Remove Acne Scars

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Almost any woman would love to have flawless, perfect skin. Some girls are lucky enough to have this naturally without having to do much to maintain it. Unfortunately, there are also those who are not as blessed.

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For girls between their teenage years and adulthood, it sometimes seems that nothing can be as irritating as waking up in the morning with a zit on the face. You may be willing to do anything just to make it disappear instantly. Whether you admit it or not, pimples can affect your self-confidence, especially when you have to face and talk to people.

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Perhaps even worse than the breakouts, the most "frightening" experience that one has to face is dealing with post-acne scars. These are the dark spots that constantly remind you that you once had every girl's nightmare - pimples. Those who like squeezing their zits, thinking that it is the fastest way to get rid of them, are most prone to developing these scars

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There are different procedures offered nowadays in order for you to solve this problem. Most dermatology clinics offer professional skin care and facial treatments or even chemical peels. Certainly, this is the best thing to do provided that you have the funds and resources. The worst part is, what if your wallet won't permit you?

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Well, fret no more! There are DIY medication today that one can do in order to lessen or eliminate (for good) those nasty dark scars and spots. And what's even better is that, all the things you need are readily available in the comfort your own home!

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So better hurry and go to the kitchen to grab these ingredients.


  • 4 tablespoons honey
    Honey 1.jpg
  • 3 teaspoons yogurt (unflavored)
    Plain yogurt.jpg
  • 1 egg white
  • 4 teaspoons lemon juice


  1. 1
    Whip the egg white until it becomes a little fluffy
    (You may use an egg whipper to save time; if you don't have one, you may use fork.)

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  2. 2
    Mix in 4 tablespoons of honey

    Remove Acne Scars 22873.jpg
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  3. 3
    Add 3 tablespoons of yogurt

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  4. 4
    Lastly, add in 3 teaspoons of lemon juice

    Remove Acne Scars 26302.jpg
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  5. 5
    Make sure to mix everything well, until it becomes thicker
    (If you don't want a thick mixture, you can add in more lemon juice.):

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  6. 6
    Clean your face following, your own facial cleaning ritual.
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  7. 7
    Be sure to pat it dry completely before putting on the mixture

    Remove Acne Scars 21643.jpg
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  8. 8
    Apply the mixture to your face and let it stay for 15-20 minutes, or until your face starts to feel tight and dry

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  9. 9
    After that, rinse it with warm water

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  10. 10
    You may rub an ice cube or splash your face with a cold water just to close the pores

    Facewithicecube 1.jpg
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  11. 11
    Pat it dry and apply moisturizer.
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  • Do this every night, before going to sleep
  • Make sure to use sunblock every morning to avoid dark pigmentation
  • If you want a quick fix for your acne scars, you may use your own choice of concealer, but remember, this is just temporary.
  • To avoid scarring, do not prick or squeeze your pimples. Just let them dry on their own. It may take time, but at least you won't have scar problems in the end.
  • Since this remedy is organic and natural, be patient in applying this to your face. It may take one or two months to completely remove all the dark spots, but your face will get better every day. Anyway, chemicals are bad for the face, so it is better to choose natural products.
  • Just in case you have mixture leftover, you may put it in the fridge and use it again within three weeks.

Questions and Answers

How to eliminate acne doing facial?

Acne is a type of skin disease where the hair follicles are blocked by dirt, dead skin cells or sebaceous oil. Facial cleansers and facial masks efficiently helps in removing dead skin cells and unblocks hair follicles reducing the formation of acne. It also helps in removing the excess oil in the face, nourishes the skin to make it more smoother and enhances the ability of the skin to heal itself. Doing a one-time facial treatment on your face will not properly eliminate your acne, but rather, it takes several facial treatments to effectively eliminate acne.

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Below are some tips to effectively reduce and manage your acne:

  • Scrub gently. In doing a home-recipe facial treatment, gently scrub the mixture on your whole face for 2 to 3 minutes to gently exfoliate your skin from dead skin cells leading to the formation of acne.
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  • Leave the mixture. After applying the mixture, leave the facial mixture on your face for 10 to 20 minutes. Leaving the mixture on your face will make your skin effectively absorbs all the nutrients present in the ingredients used and to allow their natural antibacterial and cleansing properties to fully take effect.
  • Use oatmeal and lemon juice as facial ingredients. Oatmeal effectively absorbs the oil and it gently exfoliate the skin and the lemon juice contain citric acid which helps in killing bacteria causing acne. To use, extract the juice of lemons onto a small bowl and add equal parts of oatmeal. Mix the mixture and apply it on your face then rinse after 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water. Rinsing with ice-cold water will efficiently close your skin pores reducing excessive oil secretions on your face preventing acne formations.
  • Do facial treatments several times a week. Doing several facial treatments will help you effectively reduce and eliminate your acne on your face.

The tips provided above are some of the effective ways to eliminate acne when doing several facial treatments.

How do I feel better about my acne?

Since a few years ago, I've had what I thought was horrible acne but now it's gotten even worse and my mom won't let me put on makeup to cover up. I feel horrible and disgusting and just try to hide. What can I do?. I have tried: I guess I've tried just keeping my face clean and it works OK.. I think it was caused by: I think it's just regular teen hormones, but I know it's not of the cystic kind.

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