Relax Your Aching Muscles with Epsom Salts and Lavender Oil

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Chronic pain is not a badge of honor. Many people push their bodies to its limits for different reasons. They may workout the gym incessantly, or perhaps they have a physical job that is labor-intensive. Often, aching muscles come from regular activities like shovelling and gardening. Whatever the reason is for pushing yourself physically, it almost always ends up with aching muscles. Leg muscles are particularly prone because they support the entire body weight during the conduct of these strenuous or prolonged activities.

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Why Relax Sore Muscles?

Sore muscles in your body and legs can limit your productivity. It's like a punishment you've imposed upon yourself. Whether it is something that resulted from a rigorous workout at the gym, or from doing physical work around the house, your muscles deserve some pampering. You need not take the brunt of the pain or be like a walking zombie. You don't have to live with pain or take it in stride because there are many ways to relax and ease the discomfort in those sore muscles.

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If you just got home from work or the gym, dead tired, and you feel muscle pain all over your body, you can take some pain relievers. However, if the pain still lingers, what should you do? If you are already home, you need not go to a spa, you can make a soothing bath solution for your tired and aching muscles using ingredients that you can keep in your home. A practical home remedy recipe can use just two simple ingredients: Epsom salt and lavender essential oil.

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This is something you'll thank yourself for, after a fall or car accident. You might not feel the pain now, but tomorrow, your body will thank you for what you do today. Often, there's a delay in pain due to over-exertion, and if you wait until tomorrow, it will be too late to avoid the brunt of it.

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How To Relax Your Sore Body

A field of lavender.

What You Need

  • Bathtub (for a bath)
  • Basin (if you're just soaking your feet)
  • 2 cups Epsom salts
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil (alternatively, half a cup dried flowers bundled and tied in cheese cloth)

Steps to Soothing Achy Muscles

  1. 1
    Get the bath ready
    Get your tub running with very warm water (to your liking) and wait for it to be half full.
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  2. 2
    Add Epsom salts
    Put the Epsom salts into the water. Add two cups of the salt in the tub water as the tub continues filling to the desired level.
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  3. 3
    Dissolve the salts
    This is an easy process. Stir the water with the salt using your hands to stir/mix the water-salt solution into the bathwater. Perform a circular stirring motion; you can do this either in a slow or fast manner.
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  4. 4
    Add lavender
    1. Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Do this after you have dissolved the salt in the tub water.
    2. Alternatively, put the cheesecloth bundle of lavender into the bathwater.
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  5. 5
    Before you get into the bath
    1. Light a few candles in the bathroom.
    2. Put on music to soothe the savage beast - and your aching muscles.
    3. Maybe a nice glass of Shiraz (not if you took medication for the pain)?
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  6. 6
    Lower yourself into the water and enjoy this relaxing bath that will ease your sore muscles
    Stay in the relaxing spa-like treatment at home. Stay in there for at least 15-20 minutes.
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • You can repeat this solution two to three times a week. If you make this a regular routine, your body can benefit more as this can also help boost slow blood circulation.
  • Use warm water. However, make sure that the heat is only up to the temperature that your skin can take. Remember, you might receive minor burns if you use hot water that is beyond what your skin and body can tolerate.
  • Enjoy the bonus of Epsom salt. It is known to have the effect of making your skin smooth. What a benefit!
  • Soak your feet in a basin with Epsom salt and lavender oil. if your feet feel tired, just utilize a basin for a rejuvenating foot spa. Use the same recipe. Just adjust the amount of water, Epsom salt and lavender essential oil. Half a cup of Epsom salt and 3 drops of lavender oil should suffice.
  • What's causing the pain? It's true that pain in the legs can be caused by standing for a long time - especially if the floor is concrete, or made of rigid material with no give, or over using them to do exercise or extreme physical work. Under the circumstances, pampering your leg muscles using Epsom salt and lavender essential oil can be beneficial. Take note, however, that leg pain can be triggered by certain medical conditions.
  • See a doctor. if the pain in the leg muscles persists. If the pain is in the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves, blood vessels, or skin, it is best to consult a doctor. The use of home remedies can be a good complement to conventional medicine, but seek first a medical diagnosis of your condition. Ask your doctor about this home remedy for proper guidance.
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There are many natural or home remedies that you can use to relax sore muscles in your body after a workout or after a series of strenuous tennis matches - beans, mustard, or the all-around home remedy, vinegar. Give your body the pampering it deserves. Don't make cost a hindrance; do it yourself in your bathroom.

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Questions and Answers

What can give your body no pain at all?

Anesthesia can be given for no pain at all especially during the painful process. This can be given during surgeries and extreme tattooing. Pain Killers on the other hand can help to easing the pain.

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How to reduce muscle spasms, (latissimus dorsi section)?

I've been in 5 car accidents in the past 9yrs. I recently had a workers comp in June of this year, my physical therapy recently ended. . . I have bulging disc problem, I really plan on getting a trainer to strengthen my core muscles. . . I'm still having aches on my back specifically my latissimus dorsi section. . . I'm going to try the epsom salt bath with lavender oil, what else could you recommend? I think the article may actually help me, I've done epsom salt baths before just been a while but never with lavender oil

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