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We all have daily pressures in life that weigh us down, and the result is anxiety, and frustration. What can we do to relax more, and deal with stress? Here are some steps we can take to help us!



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    Have some journal
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    Writing down everything that is bothering you can relieve your stress. Write personal mission statement. It help you develop your purpose in life. It can also be an outlet to release anger, frustrations and negative emotions. You can reflect on them to understand your self more. It may lessen the amount worrying you may have. There is no set of standard to convey when writing your journal. You can use a paper, notebook even your Laptop. The frequency of writing may depend on your personality. Write as long as you can.
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    Breathing exercises
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    The most simple breathing exercise you can do is the Deep Breathing. Try these simple steps.
    1. You can stand or Sit properly.
    2. Place you hand in your stomach.
    3. Inhale slowly through your noise. Feel your stomach as it expand.
    4. Avoid the "Backward Breathing". Backward breathing is when you tighten your stomach while inhaling.
    5. Hold your breath for a few second before exhaling
    6. When exhaling. Exhale slowly through your mouth.
    7. You can purse your lips as if you where whistling, so you can control the amount you exhale.
    8. As you exhale feel your stomach collapse while your diaphragm, a large muscle located under your lung, try to expand.
    9. When you sense that your lung is empty,repeating the cycle again. Repeat the inhale exhale series advisable to this three to four times on each session.
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    Clearing your mind
    This technique is somewhat similar to breathing exercises and meditation. Clearing your mind means focusing on one word, thoughts, event or images most probably the happy one. Try these tips below.  
    1. Find a quite place for you.
    2. You can do this by stand, sitting or lying which most comfortable with you.
    3. Then loosen your self. Try to close your eyes. Start to breath slowly and deeply.
    4. In your mind, play a peaceful and happy images, words or thought. Don't be too anxious if other thought should enter. Just repeat the process and focus on the said image.
    5. Stretch and Relax. This would feel you more energetic and relax.
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    Play a Game with friends
    Playing games with friends.jpg
    Playing with friends will take your mind off on your troubles. Studies at UCLA unveil that women when stress tend to seek out peers, an ancient mechanism that allowed them to band together to protect them selves and their family. Engaging with their friends raises Oxytocin, also known a bonding hormone that blocks Cortisol. A hormone that release stress chemical. It can make the women rest easier then men.
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  5. 5
    Get in touch
    Dog walker.jpg
    Holding your love ones hand, stroking your pets, hugging your family and friend is a good stress reliever. According to Tiffany Field, PhD., director of the University of Miami Medical School's Touch Research Institute, the pressure of a hug can stimulate nerve under the skin sending a calming message to the brain, it slows down the release of Cortisol, a stress releasing hormone.
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    Music is a great stress therapy
    Music 3.jpg
    Listen to some of your favorite tunes. Why music is effective? it reduce and interrupt the brain response to stress. A powerful dis-tractor that prevent the brain central nervous system on releasing certain stress transmittal in the brain. Linda Chlan,PhD, RN, Associate professor, School or nursing, University of Minnesota, was conducting a research using music to relax patient in ICU receiving mechanical intervention. Although the said study were not yet final, majority of people who participated in said study are more likely to feel relaxed and can sleep well. Music with the following criteria helps you relax:
    1. Has no more than 80 beats per minute.
    2. Fluid melodic movement.
    3. Pleasing Harmonies.
    4. Regular Rhythm without sudden change such as flute, piano, guitar and other synthesized music. Synthesizer's are technologies that can imitate sound of other other instrument.
    5. Music with steady, slow and repetitive music.
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  7. 7
    Meditating Outside 3.jpg
    You can do some simple Meditation by trying the steps below:  
    1. Sit in a quite place.
    2. Focus on the skin below your nose and above your lip.
    3. Feel the sensations of your breathing.
    4. Aim for 15 minutes a day then build up to an hour.
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    Yoga pose.jpg
    Yoga is a combination and series of breathing, posture, strengthening exercises and meditation
    In yoga, it conditions both your mental and physical muscle. It soothe the damaging effect of stress and promote interaction between mind and body. It's an ideal exercise as your get older when joint health is specially important. A few minute of yoga practice will benefit you in the long run. There are lots of yoga variations you can adopt consult your professional advice or enroll on yoga classes.
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  9. 9
    This is chance for you to unwind and give way to relieve stress. It decreases the stress hormone and produce happy hormone called serotonin. You can also do some stretching to ease your tense muscle.
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    Take a massage
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    Massage can erase your tense muscles making you more calm. You can do this with professionals massage, spa or a simple massage by rubbing on your shoulder will do.
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    Take leisurely bath
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    Take a Bubble Bath with candles around the tub. Close your eyes, and relax. You may also indulge in half bath, hot tub or sauna. Stress make your blood constriction resulting to high blood pressure. Introducing your body in a hot or warm bath make your blood vessel open for a greater circulation of your blood through your muscle making you more at east and relax.
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    Give your self a cup of tea.
    May I offer you a cup of tea.jpg
    You can help your self to reduce stress by minimizing your the caffeine in take
    Gradually switch to decaffeinate coffee or Green tea. It also improve your mental performance and have antioxidant perfect for your health. Caffeine promote nervousness and tension.
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  13. 13
    Try Aromatherapy
    Pure Jasmine Oil Absolute Perfume - All Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil ~ Bridal Perfume.jpg
    A widely use complementary therapy for stress, anxiety chronic pain depression and other stress related disorders. You can use aromatherapy discuss below;  
    1. Diffusion/Vaporizing. Can be done by his is simply "diffusing" the essential oil into the air by warming it, most commonly available on market with tea lights candles and scented candle. There are a lot of variety to choice from
    2. Topical Applications. From beauty products that can be directly apply to skin such as oils, perfume and lotions . Be sure to read the label and strictly follow the product descriptions and instructions.
    3. Oral intake of essentials oils. There are debates on the safety of ingestion of essential oils. But for your benefit contact any specialist or your doctor before doing this.
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  14. 14
    Praying for time.jpg
    Praying and meditation was almost alike. The only difference is that when we meditate we focus on thought, picture or words in mind. On the other hand, in Praying we center our attention on the Higher Being or Higher Power. Both have a positive effect on our immune system and improve ability to cope up.
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All of us are dealing with stress in one way or another, work, ill health, the economy, but it is important to take a break, and make time for relaxation and fun activities that will make us happy. Be positive, and push away those negative thoughts that are bringing you down. Focus on the good things you have in your life that maybe, someone else doesn't have.

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Put to practice at least one of these tips, and you will feel better!


  • When you feel overwhelm with stress, talk slowly than your usual way. With this practice you can have more time to think and react more reasonably in the midst of stress occurrence.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water or more. Being hydrated will keep improve the ability of your body to adopt.
  • Eat Right and Exercise
  • Avoid process food.
  • Cut your calories by 20 per cent
  • Get on scale daily.
  • SCREAM into a pillow ( Honest, this makes you feel better)

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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