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First of all, we need to know exactly what a computer virus is. It is a piece of software or code, that makes copies of itself, and goes from one computer to another. Viruses cause damaging effects to your computer. I know, I have been the victim! A virus can cause your computer to run very sluggish, erase files, crash, or not completely function at all. Also, your Web Browser might appear to look different and will go to a site you are not familiar with, this indicates a Malware virus. There are different kinds of viruses out there. Here are a few:

1. Hijacker Virus- Can be the result of a voluntary download. This "hijacks" browser functions, and can redirect the person automatically to particular sites.

2. Email Virus- An email virus can destroy information, cause the computer to crash, and erase files.

3. Boot Sector Virus- a virus that infects a part of the computer called the sector. These sectors are on storage media,such as hard drives, discs, and CD's.

4. File Virus- a virus that enters its malicious code into executable files on a system.

Now, we will talk about the ways we can take to protect ourselves from viruses. You can buy an Anti-Virus Scan software. What it does is scans your computer, and detects and removes viruses. You can download Anti Viruses on the internet. Here are a few good ones I recommend:

How can you tell if your computer has Viruses

If you answer any of the following below with Yes", Then your computer might have been infected with a Virus from the internet or from the program you install from unknown resources.

Are you getting an Unexpected messages or having programs starting automatically on your computer?

There are some Virus that can damage your program files or to Windows files. This result to unexpected error messages that you would encounter on your computer. Whether your desktop or Laptop computer.

Some programs that you will be running will start on closing automatically and Windows will be shutting down unexpectedly.

With your Modem or Hard disk working overtime?

This works as and email virus by sending multiple copies of itself. It sends multiple copies to your email address and some of those that you would click the link from the content which automatically send virus.

One of the indicators of this is on your Broadband modem that the activity or internet light would constantly lit. Another indicator is with your Hard Disk that keeps on making squeaking sound. Please note, This is not always a virus indication of a computer but when combined to other cause or problems can indicate a virus infection on your Laptop or desktop computer.

Is your computer running slow?

Some viruses can affect the performance of your computer and making it slow. You need to consider some other reasons for having slow performance, such as the Hard disk that you need to clean up and defragmenting.

Your computer might need more RAM or Memory, an existence of spyware or an Adware on your computer.

Signs of Spyware on your computer

  1. 1
    There will be new links, toolbars and favorites on your web browser that you did not add.
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  2. 2
    Programs, Homepages and mouse pointer and even search programs change unexpectedly.
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  3. 3
    Whenever accessing a certain website or websites, it automatically directs you to another website
    Which you would find it as unrelated.
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  4. 4
    Even if you do not have internet access on your computer
    You keep on getting pop up ads.
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  5. 5
    Computer is running too slow
    Again, not all computer performance issue are caused by viruses or spyware as per mentioned above. However, the slowness and changes are very noticeable.
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Sometimes, there is no indication that you have spyware on your computer. Even if the program is running. Simply run Windows defender or Anti-spyware at least twice a week to protect your privacy.

Detect viruses using Microsoft Safety Scanner

This steps will help you what are the name of the viruses on your computer and to remove them manually. Simply go to Microsoft Safety Scanner and download the program and install it on your computer. This program will help you detect viruses on your computer.

If you cannot go online on your computer. Simply go to safe mode and networking on your computer

  1. 1
    Restart your computer
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  2. 2
    Once the manufacturer's logo appears on screen
    Key on pressing the F8 key button until you get the Advanced Boot Options on your computer screen.
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  3. 3
    On the menu, select on Safe mode and networking
    Use the navigational arrow buttons on the keyboard and enter to select.
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  4. 4
    Once the computer is ready, go to the web page and download the Microsoft Safety Scanner
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Can I remove viruses without anti-virus?

Yes you can. Sometimes, a virus must be remove manually on your computer. This kind of method is not being advised to regular users of computer. This can only be done by experienced with the Windows registry to view and delete system programs files in Windows.

virus name can be identified by running antivirus. If ever, that your antivirus is outdated or does not detect the virus. There is still a way to identify it by looking for behavior and looking for other clues that you need to write it down on a piece of paper.

Go to an Antivirus vendor website for your reference then search for the name of the virus that you wrote down and get the instructions on how to remove it. Upon deleting files in the registry, it can cause OS malfunction which you need to reinstall the missing files(The files that you deleted in the registry).

It is best that you make a back up at least once a month. Back up your computer files and always made a back up every end of the month. Every end of the month, do a regular scan to detect viruses.

Just in case that your computer might get infected again, at least you can easily restore them. If you have not make a back up yet, I suggest that you start making now.

How can I prevent viruses on my computer?

  1. 1
    Using pop up blocker on a browser
    This is a small Windows browser security. This is to prevent viewing websites with pop ups that contains malicious or unsafe codes. This is a blocker feature in Internet Explorer is enabled by default.
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  2. 2
    Keep Windows updated
    Microsoft always releasing security updates that can protect your computer. These updates prevent viruses and other malicious attacks from the internet.
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  3. 3
    Use browser's privacy settings
    This would help your private information secure to avoid Fraud and identity thief.
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  4. 4
    Clear internet browsing history and Cache
    Some of the websites that you have accessed contains or asked for your full name, address and other personal information. It is best that you delete history on your browser every day.
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Steps To Protect Your Computer

1. Buy an Anti-Virus scan Software Or Firewall Protection. These will examine your computer, and detect and remove any virus you might have. If you can't afford to buy one, there are free ones you can download on the internet. Search online for the most popular and safe ones to use, or ask a close trusted friend which is the best one to use.

2. Beware of Web Downloads and Email Attachments, and Network Sharing. Don't open any attachments from people you are not familiar with.

Virus Protectors

  • Bitdefender 2013
  • Norton AntiVirus
  • AVG Antivirus (Free download available)
  • McAfee Microsoft Safety Scanner


  • Make sure your virus protector is updated on a regular basis.
  • Watch Out For Pop Up Ads, you may get a virus.
  • Be on the alert for "fake antivirus" software.

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Sorry had hidden virus for over a year in about to give up as it follows from device to device it's already killed 3?

This is a tablet virus just goes from one to another normally occupying the device keyboard as smiley face everything has been tried and failed. Difficult to explain why I can't get rid of this will the anti virus list you suggest have all been tried as have solarwinds and norton. I have tried: Honestly everything Android website came close to identifying it as null// smiley face with flags folder virus I have no idea what any of that means? I think it was caused by: May have been VIP league streaming soccer games from an unknown soarse

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