Remove Cat Urine Odor Naturally

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Are you a cat person? Many people who own felines are been faced with the task of getting rid of the stench of cat urine found lingering in various areas of their home. If not treated properly, stench of cat urine can become a big problem.

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As an owner, when your beloved cat answers the call of nature, you have a couple of things to expect. Unfortunately, sometimes your cat will urinate on her favourite spot inside your home. It could be your furniture, a cozy corner, the carpet, or worse your bed. This situation requires serious attention to avoid further problems.

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Once the cat urine soaks into the fabric/material/carpet/wooden floor, the nasty aroma of cat urine will be extremely difficult to get rid of. For cat owners, it is vital to learn the importance of home remedies for getting rid of the famously pungent stench of cat urine.

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Reasons Why Do Cats Urinate on your Stuff?

  1. 1
    Is it Kitty Revenge
    There are a lot of people who believe cats urinate in areas of your home other than the litter box, is an act of feline revenge. It may be the reason people want to hear to understand why their cats are doing something they find offensive, however, the act of revenge requires high cognitive level that primarily cats do not have. Unlike human beings, the act of urinating is not an act of revenge or offensive for felines, which is why they don't really care where they drop the bomb.
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  2. 2
    Kitty's Medical Problems
    One of the most important factors to consider and have checked when your cat is expelling urine all over your place, is the possibility of a health condition. The cat may be experiencing a urinary tract infection or some other urinary tract problem. Having a urinary tract infection is one of the major reasons why the cat does not have control over its bladder, and cannot make it to the litter box.
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  3. 3
    Other Health Concerns
    A urinary tract infection or similar problem is not the only health factor as to why a cat does not urinate in their litter box. The reasons may include the following:  
    1. Painful Defecation
    2. Decreased Control of Defection
    3. Liver Disease
    4. Thyroid Disease
    5. Kidney Disease
    6. Intestinal Parasites
    7. Arthritis
    8. Tumor in the Intestines
    9. Inflammation on the Colon or Rectum
    10. Other Age Related-Health Disorders (decreases cat's function)
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  4. 4
    Cat's Behaviour
    Other common reasons why cats urinate in various areas in your home may have more to do with typical kitty behaviour. These include the following:
    1. Marking Territory: When the cat senses there is another cat nearby, whether it's their fellow housemate or a stranger, they normally perceive it as a threat. They therefore acknowledge their presence or authority to other cats by sending a message through urinating on certain areas inside the house. This let other cats know the existence of their presence.
    2. Favouritism: When a cat tries to urinate on certain areas inside your home and seems to prefer a certain area, they commonly stick to that area as their favourite spot to urinate in.
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Litter Box Issues

Litter boxes are specially made to attract a cat's attention, when they need to answer nature's call. Hence, if your feline is not urinating in the litter box, the problem might be the litter box itself why the cat prefers other spots in the house, other than the litter box. Here are some litter box issues:

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  • Scent of the Litter Box.
    Most litter boxes sold in the stores have scents that cats may find irritating.
  • Litter Texture.
    Cats may be the cutest and most adorable species of pets on the planet, but behind the cuteness, cats are very choosy when it comes to the right texture of their litter box. They prefer finer textured clumping litter compared to rough and non-clumping type of litter.
  • Harsh Experience.
    When the cat has had a negative experience urinating in the litter box, it is very difficult for that cat to urinate there again.
  • Dirty/Unclean Litter Box
    If the litter box is too dirty or has not been cleaned, basically they will urinate in other areas inside your home.
  • Size of the Litter Box.
    When buying a litter box for your cat, make sure to buy the size that they are comfortable with.

Getting Rid of Cat Urine Stench Using Home Remedies

Removing the smelly urine that your cat sprayed all over the different areas inside your home is not that expensive to do. The various ingredients needed for the different remedies can easily be found inside your home.

