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How to Relax

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    PALMS UP - Sit up straight in your chair. Close your eyes. Turn your hands and palms up on your knees. Take your hands pals up on your knees. Take a deep breath, let it out, and relax all over. Just let yourself go. Try it not. Don't just sit there! Do it!
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    DEEP BREATHING - Stand erect. Breathe deeply. Hold Your Breath. Hold it until you are uncomfortable and then exhale slowly. Pause before taking another breath and let your muscle relax all over. Just slump! Repeat three more times, pull yourself erect and go back to work with the feeling that your are ready to go once more, that you just aerated your personal appeal.
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    RELIEVING TENSION WHILE DRIVING - Take advantage of every moment you have that can be utilized for relaxation. While driving your car, for example, use the following procedure: stretch your neck by raising your head toward the ceiling of the car. Now bring your head forward to stretch the tightened neck muscles. Bend your head left, then right . Make those neck and shoulder muscle pull. Now with your head erect let the rest of you sag. Just go as limp as possible and still drive. Guide the steering wheel primarily with your fingertips.
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    MUSCLE TENSION TECHNIQUE - This procedure may be accomplished in an automobile or in an office chair. Start the procedure by tensing your foot muscles. Bow voluntarily tighten the leg, hip and abdominal and back muscles. Tighten the the arms, shoulders and neck until they are in a rigid knot. When you begin to feel like the top of your head is coming off let out an unvoiced scream and relax all over. This method will not only relax you but awaken you as well. To avoid possibility of someone thinking you are having a "fit" do not do it in public.
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    CONTROL THE TENSION CURVE - Don't run your mental-physical motor non-stop. Allow at least one break in every hour. Make this a habit for the sake of your personality appeal by using one of the foregoing procedures. If you want to talk to someone, anyone, get on the cellphone or read. If this isn't what you like to do, relax by dreaming about what you like to do. Get out your golf bag or fishing kit. Get it out of the clothes closet. Make plans in your dreams. When you've got the plans all made go to work. You will find yourself renewed. You will also have something to look forward to.
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    BRAINWASHING - Sit down in your private office. Let your head and shoulders drop. Close your eyes. Raise your left arm. Let it drop over the arm of the chair. Open your eyes. Close them slowly. Relax. Wash your mind of everything. Raise your right arm. Let it drop over the edge of the chair. Open your eyes. Close them slowly. Relax again. Wash your mind of everything. Wash it of everything but the fact that you see a soft gentle rain falling from a serene blue sky, that the rain, as it falls is washing your tensions away. It is washing the tensions out of your body, that you are at ease, that you have found peace. Try it! Brainwash yourself! Just let yourself go!
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    SALT-GLOW PROCEDURE - Lay in a tub full of hot water until beads of sweat break out on your forehead. Remain in the tub no longer than that. Now stand up in the tub. Rub yourself with common table salt until you are covered from top to bottom. Now take a cold shower and get out of the tub. Lie down on the bed, or cot and relax completely. A twenty minute sleep is all you need to go back to work and feeling a million
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    When reading for relaxation, take your time over every word or phrase. If you are a person who appreciates great literature, and you have time to kill, try reading every word and phrase with gusto. You will be amazed with the colorful imagery that will come to your mind only if you take your time. In ten minutes, you might have read only 2 pages, but the relaxation that you get is priceless.
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    Go to your favorite coffee shop. Sip your coffee for hours while you read the newspapers from headlines to the comics section. Simply taking your time in enjoying your coffee and reading the news will refresh you and make you ready for whatever work you are planning to do.
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    Watch a feel-good movie. Not horror. Not a movie with a tragic ending. A movie which makes you feel better about life.
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