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Stress is a psychological state caused by both environmental factors such as job strain, pollution, or relationship problems, and physiological conditions such as chronic diseases or infections. If stress is not controlled properly, it can affect daily routines and can even cause emotional struggles and depression. In worse cases, stress can lead to fatal diseases such as increased risk of heart attack or diabetes. There are a lot of regimens to fight stress, although physicians do not recommend taking drugs to lower the level of hormones that trigger stress. You can release stress naturally by doing the following routine. The steps you need to make for releasing stress naturally are all related to everyday aspects of our lives. Let's see which the most important steps are to consider for releasing stress naturally.

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    Talk to people
    One of the most important aspects of our daily life is communication and our relationships with other people around us. Most people have a habit of creating cold war like situations. When they have a problem with someone, they don't make it clear with that person heading face to face. Hiding a problem or a conflict that appeared between the two of you, regardless of the time frame how much you keep it in yourself (for short-term or long-term) will harm your relationship and results in a lot of stress. If you want to avoid stress in such cases and save your relationship with others, tell the person directly when you have a problem. Avoid blaming a person by adding phrases like "you never" or "you're always". Instead, try to describe what you feel when he/she does something that bothers you.


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    You are what you eat
    Eating is another important aspect of the process of stress releasing. Every person has things which he/she considers to be important for him/her. All you need to do is to give time for every aspect in your life that matters to you. Of course, one of the essential things in every human's life is a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, if you'd like to prevent stress which might occur because of potential health problems, try to eat well.
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    Spend time with your loved ones
    We all have people with who we love to spend our time with and love and care for. Choose to spend time with people who love you and care for you in return. Remember that most relationships/friendships don't work if are forced. If you're the one who gives the meetings and the calls, it means that the relationship isn't wanted by the other party. And when this happens, you start to wonder what's the reason. "Did I blame or hurt her with something?" "What's the reason why he isn't looking for me?" These are all frustrating questions which come up and it's stressful but it also usually takes long to find the right answers. Therefore, if you want to avoid stress and such unpleasant situations, leave the people who aren't interested in your friendship!

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    Believe in yourself
    Another reason which brings stress is related to our capabilities. You probably heard a new job opportunity and you believe you have the abilities to fulfill all requirements. You think it's an interesting job that you'll love. When you apply for the job, you might fail at the test. And you might fail many more times at different companies or businesses for the same job! In long-term, continuous fail brings a lot of stress. But there's no reason to lose hope because you only need to understand that the particular certain job is simply not intended for you! There are a lot of other interesting things to do in life which you'll still love to do! You just have to believe that you're creative enough to find your place in this world!
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    Prioritize your work
    Are you the type of person who wants to do too many things a day? It means that you're mostly late with everything and that's definitely stressful. In order to release stress in this situation, you need to establish your priorities, do everything that is important and skip everything unnecessary. For students, the priority is learning while for adults, it is their work. It's up to you to decide upon your priorities. The simplest way to do more tasks a day is to split up your day on hours and to establish what you will do in every hour of the day. Make sure to include time for relaxing as well every day!
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    Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
    We all have problems in our lives but it's important how you cope with these. Some people used to think more about certain problems or make particular problems bigger than these actually are or give more attention to them than actually needed. This is something which will just make you feel stressed all the time and it's useless! All you need to do is think of the reason of the problem and to analyze before jumping into harsh decisions.

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    Seek help
    If you have a major problem, such as college or with your boss, you should seek expert help. You can read from books or find the answer from tutoring or classes but you can also rely on a good neighbour or a close friend.

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    We already mentioned that one needs to add relaxation time every day. If you don't know which activities are good enough for relaxation, you can choose between a hot bath to take, a nice book to read or to see a movie. Walking or jogging are also great alternatives for relaxation, if you're a sport fan. There are also relaxation techniques with movements and breathing which you can find online. These will all help you to cope easier with tensioned situations, without losing control and getting panicked.
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  • Besides the steps, you might also find the following tips useful and efficient in the process of releasing stress naturally:
  • Meditation is definitely one of the most helpful tips for releasing stress naturally. This takes only about 15 to 30 minutes a day and you can definitely take a maximum of 30 minutes for meditation on a daily basis. The only tool you need is your own mind. You just need to stay in silence and give your mind time to free all your thoughts or just to pay attention to your breathing! This small amount of peaceful silence can help you cope with stress easier. Hopefully, sparing half an hour a day is fine enough in return of what you get.
  • Cell phone and internet overuse are unfortunately two major problems which can not only make you stressful but rapidly tired as well. You need to limit cell phone and internet usage if you don't want to have the same problem which most people have: they're just unable to disconnect and to let the online world away for a while! Disconnecting internet and shutting down our cellphones helps us block some of the channels which mean stress for us.
  • B vitamins are helpful because are able to help the brain and nervous system work properly. But these are also helpful for releasing stress and to prevent fatigue. Some of the B vitamin deficiency-related symptoms include stress, irritability and depression. Therefore, it is essential to consume B vitamin daily, in order to prevent stress caused by B vitamin deficiency.


  • It's highly recommended to respect the steps and to keep in mind the tips above described for releasing stress naturally, but don't exaggerate with any of these! For example, if exercise is your way of relaxation, you don't have to force yourself too much with exercises. Do everything with limits and see how much you can bear.
  • Don't forget that people who try the natural stress releasing methods in a forced manner might end up with dramatic results. You need to keep balance between every important aspect of your life and do everything what makes importance for you only between established limits and conditions!

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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