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  1. 1
    Vinegar, Water and Baking Soda Mixture
    1. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water.
    2. Pour 2-4 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it thoroughly. Although baking soda is not essential, it aids an extra kick to remove the smelly cat urine.
    3. Use the mixture as a solution for removing the smell.
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    1. Pour white vinegar or any kind of vinegar into a medium bowl.
    2. Place the bowl in the middle of room or areas affected by the cat's urine.
    3. Make sure to close all the window and doors.
    4. Vinegar works as a natural deodorizer and absorbs/eliminates smelly urine that your cat has left behind.
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  • 3
    Vinegar and Laundry Detergent
    Laundry detergent may have a strong scent and is capable of removing a lot of smelly things. However laundry detergent alone cannot totally eliminate the smell of cat urine in clothes and bedding. A combination of vinegar and laundry detergent can do the trick to get rid of it.  
    1. To begin, add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to your normal laundry detergent into the laundry machine. (Note: no need to buy expensive laundry detergent, even the cheapest detergent will work fine)
    2. Start the washer.
    3. Let it dry.
    4. Use this method on your bedding, rugs, clothing, or other items that can be washed.
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  • 4
    Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture
    1. Mix a quarter cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 1 ½ spoonful of dish detergent.
    2. Wet the area where the cat has urinated with this solution.
    3. Sprinkle baking soda generously on the wet spot, and leave it for 10-20 minutes. (Hydrogen peroxide mixture and baking soda will absorb the smell.)
    4. After 10-20 minutes, scrub the affected area with water and detergent.
    5. Allow it to dry.
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  • 5
    Charcoal is not only best for barbecues, but it is also a great home remedy for removing cat urine stench. Say goodbye to the awful cat smell.  
    1. Pour charcoal into a box or bowl.
    2. Combine charcoal with small amount of baking soda.
    3. Place the charcoal in each designated room and make sure to keep it hidden.
    4. Charcoal, when combined with baking soda, is a great duo for absorbing the stench of the urine.
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  • Reasons to Use Home Remedies

    1. 1
      It is cheaper
      You do not need to make an expensive investment or rent equipment to remove your cat's smelly urine.
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    2. 2
      It's easy to do
      The methods are quite simple and they really work to remove the smell.
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    3. 3
      Hiring manpower will only cost you more money
      There is no need for assistance if you're using home remedies to get rid of your cat urine stench.
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    4. 4
      Save time and energy
      Eighty percent of the materials needed for home remedies can be found inside your home. No need to go to supermarkets, unless you do not have ingredients in stock.
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    Tips, Tricks and Warnings

    • Try to walk your cat outside.
      Every cat loves to walk with their master once in a while. It also helps lessen the incidence of urinating inside your home.
    • There are areas that cat's sprayed their urine that are hard to reach, and for some reason it is their favorite spot.
      Be ready to do some steam cleaning, which is the best option for areas that are hard to reach.
    • Train your cat.
      Cats can be trained if you have the patience and determination to train them.
    • Do not forget to have your cat checked by a veterinarian quarterly or annually to make sure he is healthy.
    • Choose only the right food for your cat.
      There are some cat foods that can affect the behavior of your cat, especially regarding their urinating habits.
    • Watch your own health.
      There are some owners who seem to be able to adapt to the smell of cat urine. By the time they are aware of it, the stench has already affected their health.
    • Before adding a new feline member to your household, make sure you are know what your duties and responsibilities are.

    Questions and Answers

    Do you know how to remove cat urine odor from clothes?

    I have a male cat that has sprayed all over my laundry basket. I have tried: I have tried Febreeze, but it is not getting the odor out. What can I use in the wash? I think it was caused by: The cat is territorial and old enough to start mating so he is marking his territory.

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    This smell is hard to remove, as male cats mark their territory with a special odorous secretion. There are several methods of fighting the odor:

    • Camphor spirit removes the smell very well. Treat the marked clothes with camphor spirit. It has a spruce-like fragrance that will fade quite fast, and yet the cats will not approach the treated clothes;
    • Wash and rinse the clothes in a vinegar solution with water (1 tablespoon of vinegar per 1 liter, or 34 ounces, of water);
    • Wash the clothes in a liquid ammonia solution (no more than 1 part of liquid ammonia per 16 parts of water);
    • Do NOT wash clothes with any remedies containing chlorine.
    • Purchase ready-made solutions in stores, for example, Just for Cats - Stain & Odor Remover.
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    It is possible that the smell will remain even after trying everything at home. Then, bring your clothes to the dry cleaner's and explain your problem for a purposeful and effective solution.

    How to get rid of the old cat's spray smell?

    Hi, we moved to a flat which is really full of old cat spray smell. We got rid of all the old furniture, cleaned the floor and the carpets, ventilated the flat for a couple of weeks but still every time we get in we can smell that odor, please advise, thanks.. I have tried: Cleaned the carpets, got rid of the old furniture, changed the wooden floor, got new curtains.. I think it was caused by: The person who used to live there had a cat and it did a very good job spraying all over the flat

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