove Black eye crayon smears off my hands?

I have a large black eyeliner stick that busted in the side of my school bag and I pulled it out and now its all over my hands. I have tried 8 different soaps and none are working. PLEASE HELP. I have tried all of them and nothing is working I'm starting to freak out now.

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